Shadow Brokers Expose NSA’s Spying Tools – Secure Your Privacy

Recently, the Russian vigilante hacking group “The Shadow Brokers” has exposed NSA’s secret tools that are responsible for breaching Windows and various financial networks including SWIFT Bank.

Highlighting the hackers, they belong to the same group who appeared last August, and uncovered NSA sponsored elite hacking team “Equation Group”, who has been breaching citizen’s privacy for decades. Just after eight months, the huntsmen have dumped another trove of files on GitHub, revealing group’s recent targets to be oil companies and anti-money-laundering companies in the Persian Gulf.

Below is a screen shot of breached NSA spying tools mirrored on GitHub:


Soon after the breach, various privacy gurus and cyber security experts ignited a war of words, pondering about implications of the breach. However, to clear any doubts, Shadow group has itself left users with an enigmatic message confirming breach as a protest against Republican President Donald Trump. Over and above, the Shadow Group has stated the following reasons behind NSA expose:


With so much confrontation, netizens are seeking ways to protect their privacy against unwelcomed state-surveillance. Not to mention, NSA exploit comprises of tools through which users can hack older versions of Windows. Therefore, in this guide, we will show you how you can guard your privacy against millions of hackers, privacy invaders, identity thieves and various cyber threats prowling around.

In addition, we will bring you the latest interpretations, feeds, and observations of famous whistleblowers and privacy researchers. Read along to discover everything about Shadow Broker’s recent expose.

In the Line of Fire

While hundreds of social media platforms are being bombarded with updates about NSA’s exploit, we have gathered some of the top opinions and beliefs of popular tech researchers and whistleblowers below.

Have a look at what others think about NSA exploit:

How to Protect Yourself against Rising Hacks?

A breach has occurred, proving how vulnerable netizens’ privacy has become. We cannot forget Ashley Madison’s exploit that affected millions of lives by exposing secret dating couples. In addition, Yahoo and bitcoin hack in past had revealed confidential information thousands of subscribers. Considering the threats to one’s privacy, netizens find VPN as the safest solution to protect themselves against ISP monitoring, state-surveillance, hackers, and privacy invaders.

Which VPN Services to Rely on?

When courting some of the trusted VPN services, we have listed below the top VPN services that ensure reliable privacy, zero-activity logging, robust data protection, a wide range of servers and affordable plans:

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Editor’s Note

Ending this guide, we cannot miss highlighting the recently passed US data retention bill that gives a major hit to netizens’ privacy. In addition, the lately imposed Australian Metadata retention bill poses similar threats to Aussie netizens. We, therefore, suggest netizens an option for safe and secure privacy solution like VPN and protect themselves against privacy hunters.

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