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Attention Kodi Users!!
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 VPN in Kodi

Netflix introduces its Kodi add-on that can be available in Alelec Repository.

It allows you to sign-up with your Netflix account anywhere around the world and can watch Netflix on Kodi. We here provide a detailed guide on how to install it on any device or platform you are using.



To install other add ons for movies and TV shows, check our best Kodi add-ons list.

Netflix add-on for Kodi is geo-restricted and requires Kodi VPN to gain access when using outside US. By using a VPN, you can easily access Netflix on any device you have. Here is a big list of VPN providers for Firestick.


Netflix Kodi Download

Step 1: Download Netflix Kodi Zip File and save it on your system

Step 2: Open Kodi > Click on Add-ons Menu > Then go to Box icon

Step 3: Choose Install from Zip File > Upload the Netflix downloaded zip file > Wait for the repository to install

Step 4: Click on Install from Repository > Select Alelec Repository > Video Add-ons

Step 5: Tap on Netflix > Press Install


How to Install Netflix on Windows with PC

Step 1: Before you start installing Netflix Kodi 2017 add-on via Windows, Download Alelec Repository Zip File and save it on your PC

Step 2: Launch Kodi on your PC > Select Add-on from the left-side menu > Click on Package Installer icon on top


Step 3: Go to Install from Zip File from the option > Upon opening of the box, Upload the downloaded Zip File that you installed in Step 1 > When you upload, it will take few minutes to install


Step 4: Now select Install from Repository option > Here you will see a list of many repositories, so click on Alelec Repository


Step 5: Go to Video Add-ons > Then find Netflix XBMC add-on from the list > Click Install


Step 6: To start using Netflix add-on, go back to Kodi Home > Click on Video Add-ons > Then select Netflix XBMC from the list and click on it > Enjoy watching Movies and TV shows!


How to Install Netflix-Kodi-Addon on Fire Stick (2 Min Setup)

Before you start installing Netflix Kodi on Fire Stick, you must enable Apps from Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging. To do that, open Kodi Fire Stick > Click on Settings > Then System > Developer Options > Enable Apps from Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging. Now follow the steps below:

Step 1: Now go to Fire Stick Home > Search for Kodi and click to open it > Go to Settings > Then File Manager > Bow you need to double click on Add Source

Step 2: Click where it says ‘None’ and then type the Alelec Repository URL > Click OK > Now type the name of the repository i.e. Alelec Repo at the bottom of the box > Click OK

Step 3: Once the box disappears, go to Kodi Home by pressing on ‘Backspace’ key on your keyboard > Now go to Add-ons Menu > Select Package Installer icon at the top menu

Step 4: Select Install from Zip File option from the list > Here you will see another box appear, where you need to find and click on Alelec Repo > Then click on

Step 5: It will take time to install > Once installed click on Install from Repository option > Then find and click on Alelec Repository from the list > Go to Video Add-ons > Then Netflix XBMC > Hit Install


How To Install Netflix On Kodi Raspberry Pi (2 Min Setup)

There are two ways you can install Netflix Addon for Kodi. These methods are highlighted below:

1. Install Kodi On A Raspberry Pi 3 Using OpenELEC

Step 1: To install Kodi Netflix Addon on Raspberry Pi, you are required to write the Pre-built Kodi image file onto a Micro SD

Step 2: You can Download the OpenElec Image file > Extract the file with WinZiP or WinRar

Step 3: Now you want to write the unzipped image file onto Micro SD card. Download Win32 Disk Image from Here.

Step 4: Click on the Folder icon > Now Navigate to OpenELEC image file > Select Write to write the image file on your Micro SD card

Step 5: Now insert the SD card on Raspberry Pi 3 device

Step 6: Connect it to your TV > Then launch Kodi and enjoy the Kodi Netflix addon 2017.


