Enjoy Instant & Complete Online Freedom with ShadeYou VPN!


  • One of the cheapest VPN providers with prices starting from as low as $2.17/month
  • 1024-bit strong encryption to keep your data safe
  • Gives you access to 13+ servers in 11 countries including UK, US and Canada
  • A free trial of 24-hour on request
  • Provides 24/7 Customer Support to all its users
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Speed
  • Tunnels your traffic through OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPSec


No Android App

ShadeYou VPN


ShadeYou VPN is based in Netherlands and is steadily becoming one of the most popular VPN service providers online. As one of the simplest VPN service providers, ShadeYou VPN is built to provide users the essentials of VPN service at minimal cost and with user friendly features that new and old VPN users will undoubtedly appreciate.


Plans And Pricing

ShadeYou VPN offers a universal package that is loaded with all the features and functions you will ever need. This package is available through four pricing plans. All pricing plans include the full function set.

  • The 1 month plan is available for a flat rate of $3.95 per month
  • The 3 month plan is available for a total of $9.97, which comes to a monthly average of $3.33 per month
  • The 6 month plan is available for a total of $16.98, which comes to a monthly average of $2.83 per month
  • The 12 month plan is available for a total of $25.99, which comes to a monthly average of $2.17 per month

The best part is that ShadeYou VPN offers all of these pricing plans with unlimited speed and traffic without any data caps.

shadeyouvpn pricing

ShadeYou VPN

Video Review


ShadeYou VPN is expanding rapidly and currently has VPN servers setup in 11 countries. These include US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Canada, Sweden and Hong Kong.

ShadeYou VPN currently has 13 VPN servers across the globe (2 VPN servers in Germany and 2 VPN servers in Russia) and plans to expand rapidly within the coming few months.  It has recently added Canada to the list of server locations, which means more power, better connectivity and faster speeds.

shadeyouvpn servers

Unique Selling Proposition

The unique thing about ShadeYou VPN is the degree of simplicity you will observe with this service. It is simple, straightforward and very easy to use. There are no complicated settings or features that have to be configured at any point.

ShadeYou VPN gets the job done by unblocking websites, tunneling data and concealing your real identity behind a second IP address, all without the slightest complications.


Customer Support

The customer support system at ShadeYou VPN is based on four components:

LiveChat/Message Drop: A small button is visible on the lower right corner of the official ShadeYou VPN website at all times. This can be used to communicate directly with a ShadeYou VPN representative. The LiveChat feature is usually available most of the time. You can drop off a message to ShadeYou VPN with your email address at times when the LiveChat feature is unavailable.

FAQ: The FAQ section contains a lot of useful information about the basics of ShadeYou VPN. There is a lot of information about ShadeYou VPN’s OpenVPN options in particular – mainly because it is ShadeYou VPN’s specialty.

Contact Form: The Contact Form is a very simple and effective way to contact ShadeYou VPN support. The small form takes less than a minute to fill out and the ShadeYou VPN support team replies as soon as possible. You will receive a response to your query in your email inbox.

News: The ‘News’ section of the customer support system is like ShadeYou VPN’s blog. Here you can learn about the latest developments and expansions at ShadeYou VPN. The News section is also a great place to learn about ShadeYou VPN’s server network upgrades, expansions and downtime scenarios.


Payment Methods

ShadeYou VPN accepts Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Perfect Money, Web Money and many more. This is quite a vast range for a VPN like ShadeYou VPN since only a few VPN service providers are able to provide such extensive compatibility.

Make sure you select a payment method that you are comfortable with and remember that most VPN service providers only provide refunds if payments have been made through reliable third party payment mediators like PayPal and the like.

ShadeYou VPN payment options

ShadeYou VPN


ShadeYou VPN takes advantage of the fact that nearly every internet enabled device these days come with complete VPN compatibility.

ShadeYou VPN works on all versions of Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS!

This 360 degree compatibility is possible thanks to the fact that ShadeYou VPN relies on the internal settings that devices offer. As a result, you can configure ShadeYou VPN on any device you want within minutes using the setup tutorials available on the official ShadeYou VPN website.


