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Attention Kodi Users!!
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Looking to stream Kodi on multiple devices but don’t how to? Not to worry!

There’s a device called Chromecast, a small easy-to-use dongle that easily connects to HDMI port on TV and so you can watch Movies & TV Shows. 

You don’t actually install Kodi on Chromecast as you do for Amazon FireStick, but you can cast Kodi videos from your computer, Android, or Tablet onto your TV using Chromecast. 


Setting up Kodi with Chromecast is easy, apart from casting, you will need to perform additional steps that we have highlighted in this guide. 

If you’re going to watch movies and TV shows on Kodi, we suggest you to setup VPN in Kodi. That way, you will be able to secure your online privacy. 

What You Need When Installing Kodi on Chromecast

There are a few prerequisites that you’ll want to have before casting Kodi on Chromecast:

  • Chromecast 
  • TV
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Kodi (Installed on Android or Computer)
  • Best Kodi Addons (Any addon that stream Movies, TV Shows, Live TV or Sports)
  • Google Chrome 
  • VPN app (as discussed above)

How to Setup Kodi on Chromecast Using an Android Phone (Google Home App)

If you have an Android phone, be sure you also have Kodi installed with it. If you don’t, you can install Kodi on Android and start following the steps highlighted below:

Step 1: Connect your Android Phone to the same Wi-Fi network as Chromecast (connected to a TV)

Step 2: Install Google Home app if its not already installed on your device

Step 3: Open Google Home app > Select Add Device option 

Step-3-Install-Kodi-on-Chromecast-with Android-Google-Home


Step 4: You will see your Chromecast device appear, click Setup 

Step 5: A code will appear on your Android Phone and on your TV that will let you know casting is working fine

Step 6: It will now link your phone with Chromecast device on TV and will start its update

Step 7: Your Phone screen will now cast on your TV. Open Kodi and enjoy streaming. If you face any problem, past your queries in the comment section and I will make sure to reply within a day. 

How to Setup Kodi on Chromecast Using Android Phone (LocalCast)

The Kodi fans can use their Android devices to transform their Kodi media centers to Kodi Chromecast instantly. Here is the second method that helps you get Kodi with Chromecast.

Before installing Kodi on Chromecast through Android, you must make sure to install three different apps on your Android device. These are

  • Kodi 
  • LocalCast (can be downloaded from Google Play Store)
  • ES file explorer (can be downloaded from Google Play Store)

After installing the above-mentioned apps on your Android device, here is the list of steps you should follow. These steps are:

Step 1: Download the PlayerFactoryCore. XML file to your Android device

Step 2: Copy the .XML file to Kodi Userdata folder

In order to copy the .XML file, you should follow the below mentioned steps.

  • You should open ES File Explorer


  • Click the three vertical lines given in the top left corner then choose settings
  • From display settings, you should select show hidden files


  • Select download folder


  • Copy the file that you have downloaded in step 1


  • Through ES File Explorer, Go to Android>data>org.xbmc.kodi> Files>Kodi>Userdata
  • Click Paste

Step 3: It is time for you to open Kodi and play video, the LocalCast app will be popped up on the screen

Step 4:  Choose your TV in the LocalCast by opening your Chromecast device, select your HDTV from the list of devices

Step 5: You must press play to cast the Kodi to your HDTV

Step 6: It is time for you to minimize the Chromecast app to continue enjoying your Kodi Chromecast streaming experience

The above method allows you to watch your favorite video content through saving the battery life of your devices. Moreover, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your preferred movies, TV shows, and other stuff.

In addition, the above described method enables you to Play Kodi streams on Chromecast even if you have locked your phone.

How to Cast Kodi on Chromecast Using a Computer (with Google Chrome)

This setup involves Google Chrome on your computer. Before we begin, make sure you have Google Chrome installed on your system. Now follow these instructions:

Step 1: Make sure your computer is connected to the same network as your Chromecast (connected to TV)

Step 2: Open Google Chrome > On the top right corner, you will see 3-dots aligned vertically, click on it

Step 3: Select Cast option 


Step 4: A blue colored box will appear, select ‘Cast to’ and tap on ‘Cast Desktop’


Step 5: If your Chromecast is connected to the same Wi-Fi network, then you will see the desktop screen appear on TV. 