2. Install Netflix Kodi Addon On Rasberry Pi 3 via Kodi Repository

Step 1: Download Alelec Kodi Repo on your system

Step 2: Launch Kodi on Raspberry Pi 3 > Go to Add-ons > Then Box icon

Step 3: Select Install from Zip File > Now upload the downloaded Zip File

Step 4: Go to Install from Repository > Alelec Repo

Step 5: Video Add-ons > Then Netflixx XBMC > Install > Enjoy Kodi Netflix addon 2017.


Unblock American Netflix On Kodi via VPN

Netflix is a geo-restricted streaming service, meaning that the Netflix US will only stream in the US. Similarly, American Netflix UK will only stream for users that are present in the UK alone. A Kodi VPN is an ultimate choice for Kodi as it lets them stream Netflix from around the world.

Watch US Netflix on Kodi and stream all the latest Movies and TV Shows you want. Find the best Netflix VPN and get access to your favorite content.

Following is a list of 5 best Kodi VPN for unblocking Netflix and bypass geo-restrictions:

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How to Install Netflix Kodi on Android

Step 1: From your Android device, go to Google Play Store and install Kodi

Step 2: Download Alelec Repository and save it on your device

Step 3: Now Open Kodi > Go to Add-ons menu > Click on Box-icon (Package Installer) located on top-left corner

Step 4: Select Install from Zip File > Navigate the downloaded zip file and upload it > Once you upload it will take few minutes to install

Step 5: Now go to Install from Repository > Click on Alelec Repository > Select Video Add-ons > Find Netflix XBC from the list and click on it > Now click Install > Enjoy!


How To Install Netflix On Kodi 18 LEIA

Step 1: Open Kodi Leia > Select Settings icon (a gear-shaped icon) located on top menu > Then select File Manager

Step 2: Double click on Add Source > When a box appears click on ‘None’

Step 3: Type the URL i.e. > Press OK > Now name the repository i.e. Alelec > Press OK again

Step 4: Go back to Kodi Main Screen > Then select Add-ons > Press on the Box icon

Step 5: Click on Install from Zip File > Go to Alelec > Then select Repository > Then press > Now wait for it until it installs the add-on

Step 6: Now go to Kodi Main Screen again > This time select Add-ons > Then Video Add-ons > Netflix Xbmc > Enter credentials and enjoy!


How To Install Netflix On Kodi 17 Krypton

Installing Netflix Kodi 17 Krypton Addon contains same steps as provided for Netflix XBMC on Windows. This add-on is installed from the same repository i.e. Alelec Repository Kodi as it is the only repository that can download Netflix Addon for Kodi.


How To Install Netflix Xbmc On Kodi 16.1 Jarvis

Step 1: Download the Alelec Kodi Repo  on your system

Step 2: Now Launch Kodi Jarvis > Tap on System menu on front of your screen > Then click on Add-ons in the sub-menu

Step 3: You will be presented with various options, so select Install from Zip File

Step 4: A box will open, here you need to Navigate and Upload the download zip file > The zip file will start downloading

Step 5: Once the download completes, go to Install from Repository > Then scroll down to click on Alelec Repository Kodi

Step 6: Go to Video Add-ons > Netflixbmc Kodi add-on > Then press Install > Now enjoy the Kodi Netflix addon!


Since 2017 has gone and we are in the year 2018, let’s seek the launch of Netflix Kodi 2018 Addon in recent months.


How to Install Netflix Kodi Repo

Netflix has a separate Kodi repository known as the Alelec Repository. It is very unlikely that you may find a repository URL for Alelec Repository and that is the reason why Kodi Netflix is installed directly through a zip file.

To download Alelec Repository, you must follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Download Alelec Repository Zip File on your computer/device

Step 2: Open Kodi > Click on Add-ons > Go to Box-icon (Package Installer)

Step 3: Click on Install from Zip File > Upload the Alelec Repository Zip File > Now wait for the repository to install

Step 4: You will get to know when the repository is installed with a small window that appears on top-right corner > You have successfully installed Alelec Repository


Kodi Netflix Addon on FireTV

The process on how to install Netflix Kodi 2018 add-ons remains the same as we installed on FireStick. Go on to the FireStick section and install the Nextfli XBMC Kodi.


