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The award-winning entertainment platform Kodi can now be installed on the most versatile gaming platform RetroPie. Kodi is the leading-edge streaming center that caters the entertainment needs of millions of media-hunters around the world.

With an impressive interface, exceptional media library, sleek performance, Kodi stands second to none. However, if you want to enjoy gaming streaming of Retropie on Kodi, you need to use RetroPie VPN. With Kodi installed on RetroPie, netizens can assume RetroPie Kodi as an add-on and watch blockbuster hit movies and shows. There are many other Popular Kodi Addons which give you freedom of unlimited entertainment.

We have thus created this guide to help you install Kodi on RetroPie 4.1 and enjoy gaming along with streaming. In this guide, we will show you how to install Kodi on RetroPie in simple steps and enter into the world of non-stop entertainment.

Below is a step-by-step illustrated process presenting how to setup Kodi media center on RetroPie. Also, we will show how to bypass geo-restrictions on RetroPie Kodi with a VPN and access unlimited geo-blocked media from anywhere.


Step by Step guide to Install Kodi on RetroPie

Installing Kodi/XBMC on a RetroPie running on a Raspberry Pi is a simple ten-step process that will not take longer than five minutes.

Here is how to setup Kodi media center on your RetroPie:

  1. Launch RetroPie and navigate to menu

Install Kodi on RetroPie

  1. Next, scroll to RetroPie setup

Kodi on Retropie

  1. Now, tap on “Manage Packages”

Kodi on Retropie

  1. Then, go ahead and choose “Manage Optional Packages”

Kodi on Retropie

  1. Now, scroll down to option 308 “Kodi” and tap on it

kodi on retropie

  1. Next, choose an option to install from binary

kodi on retropie

  1. Eventually, you will see lines of text appearing when Kodi starts installing. Not to mention, you need to be connected to WiFi during entire installation process

kodi on retropie

  1. When installation completes, all you need to do is restart EmulationStation by choosing Main Menu>Quit>Restart EmulationStation
  2. After successfully restarting EmulationStation, navigate to Ports

kodi on retropie

  1. In ports, you will find Kodi, tap on it

kodi on retropie

  1. Finally, enjoy streaming tons of favorite shows and movies on Kodi

kodi on retropie


Get the Best out of Kodi on RetroPie with a VPN

Now, when you have equipped RetroPie with Kodi media center, you are all set to watch endless media on the best media center. In addition, you can get even more from Kodi by using a VPN. A  Cheap VPN for Kodi will allow you to access thousands of geo-blocked channels including BBC iPlayer, Fox Go, HBO Now, ABC Network and many more. With a Kodi VPN on your side, you achieve one-click access to every popular geo-blocked channel from anywhere.


The Best RetroPie VPN to Use with Kodi on RetroPie

These days, nearly every VPN provider claims to offer top-grade performance and accessibility. However, to unveil a worthy VPN, we selected top-ranked VPN services and passed them through various tests including streaming, unblocking and online protection. After completing tests, we came up with following best VPN services with outstanding performance and bypassing ability to unblock unlimited channels on Kodi:

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Why Should You Use RetroPie VPN to Stream RetroPie on Kodi

You must use the RetroPie VPN to stream RetroPie on Kodi because of various reasons. Here is a list of reasons you should consider. These reasons are:

  • A RetroPie VPN provides 256-bit military grade encryption that ensures confidentiality
  • A RetroPie VPN offers the desired level of online anonymity
  • After using a RetroPie based VPN, you can easily unblock your preferred websites from anywhere
  • By connecting to a RetroPie VPN, you can mask your IP addresses to safeguard yourself from your ISP


What Makes a Good RetroPie Provider

A RetroPie VPN connection becomes extremely efficient when it offers a large server’s network along with a list of tunneling protocols. These are the key factors that make any RetroPie VPN secure and successful. Furthermore, the customer support infrastructure also plays a critical role in improving the performance of a VPN service to another level. Likewise, the pricing factor makes an important contribution to make any RetroPie VPN service highly attractive.


Final Words

With this, we end our guide about how to install Kodi on RetroPie. So far we have revealed how to convert your Raspberry Pie into a full-fledged gaming and entertainment device. In addition, we have unveiled the best Kodi VPN services that will enable you to access popular and geo-restricted channels on Kodi from anywhere in the world.

If you want to know more about how to setup Kodi on RetroPie or how to update Kodi on RetroPie, then feel free to comment.