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Kodi, formerly XBMC (Xbox Media Center) was originally created for Microsoft Xbox.

But today, Kodi has created its own community and has evolved to a much bigger entertainment media house.

We provide a guide on how to install Kodi on Xbox One that requires an assistance of a Fire Stick device or a Raspberry Pi device.

To stream with Kodi Xbox one you need to know how to use Kodi with VPN to protect your online identity and keep yourself anonymous over the internet.

Also Read our guide to know to how to setup Xbox one VPN.

Kodi Launches XBox One App

Kodi ends 2017 with a blast! Finally, Kodi launches XBox One app, and now XBox users can stream free video content on their console.

Kodi for XBox One is identical to Windows 10 version and has similar interface. You can install Kodi on XBox One console from Windows Store.

Xbox One Kodi Download

For downloading Xbox One Kodi you need to visit Microsoft Apps Store where you will see Kodi app appear on your screen. There, you need to click on Get the App > The download will start.

How to Install Kodi Xbox One on Kodi Leia 18 Alpha 2

Step 1: Launch Xbox Consoles

Step 2: Find and click open Xbox One Store

Step 3: Type Kodi in the search box and hit Search icon

Step 4: Press Install

Step 5: Installation process will begin > Once installed, open Kodi

How to Install Kodi Xbox One on Kodi Krypton 17.6

Step 1: Open Xbox Consoles

Step 2: Open Xbox One Store

Step 3: Type Kodi Krypton > Press Install

Step 4: Enjoy watching Kodi on Xbox One.

How to Install Kodi on Xbox One (With FireStick)

There is no way users can install Kodi on Xbox One directly. However, you can install Kodi on FireStick or Raspberry Pi, and then channeling it to your Xbox One. The steps are highlighted below:

Step 1: The first step requires you to install Kodi on FireStick and then resume to further steps

Step 2: Once you have installed Kodi on FireStick, you are good to stream Movies, TV Shows, and Live Sports on FireStick device

Step 3: Now Connect your FireStick to Xbox One through HDMI.

Step 4: Once connected, it would pop-up FireStick interface on Xbox One.

Step 5: Navigate to Open Kodi application on FireStick interface. You can do that by going to Settings > Then Applications > Select Manage Installed Applications > Then choose Kodi

Step 6: Kodi Home Page will emerge. Enjoy!

How to Install Kodi on Xbox One (Without Firestick)

You never need to worry if you don’t have a FireStick device, because you can still install Kodi on Xbox One. However, this time you need to have a Raspberry Pi device to complete the installation process.

Kodi on Xbox One Using Raspberry Pi

Step 1: Open your Raspberry Pi device and install Kodi on Raspberri Pi 2/3.

Step 2: When you have installed Kodi on Raspberry Pi, you are good to stream Kodi.

Step 3: Now you need to Connect Raspberry Pi device to the HDMI port of Xbox One

Step 4: Once you have connected the two devices, your Raspberry Pi will then be accessible in your Xbox One.

Step 5: Stream Movies, TV Shows, and all the media content on your Xbox One.

How to Install Kodi Video Addons on Xbox One

Step 1: Open Kodi > Click on Add-ons menu > Now tap on the Box icon at the top

Step 2: Go to Install from Repository > Select Kodi Add-ons Repository from the list

Step 3: Select Video Add-ons category

Step 4: Find and click on any video add-on from the list

Step 5: Press Install

Kodi Addons for Xbox One

Once you are done installing Kodi for Xbox One, you are then ready to install Kodi add-ons. The process of installing Kodi add-ons on Xbox One remains similar to how add-ons are installed in Windows, Android, or iOS.

View our best Kodi add-ons list, install the particular add-on, and start watching all the latest media content on Xbox One.

  • Top 5 Best Kodi Addons for Xbox One

We list down the 5 best Kodi addons for Xbox One that operates well with the device and manages to show free video content:

Kodi Repo for Xbox One

Kodi add-ons for Xbox One are found in Kodi repositories. View the best Kodi repositories for Xbox One and install your favorite Kodi add-ons to stream Movies and TV shows. You will find that the process of installing Kodi repositories remains the same for Xbox One as it is for Kodi Windows, Android, or iOS.

