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Samsung’s flagship brand Galaxy S6 and S7 have polarized millions of Smartphone fanatics across the world. With having over 6 million Galaxy S6 and S6 edge units sold in just the first month of release, the phone offers some unbeatable feature including high-end looks, top-grade specifications and superior aesthetics. However, to get protection against cyber threats and access unlimited geo-restricted websites and services, users should equip themselves with the best VPN for Samsung.

To unlock geo-restricted content and stream worldwide on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 try Android VPN.

Here’s how to setup a VPN on your Galaxy S6 and S7:

  1. Open the menu, and go to Settings.
  2. Scroll to the Connections sections, and click on More connection settings.
  3. From More connection settings, click on VPN.
  4. Now add a VPN profile by tapping on Add VPN at top right corner of the screen.
  5. On edit VPN network screen, enter a connection name and choose the desired tunneling protocol.
  6. Enter the Server address provided by the VPN service and click on Save.
  7. Tap on newly added VPN connection. Enter VPN login credentials, check mark on Save account information and hit Connect to begin.
  8. Upon successful connection, the VPN status will turn to connected. Enjoy !


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Detailed Instructions to Setup VPN on Samsung Galaxy S6 & S7

If you face any hurdle in the VPN setup process, then you can refer to following step-by-step illustration for setting up a VPN on Galaxy S6 & S7. The detailed process provides in-depth information to manually setup a VPN on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7:

  • Open the menu, and go to “Settings”.
  • Scroll to the Connections sections, and click on “More connection settings”.

Samsung Galaxy S6 vpn setup



  • From the More connection settings, click on “VPN”.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vpn setup



  • Now from the top right corner of the screen, add a VPN profile by clicking on the “Add VPN”.

Samsung Galaxy S6 setup of vpn



  • Next, you will be presented with a pop-up window showing “edit VPN network“. Enter a name for the connection. Select a tunneling protocol of your choice.



  • Enter the “Server address” provided by the VPN service. Click on Save.

 Samsung Galaxy S7 setup of vpn

  • Finally, you will see the newly added VPN connection in the list. To connect, tap on VPN connection. Enter login credentials as provided by the VPN service, check mark on “Save account information” and hit “Connect” to begin.

S6 vpn setup


  • Upon successful connection, the VPN status will turn to connected, and you will be able to enjoy the premium online experience with accessing thousands of geo-restricted sites and services. Moreover, anonymity and protection against every cyber threat is the guaranteed benefit of using a VPN. Enjoy !

S7 vpn setup

Note: PPTP is comparatively simple and uses 128-bit encryption keys (Industry standard), it is preferred  for secure browsing and high-speed streaming. On other hand, L2TP/IPSec is a relatively stronger protocol with 256-bit encryption keys and is preferred for torrents and P2P file sharing.

Best VPN for Samsung Galaxy S6 & S7

Now when you know how to setup VPN on your device, we have listed best VPN services for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7. Each of the listed VPN services is tested and is compatible on both S6 and S7. With a broad range of encryption tunneling protocols, the below-listed VPN services will protect your Smartphone against most severe cyber-threat.

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Why You Need a VPN for Samsung Galaxy S6 & S7?

Samsung flagship models S6 and S7 captured attention from millions of audience even before their release. The reason lies on deluxe glass-metal design, powerful hardware configuration and top-notch features. However, with default security infrastructure and weak encryption tools, both S6 and S7 are double-edged swords for privacy-conscious users.

A team of white hat hackers from Google’s Project Zero have revealed eleven “high impact” security vulnerabilities in Android distributed on Samsung S6. Considering the threats to user data privacy,  security researchers and data privacy experts suggest a VPN for protection against hackers, unauthorized surveillance, data-sniffers, identity thieves, IP leaks and other cyber criminals.

Similarly, using a Galaxy VPN services, you will not only get you reliable online protection and anonymity but also accessibility to countless geo-restricted services such as HBO Now, Fox Go, BBC iPlayer, Channel 7, CBS, NBC, Spotify, Pandora, Hulu and much more.


Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 are among the most powerful and hottest Smartphones in the industry. Impressive features, super fast performance, top-notch hardware configuration and pleasing aesthetics provide charm to users. However, with leading features and notable improvements, S7 takes an edge over its predecessor.

But not to forget, both Smartphones are vulnerable to malicious cyber attacks as proved by Google Project Zero. Considering the case, VPN is the one-stop solution for reliable protection against most challenging cyber threats.

The above mentioned Galaxy VPN services will not only protect you from devastating cyber threats, but they will allow you to access unlimited on-demand streaming services and blocked websites hassle-free from any corner of the world.