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Instagram disappeared from the mainland China when pro- democracy took place in Hong Kong during 2014. Still, there are Chinese netizens trying different tactics to access Instagram within China by sidestepping Great Firewall restrictions. Thus, you should use a VPN in China to access Instagram.

Through our guide, we will let you know how to unblock Instagram in China according to your own terms.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular photo sharing application that allows the users to share their photos and videos with their loved ones. Furthermore, you can try out the app on your preferred devices like Android and iOS.


Is Instagram Blocked in China?

Yes, you cannot access to your favorite photo and video sharing application in China instantly. This is because the Chinese authorities want to support their own social media services. Still, you can fulfill your streaming desires through a VPN and access Instagram in China accordingly.


Unblock Instagram in China

Amid all the chaos and unrest, some of the people are still able to use Instagram in China. They have found a way out to secure a protected online connection to access Instagram like the ban was never imposed on it. The people are using VPNs that allow them to bypass the geo-restrictions while remaining hidden from the eyes of government and other online surveillance agencies.

The VPNs do so by replacing your current IP address with its own IP address of other region. They allow you to access the blocked content and ensure you 100% privacy and security. With the strong encryption of data, the VPNs make sure your data is safe from the likes of cybercriminals, ISPs and online surveillance agencies.

Upon citing the threats to the existing government, China decided to ban Instagram and the hash-tag “Occupy Central” with immediate effect. However, according to some reports, the ban was limited to China only and Instagram was still accessible in Hong Kong.

As the above tweet suggests, China has blocked Instagram after the Pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong took on the social media. They posted photos and videos of the protests on Instagram and used the hash-tag “Occupy Central” on Instagram and Weibo (China’s own version of Twitter). instagram blocked

Banned things you won’t find in China

Unfortunately, the Chinese users cannot opt different social media services like Facebook and Snapchat. The same goes for Instagram that has been blocked in China through Great Firewall (GFW). There are certain apps that are blocked outside China as well. You can see .

Here is the list of interactive services banned in China. The list consists of:


Instagram is blocked in China since it belongs to Facebook. Therefore, the Chinese users are unable to share their photos and videos with their loved ones through Instagram.



The Chinese authorities also blocked Facebook in China to improve the functionality and popularity of its own social media website. However, there are Chinese netizens who wish to use Facebook in China. By doing so, they can share their happenings with their families and social circle globally.



WhatsApp is a voice over IP and instant messaging platform. The famous podium enables the users to send photos, documents, videos and other stuff to other users from anywhere. However, the official authorities in China have banned WhatsApp not to provide its netizens freedom of expression right.


Does Instagram work in China?

The Great Firewall (GFW) of China does not allow the netizens to use Instagram accordingly. Moreover, the authorities are supporting their local media industry by blocking Instagram in China. There are millions of Chinese users those who want to use Instagram on their desired devices. In addition to Chinese VPNs, an can also help you to unblock your desired apps.

Why Instagram cannot be accessed from China?

The answer of this question is straightforward and does not need any rocket science. The Chinese government does not want to allow its local masses to exercise the freedom of expression in true letter and spirit.

How to Access Instagram in China?

Luckily, you can still share your photos, videos and other content with your friends in China. Yes, you have read it right. As long as a VPN is at your disposal, you can circumvent the issues of online censorship and GFW restrictions in China straightaway.

For your ease, you can explore our list of VPN services that work best and allow you to unblock Instagram in China. The list of VPN services includes:

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Here is how you can do to achieve your mission:

  • Subscribe to the VPN service from the list given above
  • After successful subscription, install the app on your devices
  • Enter your login credentials and select any server outside the China
  • Wait for the connection to establish
  • Open your Instagram app and provide your username with password

You are ready to share and see the photos of your loved ones and followers instantly.


How to bypass the Great Firewall of China

If you are contemplating how to use Instagram in China, you should know how to bypass the Great Firewall of China first. After circumventing the online restrictions, you can get the answer of your queries like “Is Instagram banned in China” or “Can you use Instagram in China”.

You can deploy two approaches to tackle GFW barriers of China accordingly. These are VPN and dedicated apps that allow you to unblock Instagram in China straightaway.


Use a VPN

Yes, you read it correctly. You have to connect to a VPN service that offers its services in Hong Kong, and Taiwan. In-fact you can unlock intagram easily by using the taiwan VPN. After connecting to your preferred servers, you can start using Instagram without having fear of online censorship. View our detailed guide on Unblock VPN Review.

Use dedicated apps

Fortunately, you can opt different apps like Lantern and FreeBrowser to access region-blocked content in China. Through these apps, you can share your photos and videos with your social circle on Instagram. However, you need to use a VPN when it comes to securing your online privacy in China.

Which Sites are blocked in China?

China is a country where you cannot access various social interaction sites quite easily. The official Chinese authorities have implement rigorous online barriers in the form of GFW. Therefore, you cannot access to different social media and informative sites in China that includes

  • Google Services
  • Gmail (See this Guide: )
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • Daily Motion
  • Nico Video
  • The New York Times
  • Financial Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Economist Bloomberg
  • Reuters
  • The Independent
  • LeMonde
  • L’Equipe
  • Netflix (See this Guide: Watch American Netflix in China)
  • Google News and others

Why Users love to use Instagram?

Unfortunately, the Chinese authorities have banned the use of Instagram in China due to political and social reasons. Still, you will find Instagram followers in China in huge numbers who want to access the famous photo-sharing app.

Can you get Instagram in China?

No, you cannot get Instagram in China without any hassle. To get Instagram, you will have to rely on VPN quite heavily. Through a VPN, you can obtain online freedom and anonymity. Likewise, you are able to spoof your online location through alternate IP addresses. By doing so, you can get Instagram in China.

Final Thoughts

China is adding new tools in its armory to stop its local netizens from using Instagram and social media services in China. Moreover, you will find new kinds of online barriers that make your task of unblocking Instagram cumbersome.

However, you are lucky enough to tackle the issues of GFW in China. This is because you have a VPN and other apps at your disposal that allows you to access Instagram and other services anonymously. We expect you would like our guide on how to unblock Instagram in China and share your photos with your social circle instantly.

You can share your feedback about your experience with us in the comments section below.