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Digital Mayhem in Turkey

Many of you might have heard the rumors about YouTube ban. Unfortunately, they aren’t just rumors. Last night, Turkey witnessed official YouTube blackout which ignited the fire again. After Twitter, Turkish censorship regulations have not only offended the natives but Netizens around the globe.


Many of you might be thinking about the court’s decision to lift the ban on Twitter. Many of you might be wondering – what was the point of unblocking Twitter if they had to block YouTube? Frankly, this was the question that bugged my thoughts as well.


After investigation from Turkish natives, it is confirmed that the court has given its decision to lift the ban on Twitter. However, the court’s decision isn’t obeyed. The regulatory authorities aren’t in favor of lifting the ban – which makes me wonder whether there’s anything or anyone above the law in Turkey.


5 Easy Steps to Unblock YouTube in Turkey

Worried about YouTube banned in Turkey? Don’t be. We are here to help you in this regard. Here are 5 easy steps to snap censorship out of your life, for good. Many of you might consider proxy as a feasible alternative to adopt. This however is a fallacy. A proxy might be a good tool to bypass censorship restrictions but at the cost of your security.

Proxy opens different portals for cyber-goons. It is like an open invitation sent from your device for an unauthorized assault. The only secure way out of this mess is a VPN. A VPN not only enables you to cope with every censorship issue; but, it also safeguards your privacy and personal data. Prescribed below are some easy steps to unblock YouTube in Turkey.

  1. Buy a VPN from the list of leading service provider recommended.
  2. Go to the website of VPN service provider and download FREE VPN client software.
  3. Select your preferred server (US recommended); enter your username and password.
  4. Click Connect; wait for the connection to be established.
  5. Refresh your browser and ENJOY hassle-free access to YouTube.

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Possible Reasons for YouTube Blackout

There might be different reasons for which YouTube might have been banned in Turkey. In addition, there are diverse rumors surrounding this burning issue. Nevertheless, the rumor that caught my attention was the one representing Turkey-Syria controversy.


It has been reported that the reason for blocking YouTube in Turkey was the controversial voice recordings made available to public via YouTube.

These recordings had voices of senior officials who discussed possible military operation in Syria. Hence, it was a national security concern and a genuine reason to block YouTube, officials said. The ban will be lifted as soon as YouTube decides to remove the content shared publically, officials continued.


Natives Fear Complete Blackout

After China and Iran, Turkey has officially joined the league of pro-censorship countries. There have been many censorship issues acknowledged by Turkish natives lately. First Twitter and now YouTube, Turkish natives have started to wonder what comes next. Complete blackout perhaps!


Words of Wisdom

It was a moment of celebration when the court announced its decision in favor of the Netizens. We all thought that the censorship concerns in Turkey have finally come to an end. Unfortunately, nothing changed. Twitter is still banned. As a matter of fact, the concerns became worse with the YouTube ban.

Perhaps, this is the time for Turkish natives to look for long term alternatives especially the secure ones. Proxy was one of the most frequently adopted tools to evade censorship in Turkey. This however isn’t recommended anymore.

Proxy was a short term solution and an insecure tool to deal with this digital mayhem. With YouTube blocked, it seems that Erdogan and concerned regulators have long terms plans to victimize our online liberty. It is time we start preparing for what comes next. It is time to switch to a better solution – a VPN.

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