Top 5 VPN Providers to Unblock Skype

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Like any technological revolution, Skype has seen its fair share of security issues (like the account hijack scare last year). But thanks to Skype VPNs, Microsoft’s latest foray into VoIP communication has sustained and thrived. In fact, the dawn of this year saw the number of Skype users cross the 50 million mark!

The cherry on top is that a Skype VPN is not only the perfect companion for Skype but also an ideal security solution.

Picking out the Best VPN for Skype

Whether for work or for pleasure, make sure you conduct a thorough survey of leading Skype VPN service providers before you zero in on a VPN Skype. The VPN service providers in this particular list are ideal if you are looking to use Skype in regions like South and North America and Asia. This is because these VPN service providers have a large number of servers in the US and Europe – the resulting reduced latency makes for the ideal setting to use Skype.

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My recommendation: don’t take anybody’s word! Instead, use the below checklist of service features. Evaluate Skype VPNs carefully based on these factors! They will have a significant impact on your Skype experience.

  • Split Tunneling feature allows you to select which app runs through VPN
  • Protocol availability should guarantee PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN access
  • Server spread minimum 250+ in over 20 countries – also helps unblock Skype
  • Encryption level should be at least 256 bit
  • Customer support should incorporate availability –Live Chat for 24/7 is a bonus!

Best Skype VPN Facilitates Skype Functionality

Skype is great for day-to-day communication but the needs of the workplace are always relatively intricate and demand more control. Essentially, corporate communication demands supervision, management, and resource allocation. Skype Connect is the perfect solution for such needs.

The use of Skype VPN to secure Skype Connect conversations (widely used in the corporate sector) is rapidly expanding. Combined with the Skype Manager, Skype Connect’s professional array of features allows managers to create and control Skype accounts in the workplace.

Considering the sending/receiving of sensitive information that is expected to take place over Skype, it is only natural for Network administrators to recommend Skype VPN usage. Realizing this need, Skype Connect was built to support the use of VPNs.

However, Skype support FAQs recommend that VPNs with Split Tunneling features should be used to separate voice from data traffic. This allows both data sending/receiving functions to take place simultaneously and separately.

Skype VPN Keeps You Covered & Connected on the Move with Multiple Log-ins.

In case you leave your Skype logged-in (at home or at work), and need to access Skype from your smart phone while you are out (like I often do), Skype facilities multiple log-ins. This means your VPN has to be capable of functioning on two devices simultaneously (In my case: PC/Laptop and Smartphone).

Ask your chosen Skype VPN service provider if you can access the VPN on multiple devices simultaneously. You don’t necessarily need to have 5 or 6 multi-logins! A multi-login margin of 2 logins should suffice quite adequately.

Keep in mind that good Skype VPNs will not only get you secure access to Skype on your PC, but also provide you smartphone apps so you can (simultaneously) use Skype on your mobile device as well.


In some regions, socio-political restrictions may prevent you from accessing Skype. Using a VPN can help you route your data and send/receive it through a foreign IP. This change in IP will let you unlock Skype access. There is no limit to the utility that you can draw from Skype, but cyberspace is unpredictable and unsympathetic if you are unprotected. Take control, and get a Skype VPN at your earliest.

Key Takeaways

  • Skype Manager allows managers to use Skype Connect to create and control Skype accounts in the workplace
  • Sending/receiving of sensitive information over Skype leads Network administrators to recommend Skype VPN usage
  • Skype support FAQs recommend that Split Tunneling features should be used to separate voice from data traffic
  • Your chosen VPN has to be capable of functioning on two devices simultaneously
  • You will found countless lists totting Skype VPNs. Use the given checklist of service features to evaluate Skype VPNs
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