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Does BBC iPlayer have free trial? BBC iPlayer itself is a free streaming service, there is a method to acquire a BBC iPlayer Free Trial and watch Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job in addition to watching films suitable for the whole family on BBC iPlayer. This can be accomplished by subscribing to a reputable VPN. ExpressVPN is regarded as the best VPN for BBC iPlayer currently available.

The BBC iPlayer is restricted to users who are physically located in the United Kingdom. A reliable VPN enables all the users to watch BBC iPlayer in Singapore.

BBC is a free service and provides you access to documentaries, the best movies, and live sports which you can stream for free. It allows you to watch recorded and live TV from all of the BBC’s stations. BBC One, BBC Two, CBBC, BBC News, BBC Three, BBC Four, and Radio 1.

Moreover, for all the detailed information on how to sign up for BBC iPlayer free trial, is BBC free on phone and which is the best free VPN for BBC iPlayer including the premium ones, stick with us!

How to Sign Up for a BBC iPlayer Free Trial?

Follow the steps to get the answer to “How do I sign in to BBC iPlayer” and is BBC iPlayer Free Trial available for users:

  1. Join a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN, this is the one we recommend.
  2. Using a VPN, successfully connect to the server that is located in the UK (Recommended – Docklands server)
  3. Visit the BBC iPlayer website on your web browser.
  4. After you’ve entered your birth date, click the Next button.
  5. Please provide the information as it is required.
  6. Simply selecting the Register option brings you to the details of the signup process.
  7. You will shortly get an email that confirms your registration as soon as this process is complete.

Once you complete the whole procedure properly, you will be eligible to get a free trial of BBC iPlayer.

What is BBC iPlayer?

The BBC iPlayer is the name of the BBC’s internet streaming on-demand service. It debuted in 2007 and is absolutely free to use. All you need is a UK TV license to use your TV to watch iPlayer online and obtain a BBC iPlayer Free Trial.

The BBC iPlayer is only available inside the United Kingdom. A TV license may only be purchased in the United Kingdom. When you connect to the site, your IP address is verified to ensure that it is from the United Kingdom. If it doesn’t, you’ll see something like this.

Access will be prohibited because an IP address from in Singapore was discovered. With a VPN, you can effortlessly access the best shows on BBC iPlayer along with the best horror movies and take advantage to learn more about the streaming platform and the content it provides.

If you don’t like the content, you can always delete BBC iPlayer account. Other streaming services provide a free trial as well. For example, you may sign up for a free trial of Disney Plus to see the platform’s incredible content catalog.


There is a wide range of features available via BBC iPlayer; however, just a handful of them are included here. You will never watch any other streaming platform again after going through these features; you will only use BBC iPlayer from now on.

  • Content Information: You can obtain details about a program’s plot, duration, and number of days it will be accessible on iPlayer. Then, you can choose the content accordingly and plan to mark your calendars for that show.
  • Auto-Downloads: When you don’t want to miss an episode of your favorite program, this function might come in quite helpful. Once you have it configured, the BBC iPlayer Downloads app will automatically download any of your preferred content.
  • HD Quality: The iPlayer app will always play the programs in high definition (HD), but you have the option to switch off HD playback if necessary. The HD quality of the app is not set to Full HD; rather, it is set to 720p for laptops and smartphones.
  • Vast Library: You will have the opportunity to watch a vast array of BBC content on a multitude of various devices thanks to this app, which is accessible to you. The BBC iPlayer has you covered with everything from brand new programs and films to older, more iconic ones. Once you have subscribed to BBC iPlayer, you can be certain that you will not be let down in any way. You only need to get a TV license, and then you can watch whatever you want for no additional cost.
  • Live TV: This application also provides you with the capability of watching live television, along with the additional features of stopping and rewinding the episodes that you are watching.

Using a BBC iPlayer VPN

Fortunately, as previously noted, there is a workaround. You cannot directly purchase a UK TV license, but you may hide your true location/IP address and pretend to be in the UK. The not-so-secret method is to use a VPN service that connects you to a server in the United Kingdom.

When you join, you will seem to be at the same location as someone connecting from the United Kingdom.

There are various benefits to utilizing a service like this since there are no hidden costs or limits while watching BBC iPlayer for free when overseas.

ExpressVPN work with BBC iPlayer, therefore no need to worry. If you’re confused about what to watch on BBC iPlayer, there are various shows and movies. You can watch BBC iPlayer live content and recorded content with ease.

Check for a UK TV License

Surprisingly, there has never been a mechanism in place to determine whether or not you have a UK television license. The only ‘check’ is that you are prompted before starting to view anything.

Simply sign up for a BBC iPlayer account and choose “yes” when asked whether you have a television license and no further proof will be required.

After that, it will just take a few minutes to begin broadcasting! You’ll have to employ a method to get past the BBC iPlayer license check, but you won’t be alone, and you’ll be able to receive a free trial of BBC iPlayer!

ExpressVPN may also provide access to other UK-based services. For example, you can enjoy Sky Sports’ and ITVX in Singapore without encountering any geo-restrictions.

Moreover, you can watch all the content on the devices of your choice. You can watch BBC iPlayer on Smart TV, iOS, and other compatible devices. Also, you can stream BBC iPlayer on PS4/PS5 gaming consoles.

How to download BBC iPlayer?

You have the option of downloading it to your favorite platform from the official app store, or you can stream BBC iPlayer on Apple TV, or directly in the browser on your Windows, Mac, or Linux laptop or desktop computer or Chromecast.

Both the iOS and Android operating systems have official BBC iPlayer applications that can be downloaded from the app stores of their respective operating systems. This is the easiest way to watch BBC iPlayer on Android.

On Android, you can get the BBC iPlayer application from the Google Play store for phones, tablets, and devices that use the Android TV operating system. Additionally, the app can be downloaded via the Amazon App Store for use on Firestick and Fire TV devices.

You can also download the application on iPad, Roku, Xbox, and PlayStation, which are all devices used for streaming media.

FAQs – BBC iPlayer Free Trial

When the iPlayer first went live, the majority of episodes were only accessible for a period of seven days after they had first been shown on television. After an overwhelming amount of public demand, extensive discussions with rights holders, and a comprehensive upgrade of iPlayer, the majority of programs on BBC iPlayer are now accessible for 30 days.

No, you can’t watch BBC iPlayer with a TV license. You need to have a valid TV Licence in order to watch live broadcasts or programming that can be seen on demand on iPlayer. You can enjoy any of the shows or movies that are currently available on BBC iPlayer if you download the app for BBC iPlayer and use it on your mobile device, tablet, smart TV, streaming box, or gaming console.

If you never see live programming on any channel, TV service, or streaming service, as well as if you never use BBC iPlayer, then you do not require a TV Licence. This is true for any electronic device, whether it be a television, computer, laptop, phone, tablet, video game console, or digital box. Or let us know if you are exempt from obtaining a TV Licence.

Wrap Up!

We truly hope that by the time you’ve finished reading through our tour of the BBC iPlayer Free Trial in Singapore, all of your questions and worries will have been resolved.

Access to BBC iPlayer in Singapore is only possible with the assistance of a trusted VPN, such as ExpressVPN.

Using a VPN will result in your current IP address being replaced with a new virtual IP address that is located in the United Kingdom. This will enable you to trick the streaming platform into believing that you are streaming from inside the United Kingdom, which will allow you to bypass any restrictions and receive access to all BBC content.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them in the comment box that can be found below. We will do our best to answer them.