Shellfire VPN Review Redefines Anonymity, Security & Unblocking


  • Fast working 19 Servers in 19 countries
  • Easy-to-use VPN Client for Windows and Mac
  • Diversity in Pricing and Packaging Plans for Users
  • Strong Protocol Support of OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec
  • 14-day money back guarantee


  • No app for iOS
  • No Live Chat



Shellfire VPN is a German VPN service provider that has been catering the needs of VPN users since 2002. Being in the industry for more than 12 years, Shellfire VPN has served many VPN users in the past and continues to do so.

We have tried to be as harsh as possible while reviewing Shellfire VPN’s services and its features. We have made sure you are provided with the actual facts and presented with an unbiased review because we are going to include some elements from our testing experience as well.

Prices and Packages

As stated above, unlike other VPN service providers, Shellfire VPN also provides free limited services access to all its users. Therefore, it has a direct impact on its packages and plans. Shellfire VPN provides two different packages to its users namely Premium and Premium Plus.

While Premium works best for those who are new to the VPN technology, Premium Plus is recommended for veteran VPN users. You can get the Shellfire Premium Package on monthly, quarterly as well as yearly basis.

Shellfire VPN Prices and Packages

Since Shellfire VPN is a German VPN provider, all the prices are quoted in Euros. The monthly subscription to Shellfire Premium will cost you €3.95, quarterly will cost you €11.85/3-months and yearly will cost you €3.32/month making it €39.90 for a whole year.

The Premium Plus is also available on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Since the services provided in the Premium Plus package are much improved and enhanced, the prices are also slightly higher. The monthly subscription to Premium Plus will cost you €7.95, the quarterly subscription will cost you €23.85/3-months and yearly will charge you €7.07/month making it €84.90 for a year.


Servers Provided by Shellfire VPN

We have noted that people often judge VPN service providers on the number of servers they provide. However, it is known only to a few VPN users that hefty amount of servers do not represent the whole picture. The reality is far more different, it depends on how those servers are working.

We were a bit disappointed when we downloaded their VPN client and ran it on our Windows because Shellfire VPN provides only 19 servers in 19 countries. Confused at our contradicting statement? Well, we said we were disappointed because we tested all their servers and not even one of them failed to impress us. We would have definitely liked to see more servers!

Anyway, you can easily choose your IP address from 19 countries and can connect to any of them depending upon the content you wish to access. Shellfire has currently servers in 19 countries including Germany, US, UK and France and unblocks Hulu and Netflix and other streaming services in all the regions.

Compatibility with Devices and Operating Software

One important thing to keep in mind while purchasing a VPN service is to keep a check on its compatibility with device and operating software. Why would you ever want to purchase a VPN service that is not supported on your device?

Shellfire is highly compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, iOS and DD-WRT routers. You can set it up on your PCs, laptops, iPads, tabs, smartphones and routers. Equipping your devices with Shellfire VPN will ensure your devices are fully protected and your internet traffic is fully encrypted.

Protocols and Encryption Support

Since Shellfire VPN is one of those VPN providers that also provide their services for free, it is important to consider a few elements while reviewing its features. If you are using its free version, the maximum encryption support that you will attain will be 128-bit. Similarly, your traffic and data will only be tunneled through OpenVPN protocol on the free version.

While using the Premium version of Shellfire VPN, all your data will be tunneled through two different protocols. You will be given a choice between OpenVPN and PPTP to choose from. You can choose any of them, depending upon your needs.

If you are looking for a speedy connection, we would advise you to connect to PPTP protocol but if you are looking for a more secure connection, OpenVPN is the protocol you are looking for. Your data, communication and internet traffic is kept safe with 192-bit encryption support in the Premium version.

If you want more tunneling options with stronger encryption support, we would advise you to opt for the Premium Plus version. The encryption support is 256-bit and there are three protocol types to choose from. You can either get connected to OpenVPN, or to PPTP or to L2TP/IPSec protocol.


Setting up Shellfire VPN on Windows Client

You can download Shellfire’s VPN client for Windows from its website for free. The software hardly takes up any space in your hard-disk and is pretty easy to download and install. Once you have downloaded it, follow the simple steps to install it in your machine.

