SecurityKISS Review – Instant Unblocking With Strong Protection

What is SecurityKISS?

SecurityKISS is a Dublin based VPN provider that is popular among the netizens for providing free and paid services. As the name indicates, the company’s mission is to protect the data of its and users and provide them with ample security to make sure they are safe from the clutches of hackers and snooping agencies.

SecurityKISS claims that it even though the services it provides involve the usage of latest technologies, using the software is as simple as using any other software. Known for its friendly VPN clients across different platforms, we are also going to discuss how to set them up on different devices in this securitykiss review.

SecurityKiss VPN is one of the best free VPN services of 2018.


  • Free of cost
  • Accepts anonymous payment through bitcoin
  • Strong encryption protocols offered (OpenVPN and L2TP/IPsec)
  • Offers chat support, FAQs and email ticketing system
  • Cross platform availability (Windows, iOS, Android and Mac)
  • No registration required for free version


  • Stores connection logs
  • Imposes data caps

 SecurityKISS Server Count – Is it any good?

There is a reason why we always recommend our readers to opt for a VPN service that solely works on a paid business model. You might get perplexed and rightly so, but the free services never allow the subscribers to make use of full features, in fact their paid services consist of a fairly small pool of servers. The provider is one of many such providers that offer premium server locations to only paid subscribers.

SecurtyKiss offers around sixty five servers in prime regions of the world covering the US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Canada, Italy and more nations. That said, each paid plan comes with varying sever locations. However, freemium users can only avail a limited number of servers i.e. five to ten servers in the US, UK, France and Germany. Also, in SecurityKISS review, we have found that the free users do NOT get access to the dedicated fastest VPN servers that are available on all paid plans.

SecurityKISS Review on Pricing Plans and Packages

We would like to give provider the credit where it is due. There are hardly a few good VPN services that offer diversity in their packages and pricing plans. Though we are a fan of universal packages for different prices and provider does the exact opposite, we are still impressed by what it offers to its users for different prices.

securitykiss review on packages

SecurityKISS offers five different plans, namely: GREEN (Free Plan), OLIVINE (Economy Plan), MALACHITE (Basic Plan), JADEITE (Premium Plan) and EMERALD (Ultimate Plan). The server count, data limit and many other features and services differ in these plans, but they all come with easy-on-the-pocket prices.

Let’s skip the Free Plan and start with the prices of Olivine (Economy Plan). You can avail the services of the Economy Plan on monthly basis at $3.21, on quarterly basis at $2.86/month, on half yearly basis at $2.68/month and on annual basis at $2.14/month. The Basic Plan can be subscribed for $4.28/month on monthly basis, on quarterly basis at $3.93/month, on half yearly basis for $3.57/month and on annual basis for $3.21/month.

The Premium Plan can be subscribed for $6.43 on monthly basis, quarterly plan for $6.08/month, half yearly plan for $5.36/month and annual plan for $4.82/month only. The Ultimate Plan can be subscribed for $10.73 on monthly basis, quarterly plan for $10.38/month, half yearly package for $8.94/month and annual package for $8.05/month only.

Data Limit on Different Plans

This is probably one of the least likable features of VPN service that we have discovered in SecurityKISS review. Capping the data on free versions is understandable but capping it on paid versions cannot and should not be justified. Anyway, subscribers on the free version can enjoy 300MB/day, 20GB/month on the Economy Plan, 30GB/month on the Basic Plan, 50GB/month on the Premium Plan and Unlimited Data Limited on the Ultimate Plan.

Some might argue that the provided data limit on different plans may well be enough for subscribers, but it is a standard practice among the VPN services now to provide unlimited data limit on all the plans. Anyway, some margin of error can be given to SecurityKISS because of the features, services, packages and prices it provides to its users.

Compatibility with Devices and Operating Software

SecurityKISS is as tough as its competitors when it comes to providing its VPN clients on various devices and supporting various operating software. Device compatibility is one asset that you cannot ignore if you are reviewing a VPN service. Upon a basic inspection, we found out that provider supports Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and Linux and provides a custom VPN client to all the subscribers of the aforementioned platforms.

To be honest, SecurityKISS is doing a fair job with its device compatibility as of now, but we would have loved to see more options in the device compatibility options. But nevertheless the options we have right now are good enough to keep the subscribers satisfied and happy.

SecurityKISS Review For Windows

Windows client for SecurityKISS offers a simple and sleek design but compromises not even a bit when it comes to performance. A 2.58 MB installation file requires no formal registration. In addition, the windows client comes with a plain layout compromising of a stats section and connect/disconnect button. Also, users can check information about data usage, IP addresses and connection status on main page of SecurityKISS window client.

SecurityKISS Review for Android VPN

The Android app for SecurityKISS is equipped with an appealing design that has similar features as Windows client. The in-house Android client is available to download on Google Playstore.

After installing SecurityKISS on Android phone or tablet, you instantly secure you online activities, emails, calls, chats, confidential conversations and social networking accounts against prowling cyber threats. In addition, the Android client of SecurityKISS offers both OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec encryption, thus ensuring reliable protection to netizens for torrenting and P2P file sharing. That said, we consider their android app as a must try VPN in SecurityKISS review.

SecurityKISS Tunnel Review

While thousands of subscribers pay for different VPN services, there’re some tech savvy users who download crack version of applications. But, a large number of users have enquired on internet that is SecurityKISS Tunnel safe? The answer is that threats and vulnerabilities associated with such crack files can’t be overlooked. As many times these crack files act as honey pot for hackers, by appearing as official VPN installation files.

