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Russia is following the footsteps of those countries where users cannot exercise their freedom of expression right in true letter and spirit. This is because Roskomnadzor an executive body responsible for censorship in Russia has curbed access to famous messaging app Telegram. Hence, netizens cannot use Telegram according to their own needs.

Therefore, users within Russia have started using online privacy services to access Telegram messaging app hassle-free. Through our guide on how to unblock Telegram in Russia, you can use VPN services to attain online protection and anonymity accordingly.

To keep your online privacy protected, read our exclusive list of best VPN that allows you to attain online freedom from anywhere.


Telegram Banned in Russia

What makes Telegram different from other online messaging services is its privacy feature. The famous Russian app offers a next level encryption benefit that allows the users to keep their conversations secure. Therefore, number of Telegram followers is increasing at a rapid pace day by day.

Interestingly, the app offers another amazing benefit to its users. You can consider the said feature in the form of self-destruction that enables the subscribers to self-destruct their messages after certain period. As a result, it became an immediate threat to the Russian government.

Unfortunately, you cannot access Telegram from China and Iran since the official authorities have restricted the app in these countries. Likewise, Russian government has followed the footmarks of these countries and implemented a ban on Telegram.

Telegram banned in Russia


How to Unblock Telegram in Russia with a VPN

When it comes to unblocking Telegram in Russia, nothing beats the importance of a VPN. A VPN hides your online activities from your ISPs and online hackers. Moreover, you can spoof your online locations through alternative IP addresses. Hence, you can secure your online privacy from anywhere trouble-free.

Here is how you can do to attain your objective:

  • Subscribe to the VPN service of your choice from the below mentioned list
  • Download and install the app on your devices after completing the subscription requirements
  • Connect to any VPN server of your choice to gain online protection and anonymity instantly
  • You can access to your favorite online messaging app from Russia and any other country


Best VPN to Unblock Telegram in Russia

The benefits of using a VPN are unlimited. However, you have to consider various factors that make any VPN service ideal for you. You can contemplate these factors like money back guarantee, servers’ network, logging policy, privacy policy, pricing and others.

For your sake, we have created a list of Russian VPN that will help you in achieving your Telegram unblocking mission in Russia. The list consists of:

VPN ProvidersPrice ($)Special DealsMore Info
Best Affordable VPN
$2.91 Per Month
Fastest VPN Service
$1.99 Per Month
Best for Torrenting
Ivacy VPN
Ivacy VPN
$2.25 Per Month
77% OFF
2 Year Deal
Best for Streaming
$8.32 Per Month
Best for Private Browsing
$2.75 Per Month
79% Off
1 Year Deal
Best for Geo-Unblocking
$3.49 Per Month
70% Off
3 Years Plan


1. PureVPN offers 24/7 365 days customer support feature to Telegram users

PureVPN for Telegram Russia

PureVPN is a VPN provider offering its services in more than 140 countries worldwide. Moreover, it offers an extensive list of features that allow you to gain online freedom from anywhere. Likewise, you can use these benefits to unblock Telegram in Russia anonymously and securely.

Pros of PureVPN
  • Provides multi-login feature to its users
  • Offers dedicated apps for all major platforms and devices
  • Has an impressive 256-bit military grade encryption feature for users
Cons of PureVPN
  • Does not offer free trial feature to its subscribers

You can consider reading our PureVPN review to disclose hidden attributes of service.


2. NordVPN has an extensive servers’ network for Telegram users

NordVPN Telegram Russia VPN

A Panama based online privacy service that exists in 60+ countries through its humongous 4300+ servers globally. You can assume the provider as a service that does not keep logs of its users. Therefore, Telegram users can opt NordVPN without compromising their online privacy.

Pros of NordVPN
  • Offers free trial benefit to Telegram and other users
  • Provides excellent customer support feature to its subscribers
  • Has an attractive dedicated IP address benefit for users
Cons of NordVPN
  • Has an expensive monthly pricing plan for subscribers

You can discover hidden attributes of the service with our NordVPN review.


3. CyberGhost offers freemium version to Telegram subscribers

Telegram VPN CyberGhost 2018

CyberGhost is Romanian service that does not follow mandatory data retention laws. Furthermore, it offers an amazing list of impressive features to its fans that enable them to secure their online privacy stress-free.

Pros of CyberGhost
  • Offers multi-login benefit to users
  • Provides apps for all leading platforms
  • Has 1300+ servers in all major countries
Cons of CyberGhost
  • Offers expensive monthly pricing package to users

You can read our CyberGhost review to know about provider in detail.


4. PrivateVPN provides online protection and anonymity to Telegram users

PrivateVPN for Telegram in Russia

PrivateVPN is a Sweden based VPN service striving hard to become one of the best Telegram VPN in near future. Moreover, it offers 256-bit military grade encryption along with OpenVPN protocol and Kill Switch features.

Pros of PrivateVPN
  • Does not follow logging policy for users
  • Provides an impressive customer support benefit to users
  • Offers fast streaming speeds to its users
Cons of PrivateVPN
  • The service has to improve its current servers’ network

You can explore more about provider through our PrivateVPN review.


5. Ivacy offers budget friendly pricing plans to Telegram subscribers

Ivacy Telegram VPN Russia 2018

Ivacy is an online privacy service based in Singapore. It offers 450+ servers in 100+ countries of the world. Likewise, you can experience different features on your preferred devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and others.

Ivacy Pros
  • Offers multi-login feature to its subscribers
  • Provides unlimited server switching benefit to users
  • Has an exclusive split tunneling feature for subscribers
Ivacy Cons
  • Does not offer free trial benefit to users

You can consider reading our detailed Ivacy review to know about the service.


Unblock Telegram in Russia Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular platforms that provide genuine reviews about different products and services. Hence, you can go through the platform to obtain relevant viewpoints regarding recent crackdown on Telegram in detail.

Here is the response of one Reddit user suggesting about unavailability of different online media streaming services.

Telegram ban in Russia in a nutshell from gifextra


Unblock Telegram in Russia Twitter

Twitter is another forum like Reddit that offers neutral reviews about various online privacy services to its users. Therefore, you can search the platform if you want to attain latest information about Telegram blocking issue.

According to the response of one Twitter follower, ISPs have blocked more than 16 million Telegram related IPs in Russia.

Likewise, you cannot avail Telegram service in Russia anymore.

Wrapping Up

We hope you would like our “how to unblock Telegram in Russia” guide. Through our guide, you can use a VPN service in the right direction. By doing so, you can unblock Telegram in Russia hassle-free. Furthermore, you can use Telegram in Russia according to your own terms securely and anonymously.

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