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Plex has all the right ingredients that help you in fulfilling your streaming desires without spending a single penny. The same applies to another amazing media streaming dongle. Yes, you have read it appropriately.

I am talking about Google Chromecast that has become a simple and cheapest option to watch video stuff on your TVs. If your objective is to explore new way of streaming media content on your TV, you need to setup Plex on Chromecast.

Still, you have to connect to Plex VPN to protect your original IP address. Thus, you are able to watch your desired media stuff after bypassing region blocking and ISPs surveillance hassles. They cannot trace your media surfing tasks as you become undetectable as you avail an alternate IP address.

In this post, you will learn how to watch movies and TV shows of your choice once you integrate Plex and Chromecast both with each other.

Plex and Chromecast Relationship

Plex is an amazing multimedia server that allows you to watch your preferred media content be it movies and TV shows after downloading. It provides streaming content to your TVs, computer systems or mobile devices.

What is Plex

Interestingly, it also enables you to download and listen to your favorite songs as per your own needs. On the other hand, Google Chromecast is an attractive yet cost effective media-streaming device that helps you in accomplishing your media cravings.

Google Chromecast

It can work on any TV through HDMI port. Fortunately, you can install your Plex server on your Chromecast device as Plex offers next level compatibility on Chromecast devices. Check out the guide, if you want to know more about Chromecast and VPN for Chromecast.

How to setup Plex on Chromecast

The task of setting up Plex on Chromecast is not much difficult. In fact, it is interesting and does not need any rocket science. However, you should make sure that your Chromecast must communicate with your Chromecast device accordingly.

Plex on Chromecast Setup

If your Chromecast is working fine, it means you can cast it hassle-free. Here is how you can do to achieve your mission:

  • You should access your Chrome browser and open the URL chrome://cast
  • You can see a list of devices on your devices
  • In case your device is not configured appropriately, you will see a message “Click to setup”
  • If this is the case, follow the direction and click the link
  • You much click the Set me up button, a progress spinner will appear below your device picture
  • Once your Chromecast device has started interacting with your computer, you will need to confirm the code on your TV
  • When your code matches, you should click Next
  • You should give a proper name to your device, click Next to proceed further and setup the wireless network
  • You must provide all the details related to wireless network
  • After performing the above described step, your Plex server should synchronize with your Chromecast device
  • You will observe Ready to cast message on your screen when you open your Chrome browser to Chrome://cast

How can I use Plex on Chromecast Securely

You have to secure your privacy while using Plex on Chromecast. When you download or watch video content, you expose your original IP addresses to your ISPs. A VPN in this situation becomes highly important.

Chromecast Plex

You can encrypt your internet connection through a VPN straightaway. By doing so, you can spoof your online locations from online hackers and ISPs to certain degree. This way, what you do over the internet remains protected and anonymous.

As a result, you can use your Plex server on your Chromecast device without fearing privacy hassles.

Optimizing Plex for Chromecast

There is an every chance Google Chromecast may not come up with the expectations of streaming lovers. In this case, you will need to optimize your Plex server. Here is the list of steps you should follow to improve Plex media performance issues:

  • You must change your general configuration through two ways
  • You should reduce the size of the file you want to watch on your Chromecast device
  • Open the Plex web client and click on the settings menu
  • You should click on transcoder option from settings menu
  • You can change transcoder quality setting to enable higher speed encoding
  • If Plex server processor works slowly, it will reduce or eradicate buffering
  • You should set the background transcoding x 264 preset to higher or medium
  • After making such changes, click save button and go to your Plex library again

Optimizing Plex for Chromecast

Optimizing videos for Plex on Chromecast

Luckily, Plex users can experience an excellent compatibility feature of famous media server on their different devices. It can transform your videos into various formats as per your device. If you are still anticipating issues while using Plex server on Chromecast, you had better develop optimized version of your movies.

If it does not work still, you may choose an optimization profile. Once you have finished including Chromecast profile in subsequent steps, you can optimize your Chromecast device with the help of your saved profile.

You can now use new options after transforming the optimization profile to custom. You can choose the profile name by Chromecast and set the platform to Android. Furthermore, you should also change the quality by 2Mbps, 720p.

After applying these changes to your settings, click optimize button and start the process of video conversion. You will see a message from Plex that says video is being optimized for your device. You can monitor video’s progress by clicking status button available in the upper right corner of Plex client.

Once you have gone through the above process, you should choose conversion option. Hence, you can enhance videos to another level.

Why Plex is the best choice for Chromecast devices

Chromecast casting options synchronize well with Plex’s web interface. Surprisingly, the casting options do not integrate well enough with media players like Kodi or others. Therefore, you can safely assume Plex works best on Chromecast devices and improves your streaming experience to new heights.

When it comes to synchronizing your files on your preferred and devices. There are various solutions you can try out:

Google Chromecast and Plex Reddit

You can find both Chromecast and Plex users in huge numbers on Reddit. Here is the response of one Reddit user indicating about Chromecast and Plex integration:

In addition, another user has explained about Chromecast interface in a different manner. According to user’s point of view, the famous media dongle does not have its own interface.

Similarly, you can use your Android device to access Plex media library. Above all, you can cast a Plex server through Android phone on Chromecast quite easily.

Wrapping Up

I expect you would appreciate my efforts while creating how to use Plex on Chromecast. Once you have gone through the guide, you can watch tons of non-stop media entertainment on your Chromecast devices.

However, you will have to depend on a VPN when it comes to streaming Plex media content through Chromecast securely.

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