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What is the BBC iPlayer?

The iPlayer by BBC is a platform where various channels can be viewed and even live events are covered such as music festivals and sports events. Unfortunately the BBC iPlayer is a geo–restricted platform that is only available in the United Kingdom.

Setting up BBC iPlayer on Apple TV

To set up BBC iPlayer on Apple TV first you need to download the BBCiPlayer app from the app store. Once you download the app you will find it includes a catalog full of programs and option to live stream BBC channels TV stations.

The app is available on all Apple platforms.

How to get rid of geo restrictions and start watching?

First of all, you need to set up your location to UK by creating a new Apple ID. Now log out from your old iTunes account and then change your region to UK. Now download any free app, when you click on get apple will ask you to create an account opt for the one with “no card” choice.

Now you can create a new user name and password for your account. Now you can login with the new ID that you have just created, change your region to the UK and guess what? You’re done!

How to unblock BBC iPlayer with a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network service that allows you to connect to servers abroad so that you can access geo- restricted websites and streaming platform, however, the basic use of a VPN is to encrypt data and secure your online presence.

The BBC iPlayer VPN with Apple TV it is a little complicated, most other platforms usually have a VPN app, such as android, iOS, Windows. Sadly Apple TV does not have any VPN apps, so to access it with a VPN you will have to do a little technical work.

As the Apple TV does not have a VPN client, you will have to install the VPN service on your router. Once you connect through a VPN enabled router with a connection to the UK all your traffic will appear to be coming from the UK, enabling you to access all the content available in the UK.To know more about how to watch bbc iplayer on apple tv, read our Apple TV VPN guide.

Sometimes you may receive an error and BBC iplayer may not work using a VPN, you can see the fix on the given blog.


How to delete BBC iPlayer on Apple TV?

To delete or move a particular app or to move it, highlight it.

If you are using a regular remote press select, otherwise with Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote, press the touch surface until the app starts to shake.

To move the app simply use the direction keys on your remote.

If you want to delete the app press the play/pause button and choose hide or delete.

When you’re done, press the Touch surface or press Select.

Will Apple TV box on older tv’s that are not smart?

As long as the TV has a HDMI port Apple TV is compatible with it

What other ways are there to watch BBC iPlayer?

You can also watch BBC iPlayer via Air play and stream content to your apple TV directly, provided that you have a supported device. You can use airplay if you have Iphone4 or later.


The above mentioned methods will provide you with information to access BBC iPlayer on Apple TV anywhere in the world.

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