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Facebook VPN

The official authorities have blocked Facebook in China through the help of the Great Firewall (GFW) but you can unlock it easily by using the Facebook VPN.

However, we will let you know how to unblock Facebook within China through our guide. Moreover, you will be able to get the answers to your questions like “Is Facebook blocked in China”, “Is Facebook allowed in China”, or “Can I use Facebook in China”. Even you can check the working VPNs for China.

Facebook in China – Is it Accessible?

Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social networking website we have seen ever since the demise of Orkut. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that a major chunk of Orkut’s users was eaten by Facebook when it emerged out of nowhere back in 2004. Shot to fame by the end of 2007, Facebook had become the largest social media network by the end of 2008.

Despite its massive popularity among the users all over the world, Facebook has had its share of controversies. It has been banned and blocked in several countries citing various reasons. When it comes to China, the status of Facebook as indicated by “Blocked in China” still remains blocked. Facebook has been banned in China for last six years and it appears that the blockade will remain there for a long time.

How to Unblock Facebook with VPN in China?

With Facebook banned in China for last six years, the users have found a replacement in form of Renren – a popular social network that mainly operates within the Chinese region. But, despite Renren being available to all the Chinese users and the blockade on Facebook, Facebook in China very much remains in demand due to its vastly popular features!

Using the right VPN, you can not only bypass the restrictions set by the Great Firewall of China on Facebook, but you can also set up your account for free with ease and share your pictures and posts with your friends without even remotely worrying about the consequences.


China has recently blocked many VPN providers in an attempt to curtail the freedom of speech and promote internet censorship in the region. The below listed VPN providers are reported to have been working smoothly for some time now.

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Why is Facebook Blocked in China?

So what caused the authorities to take preventive measures against what seems a not-so-harmful social networking website? In all honesty, China has had its fair share of problems with almost all the leading American internet services and websites. Be it Google or Facebook, China has always looked for a reason to ban the American websites in its regions.

The popular social networking website was banned in China after the July 2009 Urumqi riots when the Xinjiang independence activists started using Facebook as their primary means of communication. Interestingly, later on when Facebook acquired Instagram, the former was still blocked in China and the latter was accessible until the Hong Kong protests last year where the users used “Occupy Central” as the main hash tag.

Instagram, much like its parent company – Facebook, met with the same fate in China after the users posted exclusive pictures from the Hong Kong protests.

Will Facebook Ever Enter China Again?

Despite the high profile visits of Mark Zuckerberg to China and meetings with the Chinese President Xi Jinping, it seems Facebook is set to re-enter the Chinese region by next year. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has hosted some of the top internet officials of China at the Silicon Valley last year and the Chinese President Xi Jinping has himself hinted towards the possibility that it might be available in near future.

The President Xi Jinping has officially signed up for Facebook, going against the very own policy of China, and has used his Facebook account with regular pictures and post updates of his tour to the United States. Even though, these are mere speculations, but there is no denying the fact that Facebook won’t re-enter the Chinese region again.

How to Use Facebook in China?

We would like to give Renren the credit that it deserves for constantly managing with such high-traffic inflow on its website on a daily basis but we think the time has come for the Chinese users to move on from Renren to Facebook. Even though it is currently unavailable in the region, it can still be accessed in China.

Having already discussed how the users can use Facebook in China. In addition, with a premium or free China VPN, the users will not only be able to connect to a UK/US server but they will also be able to unblock and access the likes of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and Instagram in China. Who would not want to use these search engines and social networks?

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Banned things you won’t find in China

Unfortunately, the netizens cannot exercise their freedom of expression right in China according to their own terms. Yes, you have read it right. This is because Chinese authorities want to support their own social media platforms and motivate their local netizens to do the same.

This is the reason why Great Firewall has blocked Facebook in China. Here is the list of other social media platforms you cannot access instantly. The list consists of:


The Chinese authorities officially banned the US based social media platform in 2009. Still, the netizens have to rely on VPN to unblock Facebook in China. This is the reason why Facebook banned in China notion revolves around the political spectrum.

It means the Chinese government does not want its local masses to use Facebook to raise their opinions and concerns against the government. Thus, the authorities are supporting their own local social media platforms like WeChat, Weibo, and others.


The same goes for Instagram because the authorities have blocked the most popular platform within China. The photo-sharing app was banned in all over the China after pro-democracy protests stunned Hong Kong in 2014.

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Whatsapp is another video calling and messaging app that the netizens cannot access in China. Interestingly, the authorities have upgraded Great Firewall that blocks the NoiseSocket protocol that WhatsApp uses to send texts. The Great Firewall of China is already blocking HTTPS/TLS protocols WhatsApp uses to send photos and videos.


What is Facebook?

Facebook is US based social media platform that allows the users to interact with the other users worldwide. Moreover, the platform enables you to interact with your loved ones and others from anywhere.

Negative and Positive Sides of Facebook

However, not all the things are rosy with the Facebook. This is because the users have anticipated the pros and cons of the famous interactive podium to another level. Here is the list of negative and positive sides of Facebook that includes:

Negative Sides of Facebook

  • There are higher chances of cyber- bullying through Facebook
  • The platform creates insecurities in the minds of the users
  • Facebook has become stalker friendly platform

Positive Sides of Facebook

  • Facebook may help you to develop long-lasting relationships with others
  • The platform allows you to introduce your startup to new consumers
  • Facebook helps you to stream live video with Facebook live option

Here’s why Facebook has ‘a realistic opportunity’ to enter China in 2018

Fortunately, the netizens in China may able to access Facebook hassle-free. Yes, you have read it right. This is because Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Chief has met Chinese president Xi Jinping to enter into Chinese market.

According to different media reports, the Chinese authorities may decrease its media scrutiny for Facebook in future. Furthermore, Google has successfully renewed its ICP license to operate in China. However, Facebook will have to fulfill all the requirements of Chinese authorities to become functional in China.

China Spreads Propaganda to U.S. on Facebook, a Platform It Bans at Home

The Chinese government does not allow its local netizens to use Facebook according to their own terms. This is the reason Facebook is blocked in China. Thus, the official authorities of China have started spreading propaganda against US on Facebook.

However, the Chinese government and Chinese businesses still opt Facebook to promote their relationships with international audience. In addition, the Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg suggests that China is still a major priority for Facebook.


Facebook could create its own censorship tool for China

Interestingly, Facebook has begun taking steps to enter into the Chinese market accordingly. The popular platform has developed China censorship tool to accommodate online censorship demands in China. According to a New York Times report, Facebook removes content from its podium upon the requests of the governments.



Facebook in China has been banned for half a decade now. As bizarre as it seems, the reality is Facebook definitely misses out on a large chunk of users due to the blocked that has been in place since 2009. The recent meetings between Zuckerberg and President Xi Jinping might pave the way for Facebook in the Chinese region in near future but as of now, it remains blocked and inaccessible.

The only way to access Facebook in China is to use a valid and working VPN service that will not only connect the users to Facebook but will also unblock other popular search engines and social networks. We have dug the VPN world and came up with services that are smoothly working in China as of now.