Spain – Defending World Champions Sent Home by Chile

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spain vs chile

I can’t believe this! How could this happen?! How can Spain lose?! And that also by two goals! I’ve got half a mind to stop watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup altogether.

Spain made 9 attempts at scoring goals while Chile made only 4 attempts.


If I was the Spanish team’s manager, I would fire Spain’s goalkeeper Iker Casillas for allowing Chile’s Eduardo Vargas and Charles Aranguiz to score the two goals that got Spain kicked out from the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


You have to give credit to the team from Chile for coming down hard on the Spaniards from the very beginning. Five minutes into the match I could tell that Spain was going to have a tough time.

Spain wasn’t even putting up a fight


spain vs chile

Chile’s Eduardo Vargas celebrates after scoring Chile’s first goal against Spain


There was no strategy in Spain’s gameplay, only desperation and uncoordinated attacks that looked as if Spain’s team was simply tired and seemed exhausted. Spain’s winning streak came to an end after winning 2 Euro cups and 1 World Cup. I’m no football genius, but if you ask me it looks like it is time to overhaul the entire line-up.


spain vs chile

Midfielders compete for the ball: Chile’s 25 year old Charles Aranguiz takes on Spain’s 28 year old David Silva


As a result of Spain’s defeat, Chile is now going to go up against the Netherlands on Monday 23rd June at the Arena Corinthians in São Paulo.

spain vs chile

Arena de Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo also hosted the opening ceremony and can seat over 62,000 fans


This is the part where it gets interesting and the other half of the world’d population that wasn’t following the FIFA World Cup so far switches on their TV sets.

Netherlands beat Spain on 13 June and Australia on 18 June, while Chile beat Australia on 13 June and Spain on 18 June to make it through.

But I don’t really care who Chile goes up against or if Australia wins the 2014 FIFA World Cup. I want somebody to tell me why Spain lost. That is the question!


Spain is going to win against Chile! Here is why.

Spain and Chile are going to go compete for the Group B match scheduled to take place at 03:00 PM EST today. The match is taking place at the Estádio Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro. The Estádio Maracanã is one of Brazil’s largest Football stadiums with a capacity of seating nearly 79000 football fans.


Former Confrontations between Spain & Chile

Chile and Spain have played against each other 10 times in the past and Spain has won 8 times out of 10 while the remaining 2 ended in draws.


Performance So Far in the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Spain: Spain lost to the Netherlands in the Group B match that took place on 13 June at the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador. The defeat was disastrous with Spain scoring only 1 goal against Netherland’s 5 goals.

Netherlands committed 18 fouls and while official FIFA records show that Spain had a 58% possession percentage, it could manage only 6 attempts at scoring goals in the face of Netherlands 11.

Chile: Chile went up against Australia on 13 June and won 3 – 1 at the Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba. Chile had a 63% possession with only 9 fouls committed. Australia could not get the ball more than 37% of the time and ended up committing 18 fouls in the face of only 6 attempts at scoring goals.


Expected Performance

This is going to be one of the most exciting football matches as both Spain and Chile are aggressive teams with strong players.

But Chile is going to have a tough time because Spain has played 13 times in the FIFA World Cup and is currently sitting on first position in the official FIFA Rankings list. In comparison, Chile has shown up 8 times in the FIFA World Cup and is sitting at number 14. It is going to be a hell of a ride!

25 year old Striker Alexis Sanchez is expected to score for Chile in this match. The Forward player also plays for FC Barcelona.

All eyes were on 33 year old Iker Casillas in the last game Spain played against Netherlands after it became obvious that the team from the Netherlands was going to be ruling the day. But the Spanish goalkeeper was seen crumbling as he tried to stop the attempts that the Netherlands made to score – 11 times, giving the Netherlands the space they needed to score 5 goals!

The only thing that might stop Spain’s team manager Vincente del Bosque from replacing Iker Casillas for to forthcoming match with Chile is the fact that his replacement, David de Gea, is injured. Chile has no injury related limitations and seems to be in full form to go up against Spain.

This is what the on-field line up is expected to look like in today’s match:

spain vs chile 1


Predicted Outcome

Spain will make some changes in the squad line-up and kick Chile’s teeth in! There is no chance of a draw this time. Iker Casillas will try his best, but it will be Spain’s defenders who will save the day instead of the goal keeper.

Also, Chile has everything to lose and lacks a strong defense, which is why it is going to play a very aggressive game and we can expect to see at least two yellow cards before the match ends.


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2 Responses to Spain – Defending World Champions Sent Home by Chile

  1. Oh well says:

    Reading all those articles around the web about how “Spain would easily destroy Chile because stadistics said so” was really entertaining.
    I wonder when people will finally learn that stadistics in football is completely useless. Football teams can make a complete 180° in performance from one match to another.
    Stadistics pointed out Uruguay should’ve finished Costa Rica with a 3-0 as minimum. What happened? Costa Rica won.
    Stadistics pointed out Spain was meant to be the obvious winner of this match. What happened? The complete opposite.
    Stadistics pointed out Boznia-Herzegovina had not a single chance with Argentina, and how Argentina would practically destroy that team with a humilliating score. What happened? Boznia played so well, Argentina barely won with 1 goal of advantage.

    I really hope with this, people will finally get a functional brain and notice football is not about stadistics, but about surprises.

    • I agree. This has been one of the most unpredictable World Cups ever! Every statistical prediction has been upset and each new match is drawing us closer to the edge of our seats. Only time will tell who walks off with the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Who are you cheering for?

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