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Plex channels and Plex plugins are not different from one another, but it is important to understand the role each plays in the popularity of Plex. Plex channels are Plex add-ons which are essential to play movies and TV shows. On the other hand, Plex plugins are the zip files designated for each of the Plex channels. In short, it is due to Plex plugins that one is able to install Plex channels on Plex Media Server.

Now you know how important are Plex plugins, but more importantly, you should know how to install Plex plugins on your Plex and must know where to find them.

In this article, we provide links for Plex plugins for the best Plex channels that you can download onto your system.

Attention:  Geo-restrictions apply on streaming of traditional channels on Plex. To unblock various channels in your region, a Plex VPN will allow you to bypass the geo-restrictions from anywhere in the world instantly.

How to Install Plex Plugins for Plex

Step 1: Open your system/device and click on the Github link that has many Plex plugins to offer for Plex users.

How to Install Plex Plugins for Kodi



Step 2: Click on any of the Plex channel you need to install (e.g. Ted Talks)

Install Plex Plugins for Kodi

Step 3: You will be sent to another page where you need to click on ‘Clone or Download’ option located at top right corner colored in green > Then click on ‘Download Zip’


How to Install Plex Plugins for Kodi step 3


Step 4: Once the zip folder is downloaded on your computer, you need to extract the file.

Step 5: Copy the extracted file and paste it onto Plex Plugin folder on your system by right clicking on Plex Media Server.

plex plugin setup

Step 6: Now change the name of the extracted file from CBC.bundle-master to CBC.bundle if you’re installing the CBC plugin. You’re plugins are installed.

How to Add Plex Plugins to Watch Plex Channels

This tutorial video will guide you towards installing Plex plugins and Plex channels on your Plex Media Server. With the help of this video, you can add various Plex channels on Plex and therefore watch movies, TV shows, news and sports.

Plex Plugins for Chrome



BBCiPlayer-Plex Plugins for ChromeBBC iPlayer plugin allows its viewers to watch live BBC TV channels, while at the same time enjoy all the TV shows that you missed on the channel. Watch the most popular BBC programs on your Plex while downloading the plugin from here. If it doesn’t work for you normally, run it with a VPN.



Nick Jr


If you want quality entertainment for children, there is no better option than watching Nickelodeon Jr on Plex. You can watch full videos, clips, and listen to music with this Plex channel. You can install Nick Jr plugin from here.

Plex Plugins for Mac

MTV Music Videos

MTV-Plex Plugins for Mac

Great news for music lovers as they can watch music videos on MTV Music Videos Plex channel. While downloading the MTV plugin for here, you will be able to watch thousands of music videos on-demand and enjoy as long as your ears give permission.



Khan Academy

Khan Academy- Plex Plugins for Mac

Khan academy’s aim is streamlined with the strategies that they implement. It has outlined its mission to provide world-class education to everyone anywhere in the world. With Khan Academy’s Plex channel, you can have access to online library and educational notes that helps students in their education. Khan academy plugin can be installed from this link.



Plex Plugins for Movies


Filmon-Plex Plugins for Movies

Probably the best Plex channel for movies as Plex viewers can watch new and old movies on-demand. It gives you access to tons of movies which you can stream on your Plex Media Server. It requires a Plex plugin which you can install from here.




icefilms-Plex Plugins for Movies

IceFilms is another popular Plex channel but not as efficient as mentioned above channel. However, you cannot deny the quality of content present in its media library. Some of the links suggested for movies might be broken, but you may be successful in few attempts. IceFilms plugins can be downloaded from here.



Plex Plugins for Live TV



Cigaras is the home for thousands of IPTV channels from various countries around the world. Live TV is always fun to watch especially when viewing live TV channels from other countries. However, you may require a Plex VPN to view channels outside your country region. Here is the link for installing Cigaras Plex plugin.

National Geographic


Live stream National Geographic Plex channel on your Plex by installing the National Geographic plugin. Watch the latest TV programs on wild life, nature, environment and others on this channel.




Plex Plugins for Roku

Food Network Canada

Food network canada

Do you ever find cooking hard? Not anymore with Food Network Canada. This Plex channel for Roku is the best source for chicken recipes, dinner recipes, and recipe for anything that you desire are on your fingertips. You can get the Food Network Canada plugins from here.



Ted Talk

Ted Talk

Whenever you think you need to embrace ideas from people around the world and increase your knowledge, you can always turn on Ted Talk Plex channel.



Where are Plugins Stored?

Plugins are stored on your system in a separate plugin folder of Plex Media Server. Only the extracted plugin files are stored on this folder with a changed name. Plugins are stored in User > AppData > Local > Plex Media Server > Plugins.

Plex Plugins Not Showing Up

Plex users makes a common error while installing Plex plugins on their Plex and as a result Plex plugins do not show up when they open Plex. There is a simple solution to this problem. When you have extracted the plugin file that you had installed from the link provided, there is a slight chance you forgot to change the name of the file.

The file name needs to be changed so that it ends up as a Plex plugin under channels category when you open Plex. For example, a file name by CBC.bundle-master needs to be changed to CBC.bundle where you remove any letter that appear after the word bundle. After this, you copy those files in Plex Plugin Folder. You will see the plugin under channels category when you open Plex. It will resolve your problem.

How do I set up Plex live TV?

You need a Plex Pass to setup Plex Live TV. You must be connected to a Plex Media Server. Then you need to install Antenna and Tuner. This way, your Plex will be setup.

How do I set up Plex DVR?

For setting up Plex DVR, you require a Plex Pass and then install antenna and tuner.

What channels are available on Plex?

100’s of Live TV channels are available at Plex. Channels that require subscription are also available alongside free-to-view channels. Some of the channels include BBC, CBC, iTV, The CW, Fox, NBC, etc.

Wrapping it Up

Plex plugins are the zip files for Plex channels that you download on your system. In this blog, we provide a tutorial on how to install Plex plugins from where you watch live sports, movies, live TV, TV shows, and other entertainment channels. You can get Plex plugins from GitHub which is the source for all plugins.