Samsung Milk Music: Free Streaming for Galaxy Users in US Only

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Samsung’s Galaxy series have won the hearts of millions. As compared to its competitor(s), Samsung has offered playable and customizable series of phones with tempting features. Overall Galaxy Series was outstanding but the sub-genre (Galaxy S) stands at the top. With Galaxy S1 to S4, Samsung successfully grasped substantial market share comprising satisfied customers.

Nevertheless, Samsung’s much awaited model Galaxy S5 couldn’t keep up with the expectations associated with it. Despite of a few features already offered by the competitors in the preceding models such as “Water Resistance” by Sony Xperia Z, Galaxy S5 couldn’t offer something extra and alluring as compared to its predecessor – Galaxy S4.

Eventually, people started to talk and critiqued Galaxy series by saying that it is left with nothing more to offer. Samsung, as we all know, is quite good at silencing its critics. Behold! Samsung Milk Music – the name sounds sissy – I know; but, you don’t know the possibilities associated with this app.

Milk Music

Samsung strikes another massive blow to its biggest competitor by launching Samsung Milk Music against Apple’s iTunes Radio.



Now, you may be thinking that there are many music streaming apps available on PlayStore and this app is just like the others. Well, it’s not. Samsung’s Milk Music enables you to access diverse genres. The streaming app also allows you to customize and play with the sub-genres.

Galaxy Milk Music

Samsung’s Milk Music is one-stop music platform where you can stream new, old and your all time favorite songs. Not only this, you can create your very own radio station and tweak your tunes as you like.



Now, here comes the shocker. There is no cost associated with this app. Yes! The app is absolutely free. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It is true though, Samsung’s Milk Music is free of cost. This means you can lose yourself in the music-mash without paying a single penny for it.

The app is compatible with Samsung’s different devices of the Galaxy range such as Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note II and Note 3 etc. However, there is one problem to be prescribed here. Samsung’s Milk Music is a geo-restricted app. If you are not familiar with the term, geo-restriction is an activity of confining the access of any content to a particular region or locality.

Currently, Samsung’s Milk Music is restricted to be accessed by the US natives only. In order to download and access the application, you will have to go through IP verification process and if your IP doesn’t represent US, you won’t be able to use the application.

Sucks, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I am here to help you out with this concern. If Samsung Milk Music is a geo-restricted app and requires US IP in order to be accessed, let’s give it a US IP then. Yes! It is possible – with a VPN.

With a VPN, you can mask your original IP with any random IP representing the server to wish to connect. In order to access this remarkable application, you need a US IP; hence, you must prefer a VPN that has a server network in US.

Selecting a VPN is a tough decision to make. VPN is a sophisticated technology; hence, one must have adequate information about the features to look for before taking the purchase decision. There are hundreds of VPN service providers trading in the market. Analyzing the benefits and package plans of them all, and choosing the best among them is going to take a while.

I suggest you leave it to the pros. Here is the list of Top 5 US VPNs that you should consider. Each of the options prescribed in the list has a rigid server network including the servers installed in US. Since Samsung’s Milk Music is an Android supported app, you will need a VPN that is compatible with Android devices. Fortunately, the VPN alternatives prescribed are all compatible with Android devices.


Bypassing geo-restrictions isn’t the only benefits you will have if you choose to buy a US VPN. A VPN ensures your privacy and security by supporting different security protocols (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN etc).

A VPN forms a secure tunnel which carries your data and requests. All of your data transmitting through the tunnel is encrypted which gives you invulnerable protection against hackers and cyber-goons. A VPN allows you to mask your IP and hide yourself completely. This means that no more fear of the NSA and online surveillance.

A VPN not only enables you to access Samsung’s Milk Music but other geo-restricted and censored content that you wish to seek. A VPN is an optimal solution for all privacy, security and geo-restriction concerns you have been facing since years. It’s time for you to experience what real online freedom feels like.

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