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Smart TVs as the name suggest have become the norm for modern streaming standards. However, you have to face certain online restrictions in the form of region blocking, copyright trolls, and so on.

Fortunately, you are living in the modern age that allows you to use different kinds of streaming platforms.

Yes, you have guessed it right; Kodi is by far the best streaming platform that enables you to fulfill all your streaming desires.

Moreover, you do not need to subscribe to the service if you want to your favorite video content straightaway. Thus, we have created a detailed guide on how to install Kodi on LG smart TV.

Do We Need Kodi for LG Smart TV?

The answer of the question is simple because Kodi offers streaming of your desired content without requiring your subscription. Conversely, LG smart TV is an interesting choice for those users who want to stream their preferred media content.


Thus, it becomes necessary to use a smart TV that correlates with the smart media player. Likewise, the combination of Kodi and LG smart TV enhances the users streaming experience to new heights.

Can I Get Kodi on my Smart TV?

Luckily, Kodi fans can get the Kodi app from Google Play Store without any hassle. Furthermore, the Kodi users can install Kodi on Android devices instantly. However, the fans should know that LG smart TV is based on the Web Operating System (WebOS).

Still, LG smart TV is an incredible smart TV when it comes to evaluating its compatibility feature. Therefore, the device cannot disappoint its loyal fans since it offers amazing level of compatibility. It means you can use LG smart TV through Android boxes or Android devices to another level.

Furthermore, you can also connect your LG smart TV to your Android device or your PC easily. If you wondering about how to install Kodi on LG smart TV, here is the answer of your query. Secure Your Smart TV by using an Android VPN.

Is My LG Smart TV an Android?

Unfortunately, LG Smart TV uses WebOS as its main operating system. However, you should not lose all your hope since LG smart TV is after all a smart TV. Hence, it supports Android devices and Android TV boxes to the next level. If you want to know how to get Kodi on LG smart TV, read our guide in detail.


Is WebOS Android?

No, WebOS is not an Android. WebOS is a web operating system formally based on Linux Kernel multi-tasking operating system. When you want to use Kodi on LG smart TV, you should know about WebOS first.

Can You Put Kodi on Roku?

Yes, you can easily put Kodi that is an impressive open source platform for media streaming on Roku. The Kodi users can apply a screen mirroring protocol known as Miracast to attain their purpose. To achieve this objective, they need to mirror their screens to watch Kodi content on Roku. The Kodi users can use the above-described method on their Windows and Android devices instantly.

Kodi LG WebOS 3.5

When you explore Kodi LG WebOS, you would know that the operating system was referred as HP WebOS and Palm WebOS. The innovative operating system was a brainchild of Palm Inc. however; HP (Hewlett Packard) acquired it later on. As a result, HP transformed the webOS to an open source. Thus, it became Open WebOS. Likewise, LG became a new owner after acquiring the operating system from HP.

If you recognize how to stream Kodi to LG WebOS, nobody can deprive you from experiencing exclusive media content. Through LG WebOS Kodi installieren, you are able to discover huge media content library that is enough to fill your streaming appetite.

LG WebOS 3.5 Features

The best thing about LG WebOS 3.5 that differentiates it from other operating system is a list of compelling features. The Kodi users need to understand its amazing feature like the cards interface. This is because the other tech giants such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and others have used the feature in their devices.


Installing Kodi on LG smart TV is definitely a fruitful decision. This is because the Kodi users can achieve various interesting features of LG WebOS.  Here is the list of LG WebOS features you should consider:

  • The Kodi users can experience the benefits of using multitasking interface
  • You can also use gesture interface that allows you to enjoy magic remote benefit
  • The Kodi users can find LG Store from the App Store
  • The LG WebOS provides over the air updates that enable the OS to update itself without docking the PC
  • The users can easily install third party applications through LG WebOS

If you are wondering can I install Kodi on my LG smart TV, you should follow the above-mentioned features in detail.

LG Smart TV Features for Kodi Fans

The Kodi users are fortunate because they can experience tons of interesting features after using LG smart TV in collaboration with Kodi. It means they can observe an innovative user interface of WebOS. Moreover, the users can use the simple switching feature that enables the users to switch between the TV apps.

The LG smart TV offers another attractive feature in the form of exclusive content from services like Netflix, Hulu and so on. If you know how to put Kodi on LG smart TV, you are just a click away to open hours of non-stop entertainment.


