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Streaming lovers brace yourselves, now you can Setup Netflix on Apple TV from anywhere. Secure your Apple TV by using an Apple TV VPN. Apple TV stands as a leading-edge set-top box that offers exceptional on-demand entertainment experience to viewers. With Netflix on Apple TV, you get a chance to experience full dose of entertainment by watching popular shows, movies, documentaries & news in HD playback quality. This guide will show you how to watch Netflix on Apple TV using our 4 simple steps.

Additionally, after reading this guide, you will learn how to unblock Netflix USA with a VPN particularly on Apple TV, bypass the imposed geo-restrictions on foreign Netflix libraries and watch exclusive shows & movies from any corner of the world.

Setup Netflix on Apple TV Using 7 Simple Steps

Setting up Netflix on Apple TV is an easy seven step procedure. However, you will require a valid subscription to watch Netflix on Apple TV.

Here’s how to setup Netflix on Apple TV:

  1. Power on your Apple TV device and go to Home screen
  2. Access App Store
  3. Search Netflix in the app store
  4. Now select ‘Get’ to start installation
  5. The Netflix app should appear on the home screen after successful installation
  6. Launch Netflix app
  7. Enter your username and password or create a new account for Netflix if you’re a new user, and enjoy unlimited entertainment

Upon successful login, setup will be completed, and you’ll be able to stream tons of favorite shows, music videos, news and more media on Netflix Apple TV. Do note that if you are billed using for Netflix through iTunes, make sure that you are signed into the correct iTunes account.

Access US Netflix on Apple TV with a VPN

Now that you have configured Netflix on your Apple TV, it is important to note that Netflix’s media library varies from region to region. This is due to content licensing & sharing agreement with partners. With that said, geo-restrictions apply on popular shows and movies on Netflix outside the US. To by-pass the geo-restrictions, best iOS VPN provides one-touch access to Netflix US library.

Following are the recommended VPN services to unblock foreign Netflix from different regions of the world. With a broad range of streaming optimized servers and 24/7 customer support, these VPN services ensure a high-speed streaming experience to users at all times.

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$2.95 Per Month
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How to Setup U.S Netflix on Apple TV with a VPN

Using a VPN to access foreign Netflix library is a simple five step process. After connecting to VPN, you will be able to stream Netflix US along with various geo-blocked streaming services on your Apple TV as well.

Here’s how to access the US Netflix on Apple TV with a VPN:

  • Choose from one of the recommended Apple TV VPN services mentioned above
  • Subscribe to VPN provider, download and install VPN on your computer
  • Launch VPN, enter username & password to login
  • From VPN app, go to servers list, and select the US server to connect
  • When connected to the US server, connect Apple TV device with your computer using an Ethernet cable
  • Go to desktop, launch Control Panel>Network and Sharing Center>Network and Internet>Change Adapter Settings
  • Now, from the list of options, right-click on “TAP-Win32 Adapter V9” and hit Properties
  • Next, click on Sharing tab and mark enable the option of “Allow other Network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection”
  • Now, on your Apple TV, go to Settings>General>iTunes Store>location and select the United States
  • Finally, restart your Apple TV device, access Netflix and start watching exclusive Netflix shows and movies that were previously geo-restricted in your country

After completing the above-mentioned process, you will be to stream Netflix on Apple TV without any hurdles. But, in case you want to access Netflix from any other region, let’s say UK, then open VPN software, go to servers list and connect to a UK server. Now you’re all set to stream UK Netflix on Apple TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have conducted a survey on internet and discovered that many users faced issues while watching Netflix Apple TV. With reference to users’ queries, here’re the solutions that will help you to resolve Netflix issues within a matter of time:

Query by a Redditor

Netflix problems on Apple TV 4 from appletv



A large number of Apple TV 4 users have inquired on internet about “Netflix not working on Apple TV”. If you’re among them, then here’s all you need to do to start using Netflix on Apple TV again instantly.

Method 1 – The Instant Approach

Do a reset of internet connection on Apple TV, as shown below:

  • Access main menu of your Apple TV device
  • Click on Network
  • From Connection, make sure it is connected

Method 2 – The Forceful Approach

If the above method doesn’t help, then we suggest you perform an immediate termination of Netflix app as specified below:

  • Double click on the Home button on your Apple TV
  • Focus on the Netflix app by swiping to left
  • Now, swipe up to quit Netflix immediately
  • Finally, launch Netflix again

Method 3 – Reset Your Device

The third way to get rid of Netflix issues is to perform a reboot of your Apple TV. For this, follow these steps:

  • Switch off and unplug the Apple TV for at least 5 seconds
  • Now, plug and switch on your device
  • Lastly, run Netflix again and check if it works fine

Method 4 – Update Netflix

The last thing that you can do to resolve “Netflix not working” issue is to Update the current version of Netflix on your Apple TV. Here’s how to update Netflix on Apple TV:

  • Access main menu and click on Settings
  • Go to System>Software Updates>Update Software
  • Now, if your Netflix app is already up to date, then you will see no available updates. Else you’ll be presented with an option to Download & Install, click on it to begin updating Netflix
  • Lastly, launch Netflix and enjoy streaming movies and shows without any interruptions

Final Words

Apple TV with no doubt is an excellent source for supreme on-demand entertainment. Striking feature set, eye-catching interface and massive media library deliver cutting-edge entertainment experience to subscribers.

The only hurdle that comes between you and your favorite Netflix shows are the geo-restrictions. The best VPN services mentioned in this guide will allow you to evade geo-restrictions, access Netflix USA, and achieve one-touch access to boundless content on Netflix Apple TV.