Snowden bashes Australia’s Meta-Data law as Death of Privacy

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Edward Snowden has voiced concerns about the recent Australian legislation that require ISPs to log user data for a period of two years.

According to Snowden, this rule of law is very similar to that which is being followed by governments in the US and the UK. He expressed concern over the relevance of mass surveillance and highlighted that continued mass surveillance seems to be having no impact in curbing terrorism around the globe – which is the rationale popular amongst surveillance advocates.

Australia was known as one of the most internet friendly countries of the world until it recently passed the legislation required to conduct massive domestic surveillance by ordering ISPs to cooperate with the government’s data retention and logging operations.

Snowden spoke at Progress 2015, at the Melbourne Town Hall, via video-link, stating that government’s are beginning to collect data in advance. The entire idea is to gain access to a volume of information sufficient to substantiate any claim deemed necessary. Government allegedly cannot afford to let the public evolve unmonitored. While we are still far from the point from where developed nations such as the US, UK, Germany and Australia become authoritarian states, we are clearly not far.

Even Edward Snowden himself uses a VPN to cloak his precise physical location when transmitting to conferences such as Progress 2015. Military grade encryption ensures data safety while tunneling protocols guarantee online privacy.

Information that is seemingly useless for one individual can become a source of power for another; and the government wants everybody’s information. Internet users who do not wish to bear the slow death of their online privacy have already switched to VPN services in order to encrypt and tunnel their data.


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