ShadeYou VPN support


Tutorials Provided

The official ShadeYou VPN website has tutorials available to help you setup the protocol of your choice on your preferred device/OS. These include tutorials to setup PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN on Android, Ubuntu, Windows (all versions), and iOS devices (iPad/iPhone).


Protocols And Encryption

ShadeYou VPN offers PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols. All three protocols are accessible through all of ShadeYou VPN’s pricing plans so you will never have to be worry about the level of encryption you want to use.

  • L2TP comes with the standard encryption IPSec with pre-shared key
  • PPTP comes with Microsoft’s CHAP v2
  • OpenVPN comes with 1024-Bit key

You will have to setup your ShadeYou VPN on your preferred device/OS depending upon the protocol of your choice since every protocol has a slightly different setup process. This shouldn’t be a problem because ShadeYou VPN allows each account to be 5 VPN devices at the same time.


ShadeYou VPN Windows Client

The Windows app is very easy to install and use. Once you sign up on the ShadeYou VPN website, you will be sent an email that will contain your login credentials and a link. The link in the email will bring you to the login page on the official ShadeYou VPN website where you can login to your account.

Once you login to your account, you will be able to download the setup for the operating system, protocol and OS of your choice. ShadeYou VPN offers a VPN client for Microsoft Windows users. Once the download completes, click on the downloaded setup file to being installation. Remember to run the ShadeYou VPN file as administrator.

ShadeYou VPN file as administrator

Click, Run, and then keep clicking ‘Next’ if you don’t want to spend time with details. It is pretty safe and very straightforward.

setup shadeyouvpn

Click ‘Next’ and select the directory where you want to install the software.

setup shadeyouvpn2

Click ‘Next’ and rename it if you want to…

setup step 3

Indicate if you want desktop and quick launch icons…

setup step 4

Review the installation selections…

setup step 5

Sit back and let the software do the rest…

setup step 6

setup step 7

The software will run once the setup completes and you will be greeted with a small window. Enter in your username and password to login to your ShadeYou VPN account. The software is super fast and very user friendly!

setup step 8

You will be immediately logged in and you can then select the VPN server of your choice from the drop down list. Configure ‘Settings’ if you want…

setup step 9

Click ‘Save’ once you have configured settings. Select the server you want to connect to and click on ‘Connect’.

setup step 10

Wait as the software connects…

setup step 11

The software will connect you to the server and your VPN tunnel will be activated. You are now 100% invisible and can unblock websites from across the globe!

setup step 13

Log And Privacy Policy

According to the ShadeYou VPN Privacy Policy, users of ShadeYou VPN are not under any threat from third party data requisitions because ShadeYou VPN does not log any sort of user data.

The Privacy Policy claims that the ShadeYou VPN has been designed to be minimalistic and requires nothing more than the users’ usernames and passwords to function. As a result, ShadeYou VPN users are never in any danger. In addition, ShadeYou VPN asserts that ShadeYou VPN will not provide legal authorities any user data; mainly because it does not collect any user data to begin with.


Free Trial

ShadeYou VPN provides a 24 hour free trial that anybody can use to try out ShadeYou VPN’s full range of functions and features. The full trial can be obtained by filling out the small form on the ShadeYou VPN website, after which ShadeYou VPN emails you a link from where you can access your ShadeYou VPN account.

Once you log into your ShadeYou VPN free trial account, you will be presented with a list of tutorial categories that you can use to setup your ShadeYou VPN connection. The setup tutorials are detailed and are presented with graphic representations of the setup process to provide effective guidance.

Access with free VPN and unblocked geo-blocked content for streaming. View our detailed best VPN free trial guide to learn more and easily compare the time duration of free trials with each other.

Additional Services

ShadeYou VPN offers a free proxy service that is accessible through the ShadeYou VPN home page. The free proxy service is called the ‘Anonymizer’ and provides five neat options. Once you enter in the URL of the website you want to access through ShadeYou VPN’s free proxy, all you have to do is to hit ‘ShadeYou’ and you will be taken to the website.



ShadeYou VPN is available for as low as $2.17 per month and gets the job done without any of the fancy gloss and ribbons. The VPN is easy to setup and has the most uncomplicated website amongst all VPN service providers online.

The show doesn’t stops there, here are more VPN reviews you can check out.

ShadeYou VPN

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