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Roku is a media streaming device that comes with a handy remote to control playback on the TV your Roku is connected to. Turning your television into a home entertainment system is as easy as a walk in the park if you have a Roku lying around.

There are dozens of streaming apps available on Roku, all of which can be used to bring streaming to your Television. However, streaming services are often bound by geo-restrictions, so some content might not be available for you.

A Roku VPN is the best solution you can deploy to get rid of this problem. Meanwhile, I’m going to explain how you can start watch Netflix on Roku in this blog.

Read on below to find out.

Can I Watch Netflix on Roku?

Netflix is one of the apps that come pre-installed in Roku devices. As such, you can easily watch Netflix on Roku as soon as you set up the device on your TV.

Connecting Roku to your TV

Before you can watch Netflix on Roku, you must first set your Roku device up on your television.

You only need to connect your Roku through HDMI cables to the TV. You can also use the Ethernet port on Roku to establish a wired connection with the Internet. Most modern Roku devices support Wi-Fi, but wired connections can improve streaming if you experience poor results via Wi-Fi.


  1. Turn on your Roku as well as television
  2. Choose Wireless or Wired as your network connection type depending on your preference
  3. Follow on-screen prompts to continue the setup process

How to Setup Netflix on Roku?

You can start streaming your favorite Netflix shows on Roku in less than 5 minutes. It’s that easy to setup Netflix on Roku. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the Netflix icon with your Roku remote to launch Netflix
  2. Follow on-screen instructions to get an activation code from Netflix
  3. Now use a PC or smartphone to lo into your Netflix
  4. Select Your Account & Help > Watching Instantly on Your TV or Computer > Activate a Netflix Ready Device
  5. Enter the activation code that you received from Netflix on your Roku
  6. Get back to your Roku and enjoy the amazing Netflix content on your TV

How do I fix Netflix on my Roku?

Experiencing problems with your Netflix on Roku? Don’t fret. More often than not, the problem is simple enough to deal with on your own.

Here are a few things to check if Netflix trouble comes knocking your way:

  • Make sure Roku is updated: Software updates are important to keep everything working nice and smooth. If you find your Netflix and other apps acting up, there’s a chance that your system isn’t running on the most updated version. To check for Roku updates select Home > Settings > System > Software Update > Check Now. If any system or app updates are available, they’ll be checked through this action.
  • Check connection settings: Internet fluctuations happen all the time without us realizing. It may happen that you might lost connection to your network, preventing you from streaming anything using Roku. You can check if you’re still connected to the Internet by Home > Settings > Network. You can also try switching your connection type from wireless to wired or vice versa.
  • Check Netflix account: Sometimes, the Netflix subscription ends up being the culprit. It is possible that your subscription might not have renewed correctly. Open your account details and see if you are still subscribed. Don’t forget to update credit card information if you recently acquired a new card.
  • Re-install Netflix app: Although you don’t usually need to add Netflix to Roku since it comes pre-installed, you can try re-downloading and installing Netflix on Roku. This will clear any data from the previous install, and can potentially clear the problems you were experiencing before.
  • Restart Roku: This ancient magic trick still proves effective from time to time. Try unplugging your Roku for 10-15 seconds and then reboot it. Wait a couple of minutes before launching Netflix again after reboot.

Is Netflix Free on Roku?

Netflix is not free for any device. The service charges the same amount for a given package no matter which device you want to use it on. So, no Netflix is not free on Roku.

Wrapping Up

Roku brings unlimited Netflix entertainment to our television screens, and that is enough to make me fall in love with this nifty device. I hope I helped make it clearer for you how you setup Netflix on Roku and fix common problems that might spoil the entertainment that Netflix brings to the table.


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