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What is the BBC iPlayer?

In short, it’s a world of entertainment with countless choices. The BBC iPlayer lets you enjoy content online, you can watch all your favorite TV channels and programs. The BBC iPlayer also offers live events such as sports events, or music festivals.

What more? Missed a part of the program? BBC lets you restart it live.

Setting up BBC iPlayer on Mac

To install iPlayer on Mac, simply visit Apple’s app store and search for BBC iPlayer app. Once you find the app, download it and enjoy the BBC iPlayer. After successful installation of the app fill in the basic information required by the application to process your account and that’s about it, you’re done!

You can watch BBC iPlayer on Apple Tv as well with all said and done, it is unfortunate that the BBCiPlayer is a geo-restricted platform meaning if you do not reside in the U.K. you will not be able to view its content. However, there are ways to get through that and access the amazing streaming platform.

Watch BBC iPlayer anywhere in the world with a VPN on Mac

When it comes to VPN services, not all are created equally and not are powerful enough to bypass such strong platforms.

Once you choose the a VPN

  1. Purchase and Install the VPN
  2. Log in to it
  3. Connect to a UK server and visit the BBC iPlayer app

That’s all you have to do to access BBC iPlayer on your Mac device

BBC iPlayer still not working after VPN on Mac, what to do?

Many users have complained about facing issues using BBC iPlayer abroad using VPN, there are many inquiries about this problem on multiple discussion platforms.

What really has happened is that the BBC iPlayer has blocked the servers of PIA, a VPN service.

If you’re facing a similar problem you should try one of the VPN services recommended above by us, as all of them have been thoroughly checked and work.

All the mentioned VPN services work without any seamlessly in every country of the world. You can use one of the mentioned VPN iPlayer and enjoy seamless media streaming instantly.

For more information, see this blog: BBC iPlayer Not Working Despite Using a VPN and a step by step guide for setting up VPN on your Mac device.

I can’t find BBCiPlayer on Macbook Air, what to do?

The iOS app, is available on the iPad and iPhones however, for Macbook you will have to need to download it from the BBC website.


How to install programs on BBC iPlayer

Once you’ve chosen what program you want to download, on the bottom right side of the screen is located a download option.

Click download and enter the parental guidance PIN if you have it enabled, after clicking download a message will appear asking if you have the downloads application installed. If you already have it then choose yes and continue downloading.

How to install the downloads application

Downloads application must be installed in their application folder, follow the below steps :

Double-click the file after downloading it.

BBC iPlayer window should appear with downloads icon

Move or drag the BBC iPlayer Downloads icon into the Applications folder.

Open the Applications folder in Finder and double-click BBC iPlayer Downloads

All steps are now complete, you can now download the programs of your choice, however it must be remembered that the application must be open before you start downloading.

How to update BBC iPlayer downloads?

To update from version 1 to version 2:

Firstly you need to uninstall the old app first. Now download the new version 2. The new version will not work unless you’ve deleted the old version correctly. Programs you’ve downloaded in the old app will not be transferred to the newer app

Now you can install the new iPlayer Downloads application

How to uninstall BBC iPlayer on Mac

It is a little tricky to uninstall the BBC iPlayer, first uninstall the app and follow the below steps:

  1. Go to applications
  2. Press Ctrl + Click BBC iPlayer downloads
  3. Select move to trash.

Now you need to delete a folder named BBC iPlayer’s Downloads, its located in the movies folder.

The full path location is /User/USER-NAME/Movies/BBC iPlayer Downloads

To delete go to your folders and follow the below steps

  1. Choose the user folder
  2. Choose your user name
  3. Choose the movies folder
  4. Click on the folder name preferences
  5. Delete BBC iPlayer Downloads

Wrapping up

BBC iPlayer is undoubtedly an amazing service that you can enjoy on your Mac and other devices. The irritating geo restriction can be bypassed by the methods mentioned above, so relax and binge watch on your Mac.

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