How to Install Kodi on Chromecast via Your Mac

The Kodi users can make their media centers Kodi Chromecast by using their Mac devices straightaway. Here is the list of steps they should follow that includes:

  • Download Google Chrome and Chromecast app, make sure you have installed Kodi on your Mac
  • You should install Google Chrome along with Google Cast Chrome extension
  • After installing the Google Chrome and Google Cast Chrome extension, you should open the Google Cast extension
  • Click the button given on the top right side of your screen “Cast this tab to”
  • Select to cast your whole screen by choosing “Entire Screen” option
  • It is time for you to explore true Kodi Chromecast experience using your Mac by playing a video of your choice.

Thus, you can enjoy the advantages of streaming Kodi Chromecast Mac on your devices instantly.

How to Jailbreak Your Chromecast Kodi Device

You can perform the task of jail-breaking on your Chromecast Kodi device, however, we will not recommend the users to conduct this method.


Here is how you can jailbreak your Chromecast Kodi device:

  • Plug in your USB flash drive to the female A port of the USB OTG cable
  • Connect the other end to the Chromecast
  • Plug in the power cord then press down and hold the button on the Chromecast
  • Watch the screen continuously along with the blinking light of the flash drive
  • Chromecast will start booting up and execute the unsigned kernel, a script will be kicked off that will replace the system with the jail-broken one
  • The Chromecast will be rebooted and once the process is completed, the box will restart and you will see a new splash screen
  • A splash screen will be followed by the setup screen
  • You can setup the Chromecast Kodi from scratch


Why Should we Use Kodi Chromecast

There are different reasons that motivate the users to connect Chromecast with Kodi. In addition, Chromecast offers an advanced level of compatibility that other streaming devices do not provide to the users.

This is because Kodi Chromecast provides unmatched streaming experiences to the fans instantly.

Here is the list of reasons users can consider while using Kodi with Chromecast. The list of reasons includes:

  • You can transform your system or smartphones into Kodi boxes
  • Watch Movies, TV Shows, Live TV and Sports, Kids Movies etc. 
  • Enjoy the whole experience in a cost effective way

Should I get Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra?

When you want to use a Kodi Chromecast device, you should evaluate the differences between Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra. When it comes to comparing the differences between the two versions of Chromecast, the price and video resolution factors become significant.

Differences between Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra

Here is the list of differences you should consider before selecting Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra. The list consists of:

  • Chromecast offers 1080p HD streaming
  • Chromecast Ultra provides video resolution up to 4K HDR
  • The Kodi users can avail the basic Chromecast after paying $30 to enjoy Kodi Chromecast experience
  • Chromecast Ultra is much expensive as compared to Chromecast since the users have to pay around $60 to avail the device

If your TV is supporting the streams up to 1080p, you should not purchase a Chromecast Ultra. It means you should opt simple Chromecast.

Conversely, if your TV can support Ultra high-resolution 4K streams along with HDR improved color, you can select Chromecast Ultra.

Kodi Chromecast Buffering Issues

Unfortunately, the users may find Kodi Chromecast buffering issues while watching their favorite content. Here is one major buffering issue along with the solution described below.

Kodi Chromecast Codec Not Supported

The Kodi Chromecast fans can face the issue of code not supporting. Thus, the users should evaluate the codec used for the audio and video within the container file. This is how you can identify if Chromecast will play the file or not.

