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The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 are the two smartphones that shot the brand’s popularity after the lukewarm reception of the S5.

I’m sure I don’t need to count the great features these phones so proudly exhibit, considering there are millions of satisfied customers already familiar with those.

But data breaches and inherent OS vulnerabilities that put your privacy isn’t something that the Samsung is prepared to defend against by default.

For that you need a VPN and I’m going to walk you through the steps how to setup a VPN on Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and above. In fact, the manual method of setup should also work for the older Samsung Galaxy S4.


Installing VPN on Samsung Using PlayStore

Since the Galaxy lineup of phones uses Android as the default OS, you can simply install most VPN apps directly from the PlayStore:

  1. Open the PlayStore
  2. Search for your preferred VPN provider e.g PureVPN
  3. Press the Install button
  4. When the app has finished installing, launch it
  5. Enter your login credentials
  6. Choose a server location of your choice and you’re now successfully connected to your VPN!


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Manual Setup Instructions

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You can also configure a VPN on a Galaxy S6/S7 manually. The process is slightly more drawn out, but it’s really quite simple to do and will only take you 4 minutes.

The above method will work perfectly for VPNs that officially offer an Android app on the PlayStore.

But for VPNs that aren’t available on the PlayStore or if you have an older smartphone and need to setup a VPN on Samsung Galaxy S4, the manual method is what you’ll need to perform.

1) Open the menu, and go to “Settings”.

2) Scroll to the Connections sections, and click on “More connection settings”.

3) From the More connection settings, click on “VPN”.

4) Now from the top right corner of the screen, add a VPN profile by clicking on the “Add VPN”.

5) Next, you will be presented with a pop-up window showing “edit VPN network“. Enter a name for the connection. Select a tunneling protocol of your choice.

6) Enter the “Server address” provided by the VPN service. Click on Save.

7) Finally, you will see the newly added VPN connection in the list. To connect, tap on VPN connection. Enter login credentials as provided by the VPN service, check mark on “Save account information” and hit “Connect” to begin.

8) Upon successful connection, the VPN status will turn to connected, and you will be able to enjoy the premium online experience with accessing thousands of geo-restricted sites and services. Moreover, anonymity and protection against every cyber threat is the guaranteed benefit of using a VPN. Enjoy !

Why You Need a VPN for Samsung Galaxy S6 & S7?

Samsung flagship models S6 and S7 captured attention from millions of audience even before their release. The reason lies on deluxe glass-metal design, powerful hardware configuration and top-notch features.

However, with default security infrastructure and weak encryption tools, both S6 and S7 are double-edged swords for privacy-conscious users.

A team of white hat hackers from Google’s Project Zero revealed eleven “high impact” security vulnerabilities in Android distributed in the Samsung S6.

Considering the threats to user data privacy,  security researchers and data privacy experts suggest a VPN for protection against hackers, unauthorized surveillance, data-sniffers, identity thieves, IP leaks and other cyber criminals.

Similarly, using a Samsung Galaxy S7 VPN will not only get you reliable online protection and anonymity but also accessibility to countless geo-restricted services.

These include streaming platforms like NetflixHulu, HBO Now, Fox Go, BBC iPlayer, Channel 7, CBS, NBC, Spotify, Pandora, and much more.



Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 are among the most powerful and hottest Smartphones in the industry.

But not to forget, both smartphones are vulnerable to malicious cyber attacks as proved by Google Project Zero. Considering the case, VPN is the one-stop solution for reliable protection against most challenging cyber threats.

The above mentioned VPN services work for the Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7 and beyond.  Need to upgrade your online privacy? Then installing the apps mentioned above is the surest way to go!