Silk Road Mastermind, Benthall, Falls Victim to Hacking

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What goes around; comes around. If there was a perfect phrase to describe Blake Benthall’s case, it would have been this. Benthall, 26, the mastermind of the alleged online Drug market Silk Road 2.0 made news headlines yet again when he claimed that his twitter account is hacked.

According to Cabou, the lawyer of Benthall, the computer genius did not tweet anything about asking for donations on his Twitter page. “How can someone tweet from jail? We know he is there, how is it possible for someone to tweet from there? Of course he is not tweeting.” said Cabou.

According to the Post, a tweet from Benthall’s twitter account came out on Sunday asking for donations of Bitcoin. According to, the cyber-currency tracker, the account had already collected 0.1244 Bitcoin or $50 from other users.

Cabou, while talking to the Post, said, “Benthall or any other member of his family are not involved and did not authorize or give the permission of such tweet”. He further said that they had taken the necessary actions and reported the tweet as unauthorized and the account as compromised.

Cabou said he wasn’t aware of the “real person” behind that tweet. What’s amazing and interesting is the fact that the tweet has not yet been taken down from Benthall’s account and it is still there. The tweet, as expected, has received mostly negative responses from the users.

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