The Windows does not show you the detail hence; you should use a utility like Gspot. To make the codec compatible with the Chromecast, you should run the file through a re-encoder such as Handbrake. If you want to know about codec support list, explore Google’s official container and codec support list

Best Kodi Repositories for Chromecast

Fortunately, the Kodi Chromecast fans can use various Kodi repositories to access to their favorite Kodi add-ons. Here is the list of some of the best Kodi repositories for Chromecast that consists of:

  • Noobs and Nerds
  • Stream Army
  • Superrepo
  • Supremacy
  • Dandy Media

Kodi Skins for Chromecast

Once you have completed the installation of Kodi add-ons, you can try Kodi skins on your Kodi Chromecast devices. Here is the list of best Kodi skins that includes:

  • Pellucid
  • Amber
  • AppTV
  • Omni
  • Titan
  • Rapier
  • KOver 2
  • Box
  • Arctic: Zephyr
  • Aeon Nox
  • SiO2

How to Change Skins on Kodi Chromecast

Likewise, the users can change the skins on their Kodi Chromecast devices. Here is how you can do to attain the mission:

  • Click the system icon given at the left side
  • Click the interface settings tab now
  • Click on the skins option and explore your favorite skin, if you are unable to find your preferred skin then click on ‘Get More’ tab

The ‘Get More’ option allows you to experience different Kodi skins.

Kodi Builds for Chromecast

After changing the Kodi skins for Chromecast, you can use the Kodi builds that help you not to install separate add-ons. Once you have installed the best Kodi builds, you are free to access to a huge media content library from anywhere.

These Kodi builds are:

Kodi Chromecast Review on Reddit

Kodi has grabbed the attention of Reddit users from all over the world in no time. Luckily, the users are interested to enjoy Kodi Chromecast experience after installing Kodi on Chromecast. Moreover, the Redditors are using Reddit VPN when they want to secure their online privacy while streaming content on Kodi.


Frequently Asked Questions About Kodi Chromecast

Chromecast is Google’s brainchild that allows the users to stream their desired video content from their TVs. In addition, you can also connect your Chromecast devices with your other devices like iPhone, tablets, laptops, and so on.

Before installing Kodi on Chromecast, the users should know how Chromecast works. Chromecast fetches the video content from your devices like Chromebook, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Android, and others. Thus, you can watch your desired video content on your TV from these devices through Wi-Fi. Torrenting can sometimes land you in trouble, so if you are using chromebook, then check out this guide torrents on chromebook.

Unfortunately, you cannot transform your Kodi media center to Kodi Chromecast device straightaway. This is because Kodi does not offer direct compatibility with Chromecast since the Kodi platform lacks support for Chromecast. However, there are different apps that support Chromecast devices without any hassle.

  • Google Home App
  • LocalCast
  • Google Chrome

Surprisingly, you can enjoy Kodi Chromecast Audio experience from your computer. However, you should make sure that you have already installed Kodi on your computer. After installing Chromecast Audio Stream, you can select your Chromecast from the tray icon and enjoy audio streaming instantly.

Likewise, you can enjoy Kodi Chromecast Audio experience from your mac devices. Still, you need to make sure that you have installed Kodi on your Mac devices first. You just need to install Soundflower and after installing Soundflower, you should install Soundcast.

After completing installation, you have to select Soundcast from the menu bar. You should choose your Kodi Chromecast device and you are ready to enjoy Kodi Chromecast Audio from your Mac.

When it comes to installing more Kodi add-ons on Chromecast, you should consider using best Kodi repositories. Kodi repository is the collection of Kodi add-ons that help the users to experience thousands of other Kodi add-ons. After installing the add-ons on Kodi Chromecast devices, you are just a one click away of accessing encyclopedia of media content.

Wrapping Up

Kodi is an amazing open source media platform when it comes to streaming video content from anywhere free. Moreover, the users can enjoy watching their favorite Kodi add-ons on their Kodi Chromecast devices. However, the restrictions like region blocking can spoil the fun for the users to the next level.

Still, the fans do not need to lose their hopes because they have a Kodi VPN at their disposal. It allows them to circumvent the geo-restriction issue hassle-free. We hope you would like our guide on how to install Kodi on Chromecast to enjoy the benefits of Kodi Chromecast experience.

The guide includes a detailed list of Kodi add-ons, repositories and other attributes of Kodi that will improve your streaming experience to new heights.

If you explore issues while installing Kodi on Chromecast, share your feedback in the comments section below.