Get Free Songza Radio Streaming Outside US

Get Free Songza Radio Streaming Outside US

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The fate of Songza has never been as kind as it seems now. It was only after a few acquisitions and remodeling that Songza truly found its much-needed spark. Having been launched for almost eight years now, Songza has only recently caught the attention of the users. Hardly anyone knew what it was three years ago, and now this free streaming radio is available to the masses in US and Canada.

The headquarters are located in the Long Island City, New York and the Songza service is confined to the North American regions as of now. Songza has more than 5.5 million users and it does not require a degree in rocket science to guess that the service is being used by many on all sorts of platforms, including the iPhones, iPads, tabs and smartphones.

Why is the Access Limited to the US and Canada?

Most of the free streaming radio services work within a particular territory. The primary reasons include excellent sending and receiving the signals frequency; the secondary includes the broadcasting and licensing issues. We are quite sure that you must have heard of these issues before, but while making the services available to certain regions, it is mandatory for the service provider to take a few things account.

Since your IP address is your virtual ID, it becomes next to impossible to make the most of free streaming radio services like Songza when you are located outside the US or Canada. Not to forget even Canada was brought in the list of availability regions, only three years ago. Even dreaming of getting to listen to the songs on best Songza playlist is a farce by any means.

Unblock Songza Radio Streaming from Rest of the World

We will keep our empathy aside for once… Confused?  Well you shouldn’t be, because we are going to provide you a simple and effective solution that is bound to help you in any case. As stated above, your IP address is your virtual ID, what if we prescribe a way with which you can change it at your own will to access free streaming radio services like Songza and much more? Fascinating, isn’t it?

There is more. We will provide you the list of VPN services that are known for smooth and speedy streaming processes. Note: We could have prescribed a proxy service as well but it exposes your online identity and makes you vulnerable on the internet, whereas a VPN on the other hand also contributes toward securing your online identity.

Please note that you can use any of the following VPN services to unblock Songza Radio from anywhere in the world. You can also listen and download the music anywhere and anytime.

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Songza Playlist

In case you haven’t already heard about it, Songza gives you a special feature that allows you to select the songs, depending upon your mood. For e.g. if you are a morning person and love to listen to songs while you are on your way to the office or school, you can select the “Waking up” mood and listen to all the songs available online.

Songza playlist comprises of some of the best songs of all times, from classics to the latest sensations, you will find anything and everything here with ease. The curated Songza playlist saves you the trouble and recommends you the songs based on your likings and interests.

Songza iOS App

Songza gives you the option to stream and download thousands of songs from its library. The Songza app for iOS is available on the App Store for free and it does not cost you even a dime to listen to your favorite songs. You can select the songs based on their genres and moods.

The Songza iOS app, however, works within the US and Canadian region only, therefore you will need a VPN to run it if you are considering to get your hands on this app outside the US and Canada.

Songza Android App

With a rating of 4.4/5 on the Google PlayStore, the Songza App for Android gives you the option to stream tons of songs for free. The Songza app also recommends and curates the playlist for you so you can listen to your favorite songs with ease. Songza does not set any limitation on the songs and you can stream as much as you like. All the smartphones and tablets having Android 4.0 or above in them support Songza app.


We can go on and on and boast about how Songza has successfully evolved as a free streaming radio but the fact that it is only restricted in the US and Canada is what prevents us from doing so. It is a good service to have, agreed, but what’s the point of it if you cannot use it from your own region? This is where a VPN service comes into play and this is where it beats all other technologies to bring you uninterrupted access to Songza from anywhere in the world.

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