  • Top 5 Best Kodi Repositories for Xbox One

Xbox One repositories is where you get tons of Kodi add-ons that makes it easier to install. We have listed down some of the best Kodi Repositories for Xbox One:

  • Lazy Kodi Repo
  • UKodi1 Repo
  • Blamo Repo
  • Maverick TV Repo
  • All Eyex on Me Repo

Kodi Builds For Xbox One

Kodi Builds are a collection of pre-installed add-ons which prevents you from installing each Kodi add-ons separately. View our list of best Kodi Builds for Xbox One that requires little effort in their installation. However, the installation of Kodi Builds may take some time and needs a little patience.

  • Top 5 Best Kodi builds for Xbox One

There are only a handful of Kodi Builds that works well with Xbox One. Hence, we have made a list of Builds that is suitable for Xbox One users that will allow them to watch Movies and TV Series. Here is a list of 5 best Kodi Builds:

Kodi Skins For Xbox One

Kodi Skins are the interface for Kodi media player that you can change according to your taste and likings. View our best Kodi Skins for Xbox One and follow the steps in the guide to change the Skin of your likings. Now you can also change the Kodi Krypton Skin to Kodi Jarvis Skin i.e. Confluence.

Kodi Xbox One Reddit

It is almost time since Kodi had promised to launch Kodi Xbox One app for box One users. Kodi users are now disgruntled for waiting too long to see their favorite app to work in Xbox One. However, there is still no word from Kodi officials regarding Xbox One, but it is expected to be launched in early 2018.

Kodi has launched its Universal Windows Platform, but it isn’t yet available for Xbox One. Kodi users believe that the reason why it is taking Kodi developers too much time to launch Kodi app for Xbox One is due to its complexity, not that they are uninterested.

Kodi Xbox One UWP

Universal Widows Platform (UWP) is a universal application center that helps develop universal apps that can be run in Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and Xbox One. In 2016, Kodi announced that it has included Kodi app as UWP that can be available for Windows 10.


However, Kodi Xbox One UWP and Windows 10 mobile is still unavailable. Kodi has announced that it would launch Kodi app UWP in the early 2018. This news has increased excitement amongst Kodi and Xbox One users.

Is Kodi Available For Microsoft Xbox One?

No, Kodi is not officially available for Microsoft Xbox One, because there is no platform available for Kodi to operate in Xbox One. However, in this guide you will find many alternate ways where you can get complete features of Kodi.


Kodi team is currently in the process of developing an official version of Kodi for Microsoft Xbox One which will be launched soon. However, until then, we have provided many different ways, but safer ways to install Kodi on Xbox One.

Xbox One Kodi Alternatives

There are few Kodi Xbox One alternatives that works exquisitely well when it comes to watching Movies and TV Shows These alternatives are listed below:


Xbox One users can watch Movies, TV Shows, Live IPTV, and Live Sports while installing Kodi third-party add-ons. These add-ons will help Xbox One users to view videos on Kodi.

You are able to run Kodi on Xbox One, but with the help of FireStick device and a Raspberry Pi. We have provided an installation guide that requires either a FireStick or a Raspberry Pi to run Kodi.

With the guide presented above, you can download Kodi on Xbox One. However, you can download Kodi with an assistance of either a FireStick device, or a Raspberry Pi device. There is none other way you can download Kodi on Xbox.

Kodi or XBMC is itself a media player, which means you have to install Kodi add-ons for the player to stream Movies and TV Shows. However, this is to keep in mind that you won’t be able to stream Movies and TV Shows with official Kodi add-ons. For that, you are required to install third-party Kodi add-ons.

Smart TVs are made for Smart media player such as Kodi. Follow our guide to install Kodi on Smart TV. Kodi is easier to install on a Smart TV and within no minute you will be up and running latest media content on Smart TV.

Yes, FireStick can be connected to the HDMI port of Xbox One once you have installed Kodi. An option will appear i.e. TV option which will bring up FireStick interface.

Downloading an app on Xbox One is done via Microsoft Windows Store. Kodi is found in Microsoft Windows Store and that is why it is downloaded with ease.

Kodi on Various Platforms other than Xbox One

Kodi is available on various platforms other than Xbox One, they are listed below:

The Wrap Up

Now you can install Kodi on Xbox One with our guide and enjoy unlimited hours of entertainment. Make your Xbox One as a perfect source of entertainment with the help of Kodi. Install Kodi add-ons on your Xbox One and watch Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, and so much more.