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Firoza Khan, often referred to as “Khanzaadi,” has been formally confirmed to be one of the highly anticipated competitors. The news that Assam’s Khanzaadi has joined Bigg Boss season 17 has piqued the interest of her fans and supporters, who are eager to see her on the show.

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Where Can I Watch Bigg Boss Season 17 24/7 Online For Free?

Big Boss season 17 is streaming live 24/7 on JioCinema. The show is going to be shown on Colors TV starting at 9 PM. Hopefully, we have answered your question about where to watch Bigg Boss 17.


Connect to an Indian Server to Watch JioCinema in Singapore

The theme of the house is “Iss baar game nahi hoga sabke liye same to same,” which raises the possibility that Bigg Boss may abandon his long-standing commitment to equality.

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Hopefully, we have responded to your question about where to watch Bigg Boss for free; please continue reading to learn more about Firoza Khan, also known as Khanzaadi.

Who is Firoza Khan aka Khanzaadi?

A diverse range of celebrities from various spheres of life appear on the show. Model and rapper Firoza Khan, better known by her stage name Khanzadi, will compete in Bigg Boss season 17.

Khanzaadi age in 2023 is 27 years old and making her television debut. She joined the Bigg Boss house with a burst of charm and vigor. When she arrived, she had a heartwarming encounter with the show’s host, Salman Khan.

Asked by Assam’s Khaanzadi who Joins Bigg Boss 17 to say Joi Aai Axom by Salman Khan for the people of Assam, which he fervently expressed.

Note: We would like to notify you that if you are a die-hard fan of Khanzaadi, then keep your eyes on the Bigg Boss season 17 voting day.

Are Khanzaadi and Jad Hadid Dating? Or It’s Just A Rumour?

Yes, Firoza Khan, alias Khanzadi, gained notoriety for her purported romance with Jad Hadid of Bigg Boss OTT 2 fame. While the couple appeared to be too deeply in love, Khan was observed leaving Hadid off at the airport. Khanzadi later vented her anger at Akanksha Puri for allegedly being close to Hadid.

In an interview, Khanzaadi, the brilliant rapper was questioned about her dating rumor with Jad Hadid. Well, you know, there are times when you have to do specific things, she remarked. It wasn’t anything major. I had to make a few choices because Jad and I work for the same management business.

When asked about her strong reprimand for Akanksha Puri, Firoza responded,

“Nothing about that should be taken personally because it was all about having fun.” So, this was the truth about Khanzaadi and Jad Hadid dating rumour.

Update: Three candidates have been voted for the Bigg Boss 17 eviction, at the start of the week: Abhishek Kumar, Mannara Chopra, and Navid Sole.

Did Salman Khan says ‘Joi Aai Axom’ to Firoza Khan aka Khanzaadi on The Grand Premiere of Bigg Boss Season 17?

Yes, Assam’s Khaanzadi who joins Bigg Boss 17 asked Salman Khan to say Joi Aai Axom for the people of Assam which he passionately expressed. Khanzaadi is seen in a video going viral on social media asking Salman Khan that she wants to bring him tea leaves from Assam. But as she was unable to do it, she invited Sallu Bhai to travel to Assam instead.

Salman Khan responded by recalling his past trip to Assam and expressing his desire to return. The journey of Khanzaadi in Bigg Boss season 17 appears to be thrilling as Assam continues to excel in the reality television industry.

Get yourself updated by looking into the Bigg Boss all seasons winner list. This will let you have an idea about who won in the previous seasons.

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What Was the Reaction Of Feroza Khan’s Mother About Her Participation in Bigg Boss 17?

Pinkvilla questioned Khanzaadi about accepting Bigg Boss 17 as her new reality show, Khanzaadi replied, My mother was thrilled for me and wanted me to compete in Bigg Boss, but she was also excited when I told her I had won MTV Hustle 2. Feroza Khan talked about her mother’s reaction about her participation in Bigg Boss season 17 when I told her she was overjoyed.

If you’re wondering about the Bigg Boss season 17 trailer release date, it was on October 15, 2023 and featured Salman Khan as host once again. To catch the show in Singapore, consider using ExpressVPN, which allows boundaryless streaming.

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Khanzaadi in Bigg Boss 17


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The real name of the Indian rapper and songwriter, Khanzaadi is Firoza Khan.

Khanzaadi is a professional rapper, singer, and songwriter. She is one of the most talked about contestants of this season.

No. In an interview Firoza was asked if she’s still in touch with Jad Hadid to which she replied, “We aren’t in contact. He is also involved in a reality show and is quite busy. We haven’t spoken in a long time.”

Wrapping Up

By taking a few simple steps, you may easily access Bigg Boss 17 on JioCinema in Singapore. Use these instructions to watch Khanzaadi in Bigg Boss 17 in Singapore on JioCinema with ExpressVPN.

Using ExpressVPN, which ensures lag-free streaming, will make it simple for you to catch up on this reality TV series. Beginning on October 15, 2023, The Bigg Boss season 17 will debut, featuring one of the show’s talented contestants, Khanzaadi, a rapper and model who would further add charm with her appearance.