Following the installation, double click on the icon that appears on your Desktop. The following window will appear.


The Windows Client is pretty simple to start with. Enter your username and password that has been assigned to you by Shellfire VPN and check the options (if you want) and click on “Login”.

It is important to note that you will not be instantly connected, instead, you will be diverted to the following window.


You can easily check your VPN package and its validity that are mentioned on the top right of the window. There are a few other options as well, that will give you a better idea of how you can use them to connect it.

shellfire .2

Click on the “Server list” and select any of the servers you wish to connect to. Shellfire VPN also tells you which server is providing the best speed and security to its users. Once you have selected the server, select the connection type (again depending upon your needs) and click on “Connect”.


You will be asked to wait for a while, and then will be prompted with the above window. We have really enjoyed connecting Shellfire VPN, we think it is pretty amazing and works really smoothly on Windows.


Shellfire VPN for Android

You can also equip your Android devices with Shellfire VPN. The Shellfire VPN android app is easily available on Google Play Store and you can download it on your smartphones and tabs for free without having to pay anything.

All the android users who have Android 4.0 or above running in their devices can install it in their devices and can secure them while surfing the internet anonymously. The Shellfire VPN android app gives you access to online streaming channels like Netflix and Vudu etc. on your smartphones and tabs and enables you to stream them for as long as you want.

Once you download and install it, tap the Shellfire VPN icon to open it. Your screen will be prompted with the welcome screen. If you already have an account, click on the second option.


Now enter your username and password and tap on “login”. For those of you, who have forgotten their passwords, you can tap on the second option and follow the instructions.


Once you have tapped login, you will be presented with the following screen.


You can also check the “Server List” by swapping to right. Also, you can select any of them to get connected to it.


Once you have selected the server, swap to left and tap on “Connect”. Once you have done it, the app will ask for the permission to establish a VPN connection, check it and tap on “Ok”.


You will be asked to wait, while the connection will be established. Once it is done, you will be prompted with:



Shellfire VPN for Mac, iPhone and iPad

The VPN client for Mac can be downloaded from the website and can be installed and set up within a few minutes. Shellfire VPN claims that it is much better than their Windows client but setting it up does not entirely differ from the Windows Client.

Similarly, there is no exclusive app for Shellfire iOS VPN as of yet. But it can be configured on iPads and iPhones by following the tutorials and manuals given on Shellfire’s website. Shellfire VPN claims that it is working on its iOS app and it will be available very soon in the App Store.


Customer Support

Frankly speaking, we are absolutely gutted at their Customer Support. Even though we admit that their VPN service is pretty good, but it is actually very frustrating to see that there is no Live Chat or no 24/7 pro-active Customer Support.

Shellfire VPN claims that it gets back to your enquiries within 24 hours which does not make up for the fact that it is not virtually present when you need it the most. We would highly recommend Shellfire VPN to work on their Customer Support services.

Money Back Guarantee and No Logs Policy

Shellfire VPN provides everyone with a 14-day money back guarantee. This enables the users to test its services for about two weeks and if they find the results unsatisfactory, they can ask for a refund. Similarly, Shellfire VPN does not keep a record of your online activities. Whatever you do on internet remains a secret as long as you are doing it with keeping Shellfire VPN on.


We loved using Shellfire VPN. It provides you with absolute anonymity and fast and speedy connections. From the protocol support to money back guarantee, each and everything seems to fall in place except for the Customer Support which needs a little push in order to cement Shellfire VPN’s place as a solid VPN provider in the VPN industry.

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  1. Ed says:

    Why can’t I award ZERO-STARS?
    I completely agree with the 1-Star poster.
    Their VPN doesn’t allow the purchaser to access Amazon Prime or Netflix. I realize that that is an on-going problem with many VPN providers, but Shellfire doesn’t even care.
    They answered most of my original e-mails on the subject. Now, nothing. i suspect they have my e-mails sent directly to their spam.
    That being said, their Shellfire box has worked for me, most of the time. The problem is that right now, it works only with their VPN service which suXX.

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