Ways to Download Kodi on LG TV

If you are contemplating how to download Kodi on LG TV, we have covered you in this area too. This is because you have different ways at your disposal. These ways allow you to accomplish your Install Kodi on LG smart TV at your own terms. The list of downloading Kodi on LG TV includes:

  • Get Kodi on LG Smart TV using Chromecast (Cast Screen Method)
  • Stream Kodi using Roku Player
  • Install Kodi on LG Smart TV through Android TV box

Get Kodi on LG Smart TV Using Chromecast

If you are contemplating how to get Kodi on LG smart TV, you need to use Chromecast. Fortunately, you can use Cast Screen method that will enable you to install Kodi on LG smart TV hassle-free. Here is how you can do to achieve your mission.


Step 1: You must turn on your wireless network to start the installation process

Step 2:  You should connect your smartphone and your LG smart TV on the same wireless network

Step 3: You should also make sure to install Kodi on your smartphone first, if you are using an Android device you can install Kodi from Google Play Store

Step 4: After installing Kodi on your smartphone, you should install Chromecast on your Android device that is available on Google Play Store

Step 5: From Google Play Store, you should search and install Google home app


Step 6: Now, you should connect your Google Chromecast to your LG smart TV

Step 7: From your Android Google home app, click on the Cast/Screen audio


Step 8: You can start streaming your mobile screen on your LG smart TV screen straightaway

Likewise, you can open your Kodi app to watch your favorite movies, TV shows and much more on your LG smart TV instantly.

Stream Kodi on LG Smart TV Using Roku Player

If you want to download Kodi on LG smart TV through Roku player, you should know that Kodi is unavailable on Roku. However, the Kodi users do not need to worry since they can use the mirroring method of Roku.


You can explore our detailed guide on how to install Kodi on Roku. Here is how you can discover how to install Kodi on LG smart TV with Roku.

Step 1: Your smartphone that you want to use for screen mirroring must have Kodi installed

Step 2: Connect your smartphone and your Roku player to the same wireless connection

Step 3: Open Roku player>Settings>System>Go to Screen Mirroring>Turn on Screen mirroring

Step 4: Open your smartphone> Go to Google Play Store>Write Mirroring Screen app>Install Mirroring Screen app

Step 5: Connect your smartphone to your LG smart TV device to unleash your streaming desires to maximum limit.

Still if you are thinking about can I install Kodi on my LG smart TV with Roku, you should follow the above steps accordingly.

Install Kodi on LG Smart TV through Android TV box

When it comes to installing Kodi on LG smart TV through Android TV box, you do not need any rocket science. This is because the task of Kodi installation on LG smart TV does not take much of your time and completes instantly. Here is the list of steps you should follow:

Step 1: You should connect your Android TV box with LG smart TV

Step 2: Open Google Play Store, search for Kodi app from your Android TV box


Step 3: Install Kodi app on your Android TV box


Step 4: Kodi app will be installed automatically, after installation open Kodi and watch all your desired content on LG smart TV at your own terms


If someone asks can you install Kodi on LG smart TV through Android TV box, we expect you can answer the query straightaway.

How to Use Kodi on LG Smart TV

After installing Kodi on your LG smart TV device, you can use Kodi to watch your favorite content hassle-free. However, you must make sure to turn on “Apps from Unknown Sources”. To enable this function, Go to Kodi>Settings>System Settings>Add-ons>Turn on “Apps from Unknown Sources”.

Likewise, you can install best Kodi add-ons that help you to explore unlimited online entertainment encyclopedia without any subscription need. Still you should not overlook your online privacy therefore; you should secure yourself through free VPN for Kodi Krypton.

Android Platform on Smart TVs

Android platforms offer next level compatibility when it comes to using Smart TVs with different devices. If you are using Android device, you can connect any smart TV to enjoy hassle-free streaming of your desired video content.

Moreover, you can use Cast Screen method to install open source platforms like Kodi that allow you to watch media content without subscribing. Likewise, you can experience top not performance of Android platform on various smart TVs like Sony Bravia, Sharp Aquous, and Philips Android TV 9000.

The Android smart platform brings Chromecast compatibility as its built-in feature that fetch cast content through a mobile phone. Thus, you can enjoy watching your preferred video streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube in 4k quality. Also find Samsung Smart TV VPNs for running your desired programs hassle free.

Kodi on Various Platforms other than LG Smart TV

Kodi is available on various platforms other than LG Smart TV, some of them are listed below:

Wrapping Up

Kodi is a one-stop solution if you want to watch all sorts of media streaming content under one roof. When you discover how to install Kodi on LG smart TV, you start exploring different ways of streaming media resources hassle-free.

We expect our guide on how to install Kodi on LG smart TV will resolve your installation related queries instantly. It is time for you to grab some popcorn and enjoy your quality time with your loved ones.

You can obtain the purpose through watching unlimited dose of online entertainment on your favorite LG smart TV from anywhere.

If you find issues while installing Kodi on LG smart TV, you can share your experience with us in the comments section below.