Setting up Netflix Kodi Add-on

When you have installed Kodi Netflix, you need to setup the add-on. Follow the steps below to setup Kodi Netflix:

Step 1: Open Kodi Netflix add-on

Step 2: You will be asked for your login ID and Password

Step 3: You can enter Email and Password of your Netflix account through Netflix Signup

Step 4: Choose the plan from Basic, Standard, or Premium and start using Netflix on Kodi.


Netflix Alternatives for Kodi

There is a strong likelihood that you may not be able to watch your desired content through Netflix Kodi add-on. It means you can anticipate Netflix Kodi add-on not working issues due to different reasons. In this case, the Kodi fans do not need to lose their hopes.

The users can try out other best Kodi add-ons to fulfill their streaming cravings. Here is the list of Netflix Kodi add-on alternatives that includes:

  • cCloud TV
  • Exodus
  • Covenant
  • Oculus
  • Poseidon


cCloud TV

cCloud TV add-on is another substitute you can try out if you do not want to use Netflix Kodi add-on. The cCloud TV add-on allows you to watch your desired TV shows and movies according to your own terms.

cCloud TV add on for Kodi



The Exodus Kodi add-on is one of the pioneer Kodi add-ons that enable the users in watching their favorite TV shows and movies. Furthermore, the famous add-on for Kodi offers tons of interesting features that are enough to grab the attention of the users. See how to install Exodus on Kodi.

Exodus Add on Netflix Kodi Alternative



It would not be wrong to say that Covenant Kodi add-on has beaten some of the best Kodi add-ons by a long distance. This is because the most popular add-on is a complete streaming package when it comes to exploring your desired media stuff hassle-free.

Covenant Kodi Netflix Alternative



Oculus is another Netflix Kodi add-on alternative that allows you to watch your desired movies or TV shows. The Oculus Kodi add-on allows you to accomplish your streaming cravings to another extent.

Furthermore, the add-on provides interesting features like dedicated section and categories to the users.

Oculus Netflix Kodi Substitute



Poseidon is one of the best Kodi add-ons users can consider as an alternative to Netflix Kodi add-on. The Poseidon Kodi add-on enables the users to watch their favorite movies and TV shows online hassle-free. In addition, you can experience its attractive user interface feature to explore your favorite media content under one roof.

Poseidon Kodi for Netflix Addon Alternative



Netflix is a streaming service that shows Netflix Original Movies and TV Series at a cost of paid subscription. It as presence in over 190 countries and tons of video content mainly in its US Netflix library. The video content or media library available in one country may not be available in another, due to geographical restriction issues. That is why we have a VPN that bypasses these restrictions. Find a list of VPN providers or compare between Nord vs ExpressVPN as these two are the best VPNs so far.

Yes, there is a way you can put Netflix on Kodi for free. There are add-ons that will get you to watch Netflix Shows and Movies. These are provided below:

Most Android TV has Google Play Store installed. Hence, first you are required to install Kodi on your TV and then follow steps to install Netflix Kodi as presented in this guide.

Yes, XBMC Netflix is free on Amazon FireStick. However, the official Netflix app is a paid subscription that can be found under Amazon App Store.

The entire process on how to install Netflix for Kodi has been provided in the guide above. It is found in Alelec Repository and from there you can add Netflix addon Kodi.

How to Enable Unknown Sources?

To enable unknown sources in Kodi follow the steps below:

  • Open Kodi
  • Go to Settings
  • Select System Settings
  • Click on Add-ons menu
  • Enable Unknown Sources


To Wrap Things Up

Having Netflix streaming on Kodi brings more excitement than watching it on your PC. The experience of Kodi media player enhances the charm of Netflix and therefore makes your entertainment time worthwhile. In this guide we discussed how to install Netflix Kodi add-on for almost all devices and platforms. In this article, you have learned installing Netflix Addon on Fire Stick, FireTV, Raspberry Pi, Windows, Android and also setting up Kodi Repository.