Thus, in SecurityKISS review, we suggest users to always download SecurityKISS from official site and pick free plan if you don’t want to pay. In case you wish to try crack file of SecurityKISS, then you may download and install it at your own risk from here.

Tunnel Download For Mac

Mac users can secure their online privacy and browsing activities with SecurityKISS. However, in SecurityKISS review we have discovered that provider doesn’t offer any dedicated client for Mac users and thus subscribers need to install Tunnelblick on their Mac to use SecurityKISS. After successfully connecting to SecurityKISS, users can check their VPN connection by visiting SecurityKISS location tracking site.  In addition, SecurityKISS offers an instant access to tons of geo-blocked websites and services on Mac from anywhere in the world.

Tunnel VPN Download

Now that you’re completely aware of benefits and offerings of using SecurityKISS, you can download SecurityKISS VPN on a list of compatible devices.

SecurityKISS is available to download on Windows and Android through official site and Google Playstore. However, iOS and Mac users need to configure SecurityKISS VPN manually on their devices. We examined their site in SecurityKISS review and discovered that manual configuration files of SecurityKISS can be found in download section.

SecurityKISS Review Via Reddit

Reddit stands as a leading-edge community for discussions, debates, sharing videos, and more textual and graphical content. At heart, the mainstream community comprises of information about news, technology, science, movies, gaming, food, fitness and almost every popular topic.

That said, a large number of users have expressed their gestures on reddit about VPN services including SecurityKISS. Thus, we have created this section to present you with Redditors’ opinion about SecurityKISS:

Here’s how Redditors around the world find SecurityKISS VPN service:

A user has preferred SecurityKISS for those who’re searching for a cheap privacy solution. But, not to forget that free version of SecurityKISS should only be used for unblocking purposes, as there are other premium VPN providers in market with stronger protection features.

Comment from discussion What’s the best free VPN to use?.

In another thread, a Redditor has suggested users to choose SecurityKISS only if true free VPN is their choice, as SecurityKISS imposes data caps on paid plans too.
One Plan Sharing – A Feature of its Own Kind

You might have heard of the Multi-logins, you might have heard the VPN providers telling you about how you can set up a single account on as many devices as you like. But this is different. In our SecurityKISS review, we came across a very strange claim by SecurityKISS VPN.

It does not talk about granting you Multi-logins on a single account but it does tell you that you can set a single account on “many PCs”. We found this claim a bit absurd because it directly goes against the notion of Multi-logins and yet it talks about setting up a single account on “PCs” only. In our honest opinion, we would have loved it, had they offered the “plan sharing” features on all the devices on all the accounts. For now, the feature can be availed by the Premium and Ultimate Plan users.

Customer Support – Check!

SecurityKISS provides a very decent Customer Support to its users. From accepting users’ queries through Tickets to Live Chats, they take their users’ feedback very seriously. SecurityKISS offers the Ticketing System as means of Customer Support along with Live Chat (not available 24/7, but it is still very useful) and the FAQs section!

Apart from the FAQs guide, they have a very detailed “Troubleshooting” section as well to ensure the questions of users are fully answered. We would like to give full marks to SecurityKISS for ensuring that all kinds of users (the laymen and veterans) find the Customer Support equally helpful and useful.


Payment Options

While writing this SecurityKISS review, we checked out the payment methods that are offered to the subscribers by SecurityKISS. We were happy to see that they accept payments through Bitcoin as well to ensure the details of users are never exposed and the subscribers get full anonymity in return. What we liked the most is the fact that SecurityKISS is offering a 50% discount to all the subscribers, making payments through Bitcoin. The discount is valid till 31st of December, 2015.

Apart from Bitcoin, SecurityKISS accepts payments made with Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, Paypal, CashU and also accepts payments made through wire transfers. The payment methods are very convenient to ensure users from all the regions are able to make the most of its free and paid services.

Gaming, Streaming and VoIP Support

SecurityKISS offers gaming support on all its plans except for the free one. And the same goes for music and video streaming services. Apart from the free plan, all the packages come with gaming, streaming and VoIP friendly servers. All the servers provide enough bandwidth to ensure the subscribers enjoy their streaming and online gaming as much as they want.

As far the VoIP support is concerned, there are very few VPN providers in the industry that enable the users to unblock Skype calls and to make international calls at cheaper rates. SecurityKISS is one of them and we believe it is doing a fine job with the VoIP services at the moment.


During our SecurityKISS review, we came across quite a few things that caught our attention instantly. The ‘Plan sharing” for instance is one of its own kind feature that is available only on SecurityKISS as of now. Overall, we were happy to use its services and we found it genuinely quicker than other VPN services and felt that our data was indeed being protected with its strong 1024-bit layered encryption.

We would definitely recommend all our readers to give it a try, it is free after all and should they find it good enough for their devices and streaming services; opt for its paid version to upgrade its performance!


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  1. sareena samra says:

    Does SecurityKISS allow BitTorrent and P2P file sharing? If yes, then which servers support torrents?

    • VPNRanks says:

      A majority of VPN services impose restrictions on torrenting, due to its infringing nature. However, when it comes to SecurityKISS, provider has not restricted torrents officially, as we did not find any statements regarding torrenting on their site. Over and above, we suggest users to choose L2TP/IPSec protocol in VPN to download torrents safely and anonymously.

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