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Attention Kodi Users!!
Watching Movies and TV Shows on PS4 could compromise your online privacy. To protect your online identity and data, you need to get Kodi VPN. 


Kodi is a free open-source platform that was once called XBMC. It was particularly made for Xbox, but then later in 2014 it was available for all devices. This guide helps you how to install Kodi on PS4 that will help you with the following:

  • Watching Movies & TV Shows
  • Live TV Channels
  • Live Sports
  • Kids Movies & TV Shows

To the fact that Kodi helps you stream free media content, it can also get your online privacy compromised. 

Hence, to stay protected while streaming Kodi for PS4, you need to know Kodi VPN configuration. It will keep your online identity protected.


Can You Install Kodi on PS4?


If I have to answer if PS4 store allows you to install Kodi on their platform, then my answer would be ‘no, you can’t’. However, there is no worrying on the fact that you can’t watch Movies and TV Shows on your PS4.

There is always a possibility to everything. You can still watch free media content on your device by installing Plex on PS4.


How to Get Kodi on PS4?

Lets be honest! There are many websites on the internet that has been claiming to install Kodi PS4. However, I will not trick you into saying that you can get Kodi on PS4, but the fact is you can’t.

Kodi is not currently available for PS4 because it hasn’t been added to PlayStation store. But still there is a way to watch Movies and TV Shows using the famous media streaming app called Plex. You can get this app from Play Station Console.


How to Install Kodi on PS4

Unfortunately as discussed in the above scenario, Kodi is not available on PS4. We have discussed a detailed guide on how to install Plex on PS4 that works similar to Kodi, as described below:

Step 1: First you need to open PlayStation Control

Step 2: Open PlayStation Store > Here you will see Search icon at the top

Step 3: You can either search Plex on the search icon OR you can select Popular Option and select Plex from below search results.

Step 4: Click on the Download option that will appear on the Plex app

Step 5: The installation for Plex will now begin

Step 6: You can select the Start button on the app once it opens, and then select TV and Video section

Step 7: You will need to create your account on Plex because you can access the service everywhere you go from various platforms including PS4

Step 8: A code will be generated and it will re-direct you to Plex Homepage

Step 9: You will receive a notification saying ‘App Linked’ on the Plex app

Step 10: If you receive an error such as ‘The app cannot be able connect to the media server’, you would need to download Plex app on mobile phone

Step 11: Now sign-in to Plex with your freshly made account

Step 12: Click on the Settings option > Enable Show Camera Roll Media, Advertise as Server, and Network Discovery option



How to Download Kodi on PS4

The process of downloading Kodi on PS4 is similar to the installation step that can be seen in the above section. The process involves installing it from PlayStation console and from there it will be directed to PlayStation Store.

The PlayStation store has all the apps that you need to install including Plex, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and others. Just install this app and access its media library by visiting the Plex Home Page and creating an ID. You’re good to watch!


What are the Kodi on PS4 advantages and features


Kodi player is full of various features that brings you latest media content without any subscription or charges. I have provided some features and advantages that are involved with Kodi and Plex:

  • Free video content i.e. Movies & TV Shows
  • 100’s Live TV Channels from various countries
  • Live Sports and PPV events
  • Documentaries
  • CCTV camera footage of popular places across the world
  • Kids Movies, Cartoons, Anime, and TV Shows


How to Watch Movies with Kodi for PlayStation 4?

To watch Movies and TV Shows on PS4 with the help of Kodi or Plex app, you would need to install Plex. The installation setup is provided in the above section.

  • Once the app is installed, create an ID by visiting the Plex website
  • This will allow you to access Plex media library
  • Make sure you have high-speed internet for remarkable streaming
  • Now you will need to Add Plex Plugins which you can download it from the guide
  • Every Plex add-on streams different type of video content.
  • Installing a TV add-on would let you watch Live TV.
  • Once you add plugins, you are good to stream. Enjoy!


Kodi on Various Platforms and devices except Ps4

Kodi is available for various platforms and devices such as Android, Windows, Xbox, iOS devices, Linux, and many others. Now follow the steps as highlighted below:


Some of the many popular devices include the following:


FAQs About Kodi for PS4

There was a time when you could have installed Terrarium TV on PS4. But since Terrarium TV has been shut down, there is no way you can install this app.

Mobdro is an Android app and can only be installed on a platform that supports Android system. Therefore, you cannot install Mobdro on PS4. However, there is still a way to stream video content from Mobdro app using Chromecast device. It will mirror the screen from your Android device to PS4.

Yes, with Plex or Mobdro app you can watch Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV on PS4. There is no need for subscription when you have these apps installed on PS4.

Yes, Plex is an alternative for Kodi and is absolutely free for PS4. There is no need for premium subscription and you get to enjoy Free Movies & TV Shows.


The Wrap Up

Kodi became a popular streaming player when it was available for all devices and platforms in 2014. Currently, it is present in almost 5 Million UK homes and is able to stream Movies and TV Shows. However, it is not available on PS4. Despite presenting a setup on how to install Kodi on PS4, I have discussed Plex on PS4 setup as well as how to setup a VPN on PS4. You will be able to watch free media content after all.