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Attention Kodi Users!!
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Kodi VPN

Smart TV’s are here to stay and these are without a doubt the future of television. But of what use it is when you cannot stream Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports, and Live IPTV channels in it?

Your answer lies within Kodi.

Kodi is a free media player for watching all types of entertainment media content. Installing Kodi on Samsung Smart TV will do wonders and you can enjoy non-stop entertainment.

We have provided a guide on how to install Kodi on a Samsung Smart TV or install kodi on xbox-one and still enjoy the same experience.

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For Added Privacy When Streaming on Kodi, Use a Kodi VPN

When streaming on Kodi, you are likely to watch Movies and TV Shows that could get your online privacy compromised. The one way to use Kodi safely is to get Kodi VPN that will keep your online activity anonymous. Thus, keeping you safe from online privacy threats.

Features of Smart TV when Sync with Kodi

The reason why there’s an increasing demand for Smart TV is because you can add apps with ease, hence start watching the latest video content. Some of the features of Smart TV when syncing with Kodi are listed below:

  • Watch Free Movies
  • Watch every latest episode of TV Series
  • Watch Live IPTV Channels from around the world
  • Watch PPV Events live
  • Stream Live Sports and Sporting Events

Why do we Need Kodi for Samsung TV?

There is only one straight answer to this question. Kodi is the best streaming player, do not forget it is also a free open-source player. This means, you can stream the latest media content for free.

Samsung Smart TV on the other hand is really very smart when it comes to streaming media content. Therefore, you require a smarter media player to match a Smart TV. Majority of the Smart TV’s are powered by Android, but not Samsung Smart TV as they are powered by Tizen OS. However, we have found many ways on how to install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV.

Can I install Kodi on my Samsung Smart TV

Kodi audience must know that Kodi software or Kodi App is easily available on Google Play Store. It requires no effort to install Kodi on Android devices. However, Kodi users must also remember that Samsung Smart TV’s is not supported by Android OS. So technically, you do not install Kodi directly on Samsung Smart TV.

However, there is a reason why you call them Smart TV’s, because they’re really smart. Samsung Smart TV’s do support Android TV boxes or Android devices. You can always connect your Android phone or your PC to the Samsung Smart TV. There you have it, with cast screen method you can install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV.

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How to Install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV via Casting Screen Method

As discussed earlier, Samsung Smart TV is supported by Tizen OS. This means that you can run Kodi on Samsung Smart TV via casting screen method. It is a method where you require an assistance of your smartphone or PC to get Kodi on Samsung Smart TV. We will use the help of Chromecast, Roku Player, and Android TV Boxes to install Kodi.

How to Install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV Using Chromecast


Step 1: First you need to make sure that your Wireless Network is ON.

Step 2: Connect your Smartphone and Samsung Smart TV to the same Wireless Network

Step 3: Make sure that you have Kodi installed on your Smartphone before you proceed. Here is the guide on how to install Kodi on Android. You can also install Kodi from Google Play Store.

Step 4: Now install Chromecast on Android Smartphone that can also be available on Google Play Store

Step 5: Go to Google Play Store again and install Google Home app

Step 6: Now is the time to Connect Google Chromecast to Samsung Smart TV

Step 7: Open Google Home App on your Smartphone and click on Cast screen / Audio option available at front menu.

Step 8: Upon clicking on Cast Screen / Audio option you will see your mobile screen on your Smart TV. Hence, open Kodi and stream Movies and TV Shows.

Use Kodi on Samsung Smart TV with Roku


Before we begin installation process for Kodi on Samsung Smart TV using the help of Roku, we must clarify something. Kodi is not available in Roku, but it can be available using Mirror screening. View our complete guide on how to install Kodi on Roku.

Step 1: Your Smartphone must have Kodi installed.

Step 2: Connect your Smartphone and your Roku device to the same Wireless Network

Step 3: Open Roku Player > Go to Settings > System > Now proceed towards Screen Mirroring > Enable or Turn ON Screen Mirroring option

Step 4: Now open your Smartphone > Go to Google Play Store > Type Mirroring Screen App > Install any mirroring app from the list

Step 5: Connect your Smartphone to Samsung Smart TV and enjoy complete features of Kodi on Samsung Smart TV

Install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV Using Android TV Box


Step 1: First you are required to ‘Connect’ your Android TV Box to Samsung Smart TV

Step 2: On your Android TV Box, search for Kodi app and Install if you haven’t already installed

Step 3: Open Kodi and stream all the media content there is on Kodi. This is the simplest of the methods to run Kodi on Samsung Smart TV.

Install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV using USB Drive

Step 1: Visit OpenELEC website

Step 2: Select Download option from the top menu

Step 3: Select Generic Builds

Step 4: Tap on the option “[Stable] OpenELEC 8.0.4 (x86_64) > Disk Image”

Step 5: Now Download Win 32 Disk Imager > Press Launch

Step 6: Choose the drive > Browse the system > Open the downloaded file i.e. Disc Image OpenELEC

Step 7: Select the option Write > Wait for the installation to end

Step 8: Restart Computer, but make sure the USB drive is connected

Step 9: Click on BIOS Settings

Step 10: Boot for the USB

How to Use Kodi Leia, Krypton And Jarvis on Samsung Smart TV ?

Here are the following steps to use Kodi Leia, Krypton, or Jarvis on Samsung Smart TV:

  • Open Kodi
  • Click on Settings
  • Select System Settings
  • Tap on Add-ons menu
  • Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Now select Kodi addons and start watching Movies, TV Series, Live Sports, and Live TV on Kodi.

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How to Use Kodi on Samsung Smart TV

When you are done loading Kodi on Samsung Smart TV, you are now ready to use Kodi. The first thing that you require for free media streaming is to enable ‘Apps from Unknown Source’.

You could do that by launching Kodi > Go to Settings > Then click on System Settings > Select Add-ons > Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

Once you do that you are able to install third-party Kodi add-ons. Follow the instructions to install Covenant on Kodi and stream Movies and TV Shows all day long without having to spend a penny.

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Streaming entertainment video content is greatly evolving and so are the trends of online users. Kodi makes your Smart TV a home entertainment. You can watch Movies, TV Series, Live TV, and Kids Movies with your family and friends at zero cost.
Kodi brings an exciting opportunity that allows you to install third-party Kodi add-ons and watch the latest media content. These add-ons are updated every day to give you unlimited entertainment.

The easy method to get apps on your Samsung Smart TV is through Google Play Store. Since it is Android-based, hence you will Play Store in the new Smart TVs.

Not all Samsung TV Android. There are LED TVs and LCD’s that are not Android-based.

Yes, you can download Showbox app on Smart TV using a web browser or Google Play Store. It is an app that shows all the latest video content, but with subscription. and we highly recommend you using ShowBox VPN so that you stay protected online and bypass geographical restriction with ease.

Hisense TV is an Android-based TV that shows Movies in 4K quality. It has a platform called VIDAA.

Yes, you can download Kodi for Smart TV using Play Store or you can connect to a web browser and download it directly from Kodi website.

The reason why you need Android for Smart TV is because you can connect to the Internet with ease and install apps directly from Google Play Store.

To Wrap Things Up

There is no direct method to install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV and that is because it does not support Android OS. If it had supported Android OS, Kodi would have easily installed on Smart TV.

In this guide, we provided you a detailed method on how to install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV through cast screen method. This way, you can enjoy all the latest and free media streaming content on Samsung Smart TV.