Smartphone-Like Lousy Apps Are a Threat to Android Wear

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Making available hopeless apps at PlayStore isn’t going to win the hearts of potential target market – a recommendation to the so-called Smart apps for Android Wear.

Many of Android Wear apps fulfill not-so-smart purposes or accompany usage complexities. This is going to deteriorate the demand in the long run for sure.

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Lousy Apps

Let me quote the example of Android Wear calculator app here. I am not sure that such apps are even wanted by Android Wear users; because, a calculator is a standard app in all Android devices. However, if such apps are launched even if they’re not needed, they must facilitate use experience.

android wear apps


Considering the size of Android Wear app display, it would be really hard for a user to execute required calculations or even compose desirable inputs. Android Wear display size isn’t compatible with such apps.

In addition, many Android Wear calculator apps don’t have Backspace feature. Irrespective of your input accuracy, there certainly is a margin of error when it comes to calculations.

Furthermore, Android Wear apps are no different from the ones already installed on our Android devices. Android Wear apps lack creativity. You will find mainstream apps; probably the same that are already installed on your Android device. Android Wear apps can facilitate either a few meager calculations or show heartbeat rate per minute during your workout sessions.


Challenges Ahead

This is a great challenge faced by Android Wear apps. Current apps are hardly of any use to the users. As a matter of fact, users would prefer to access these apps from their Android devices rather than the mini screens. This is something that makes these apps redundant. Thus, developers need to come up with something different, something unique.

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Limited Scope for Android Wear Apps

Currently, Smartwatch apps are limited to gaming, calendar apps, to do apps, drawing apps, flashlights apps and the ones that can facilitate your workout a bit. They still have a narrow scope for Android Wear apps.

These redundant apps have already been discouraged by Google. Sadly, this doesn’t frighten developers. Despite documentation barriers and Android Wear’s interface snags complicating the launch of Smartphone-like Android Wear apps, developers with the help of a third-party app launcher are plucky about these apps.

android wear apps



The question is; even if the developers stretch their vision for Android Wear apps, would they really be of any efficient user to us? Why would you make dinner reservations or book a resort from your Android Wear gizmo when you can do it easily from your Smartphone. Why would you sacrifice your use experience for show-off?


Think Again!

The developers should really think about the issues faced today and the ones that will be faced. When it comes to Android Wear, they must not just develop an app for the sake of doing it. They must identify the needs it shall fulfill. They should think about making apps so vivid that user experience isn’t compromised even if app is accessed via a mini screen.


Words of Wisdom

Some might say that Smart Wear apps aren’t smart at all. They complicate life rather than promoting ease in life. Android Wear requires you to carry an extra device, worry about its charging, deal with contemporary complications yet Smartphone-like apps are all you get in return. Thus, developers need to look at the bigger picture here or this gizmo will be obsolete before its time.

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