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The teen’s favorite instant messaging and multimedia mobile app Snapchat can now be accessed from within China. For decades, the great firewall of China has restricted netizens from accessing social sites including Snapchat in China, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr and much more. However, today nearly all blocked website and service can be safely accessed in the mainland by using one of the best VPNs. This guide will aid you to access fans favorite app Snapchat from within China with the help of China VPN.

These VPN providers offer a broad range of protected servers in China, which allows users to safely access Snapchat and all geo-restricted sites from China.

Does Snapchat Works in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a good market for snapchat users and can be currently accessed by Hong Kong users. The people of Hong Kong are highly attached to this fun app and therefore it ranks as the top Asian country in terms of Snapchat usage.

Can You See Snapchat in Shanghai?

Snapchat cannot be accessed in Shanghai since it has been blacklisted by the Great Firewall. Accessing Snapchat in China is made easy with a VPN. Unblock geo-restricted websites that are blocked in China and safely browse the internet.

Snapchat in China 2018

It is less likely that Snapchat will get unblocked in China in the year 2018. As a matter of fact, China is aiming to that give access to Chinese users to such website. Therefore, it is more than likely that Snapchat in China will be available in 2018.

These VPN providers offer a broad range of protected servers in China, which allows users to safely access Snapchat and all geo-restricted sites from China.

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How to Unblock Snapchat in China

So now when you have one of the above mentioned Chinese VPN, you’re all set to get around your friends on Snapchat. Here’s how to unblock Snapchat in China:

  1. Set up a VPN account using one of the providers mentioned above
  2. Download and install the VPN on the device of your choice
  3. Finally, open the VPN software and connect to a US server
  4. Next, Download Snapchat on your device from Play Store or iTunes
  5. Enjoy sharing your moods, thoughts and emotions on fully unblocked Snapchat!


Is There Snapchat in China?

Citizens from the Mainland China cannot access Snapchat. The restriction is not imposed directly on the Snapchat itself, but the ban is placed on Google servers which are utilized by Snapchat. In addition to this, the Chinese Government monitors each and every online activity of its users through the great firewall, and Snapchat messages are disappeared after a defined period. This leaves government empty-handed at the time of the investigation.

 Similarly, Snapchat stores information on servers outside China. The Government cannot simply gain access to app data on Google servers. This eventually leads to block on service in Mainland China. However, with a VPN on your side, you can bypass the imposed geo-restrictions and access Snapchat hassle-free from within China. In this regard, an may also help you to jump the wall and unblock any website or app in China.

How to Use Snapchat in China

Almost all network traffic from hardwired machines or wireless connections in China passes through a great firewall. The firewall controls the servers and can block access to any sites or services from mobile devices to personal computers. The firewall is under the supervision of the government of China which prohibits any debate or discussion on controversial topics. This has eventually led to a banning of various social networks, adult sites and blog spots.

To get the situation and access blocked sites users need to connect to an overseas server, and this is where a VPN comes in. A VPN offers a broad range of optimized servers in various locations of the world where Snapchat is available. Similarly, a robust mix of tunneling protocols routes the entire network traffic of user from an encrypted tunnel. This allows users to access Snapchat anonymously from an overseas VPN server.

The above-listed VPN providers offer state-of-the-art VPN servers across major parts of the world including China, 24/7 elite customer support and a range of tunneling protocols to protect user data privacy and accessibility to unlimited geo-restricted sites from anywhere in the world. A may also be fruitful for you to break the restrictions of Great Chinese Firewall.


Chinese Version of Snapchat

Snow is an exact replica of Snapchat and is available in China. Since its appearance in September 2015, it has been downloaded over 30 million times in Asia. Snow has some unique features for its video chats and that makes it even better than Snapchat.


Is Snapchat Blocked in China?

Yes, the popular Snapchat app is blocked in China and there is only one way you could access this app without getting noticed, and that is through a VPN.

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Banned Things You Won’t Find in China



There is a tight grip on who sees what on the internet in China, or otherwise known as the Great Firewall of China. It restricts internet users in China to open internet. Some of the popular banned websites are provided below:


When Snapchat app took over mobile phones as the most fun and hilarious application, it was taken down by Chinese authorities. Snapchat in China is now banned in the country, and therefore are unable to access this fun app.


Facebook is banned in China since it gained popularity in 2009. In its competition, China developed its own social media website that has more users than Facebook. However, that particular websites is highly censored and secured. Check out our guide to unblock Facebook in China.


Chinese users are also unable to access photo sharing social media website Instagram. This social networking website belongs to Facebook and that is one of the reason why it has been banned. It was banned after there was a protest held in Hong Kong in 2014.

Helpful Resources:



WhatsApp has become one of the fastest ways to share instant message from one country to anywhere around the world. China is skeptical about its information circulating around the world, and it is the reason why it has banned the WhatsApp Messenger App in China.


What is a VPN and why do I Need One in China?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that gives you access to open internet via servers provided by a VPN. All your online activity is securely encrypted with the help of a VPN, therefore it keeps you protected from potential hackers and ISP spying. View our guide of how to bypass ISP throttling.

China has a strict guideline for online privacy i.e. Great Firewall that restricts Chinese users from visiting social media websites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Netflix, HBO, and so much more. It further restricts people from across the border to visit Chinese websites.

To circumvent geo-restrictions and to unblock websites in and out of China, you require a VPN service. It will keep your online activity protected and at the same time it will offer you internet freedom where you can view any content on the internet.


Which is the Fastest VPN in China?

In the table above, we have listed some of the fastest VPN providers in China that will circumvent geo-restrictions, and at the same time offer you a fast internet speed. Most VPNs throttle internet speed, while others make it too slow to browse the internet.

When you are connected to a server located closer to your country, then it will work fast as possible. However, when connected to a farther server, the internet speed will get affected. The VPN that we have recommended above have little or no impact on the internet speed when chosen a distant server.


Is it Illegal to Use a VPN in China?

China has recently threatened to ban all VPN providers by February 2018. China strictly prohibits internet users to visit foreign social media websites, and therefore it has blocked Google services, Facebook, Snapchat in China, and other related services.

Not long ago, it removed all VPN provider apps from Apple Store because every other service operating in China are obliged to follow Chinese laws and regulations. However, the legality of a VPN in China remains a debate and still hasn’t been confirmed by Chinese authorities. However, actions taken by these authorities does indicate a strong case against VPNs.


What Websites are Blocked in China?

There is a good list of websites that are blocked in China. These are listed below:

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Final Words

Instead of Snapchat in China, the residents of China have no other option but to use Renren, and Sina Weibo. The great firewall scans URL, IP address and content of each and every web page that a user tries to access. If the searched content consists of any discussion regarding Chinese government or state’s regulations in China, then the URL is eventually blocked.

Selecting a China VPN to access blocked services in China is a lot tougher than it seems. Almost every VPN provider claims to provide service in China. But in reality, most of them don’t even work in China. The above mentioned VPN offers a diverse range of servers in China so that you can freely access Snapchat and all banned services from within China.