Snowden Warns the Users about the Dropbox, Facebook & Gmail

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Edward Snowden has asked the users to stop using Dropbox, Gmail and Facebook as soon as they can to avoid the online surveillance by NSA. He termed the networks as “dangerous” while appreciating Apple in its efforts to provide the users the best security.


He criticized Dropbox for its encryption. He said, “Get rid of Dropbox. Our focus is on encryption and Dropbox does not support it; it does not protect your private files.” He asked the users to use SpiderOak that protects the content of the users they are sharing and provides the same service as Dropbox.

This is not the first time when Snowden has taken Dropbox to the cleaners. He has accused them of their poor encryption in the past as well to which Dropbox reacted and said, “The data that is sent and received by the users is encrypted while it travels between the users and our servers” even when the data is at rest on their servers.

Even though Snowden admitted that Google and Facebook have adopted a much improved method of protecting the user privacy but still did not hold back from criticizing them both. He said that the users should avoid using the services of the aforementioned websites because they were still “dangerous”.

Snowden’s interview was conducted over Google Hangouts and was streamed live on Youtube, both of which belong to Google. It was also interesting to note that Snowden appreciated Apple for its efforts to protect the users’ privacy, which was under the limelight after the security breach in its servers only last month.

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