SaferVPN Review 2017: Secure Connection with Unblocking Features



Rank #3
$3.49Per Month
SaferVPN Features
  • Offers OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec & IKeV2 protocols
  • 700+ servers in 35 Continents
  • 5 Multi Logins
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • New and attractive packages
  • Strict No Log Policy


  • 400+ servers in 34 countries including the UK and US
  • 2048-bit strong encryption to keep your data safe
  • OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols supported
  • Offers Internet Kill Switch
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, DD-WRT and Windows devices
  • Accepts Bitcoin as a payment method
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Slightly Expensive


Device Compatibility

We were delighted to see Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Mac, Chromebook, Linux (Ubuntu), DD-WRT routers and Windows devices listed in the devices supported by SaferVPN and yet we felt that there was some room for other devices and operating software as well.

safer vpn

While we appreciate the fact that the aforementioned devices and operating software are widely used by people all over the world, we would have actually liked to see some more diversity in the options.

Anyway, you can download the VPN client for your Mac and Windows devices from the website and can install it in your laptop or Mac to use SaferVPN with ease. However, to make sure it runs on your iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry, you will have to configure it manually.


400+ Servers All Over the World – Only SaferVPN

When it comes to purchasing a VPN service, people often look at the basic features (which is a good thing, to be honest) of the service provider. While we have argued several times that the number of servers does not represent the entire tale of a VPN provider, it does give an impression of how big the service itself is.

While we are at it, let’s talk about the server strength of SaferVPN. From America to Australia, it has servers spread across in 6 different continents of the world. SaferVPN offers 400+ dedicated VPN servers to all its users “unconditionally” and makes sure the users are able to unblock ANYTHING they want.


For e.g. if you are traveling from the US to a country where Hulu and Netflix are currently unavailable, you can connect to SaferVPN’s US server to access the said streaming services. Similarly, if you follow a sport very closely that is geo-restricted in other countries, you can use one of 700+ servers of SaferVPN to get live access instantly.

The 34 countries where the servers span across are: United States, Australia, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Denmark, France, Austria, Israel, Poland, Norway, South Africa, New Zealand, Cyprus, Ireland, Argentina, Mexico, Belgium, Thailand, Romania, Hungary, and Argentina.


Packages and Plans offered by SaferVPN

To be fair to everyone reading this review, the prices and plans are a bit plain. But the benefit of the doubt should be given to SaferVPN which is working cautiously to protect its users from the likes of surveillance agencies, online spies, and hackers.



SaferVPN works best to get past the blocked websites. It offers three different packages to its users. Contrary to the popular pricing strategies, there appears to be only a single pricing package.

If you are looking for a VPN connection for a monthly plan, you will be billed $107.88 annually, which will cost you only $8.99/month. Through the monthly plan, you can use your single account on five (5) devices simultaneously.

The one-year package is up for grabs for $71.90 billed as one payment, resulting in $5.99/month. Through the yearly plan, you can use your single account on five (5) devices simultaneously.

Likewise, you can avail 80% discount if you subscribe for a two-year plan. This plan will be billed as onetime payment of $83.77. It will cost you $3.49/month only. Through two- year plan, you can use your single account on five (7) devices simultaneously.


Netflix USA with SaferVPN

One of the latest features added to SaferVPN’s arsenal is its ability to unblock Netflix USA from anywhere. For anyone who is not aware of the situation, the US library of Netflix is the biggest among all other Netflix regions.

So if you are not able to find any title in your country’s Netflix, chances are that your desired show or movie might be available on USA Netflix. Therefore, to access Netflix USA, you will need a VPN.

Since Netflix started a crackdown on various VPN providers, many services went down and weren’t able to access the US library. However, with SaferVPN’s new feature, you can easily access Netflix USA by connecting to one of their US servers.


VPN Kill Switch for Maximum Privacy

Kill Switches are becoming a norm in the VPN industry and we are glad to see SaferVPN adding this feature to all its apps. What a VPN Kill Switch does is it instantly shuts down your internet connection in case you disconnect from the VPN. This prevents your private information from falling into the wrong hands if the VPN fails over unsecured networks.


Automatic Wi-Fi Security Feature

SaferVPN’s integrity towards user’s privacy and security further solidifies by the introduction of ‘Automatic Wi-Fi Security’ feature. By enabling this option, SaferVPN will automatically secure your device when you connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network. Therefore, you will never have worry about your privacy or anonymity when using Wi-Fi hotspots.


A Look at the Website


When you are reviewing a VPN service, it becomes a sort of an obligation to judge it on the merits of its services and its presence on the internet. When we landed on SaferVPN’s website, we knew it straight away that we were going to fall in love with how they present themselves on the internet sooner or later.

The website does not only look neat and clean with the tabs placed right at the top of the webpage, it actually offers you a lot more than you expect from it. Apart from providing the basic info as to why you need SaferVPN, it also provides security tips to the users. With a separate tab allotted for the blogs, the users can find very useful articles that can help them with using the VPN services.


Protocols and Encryption

As the name indicates, SaferVPN is indeed safer than the rest of VPN service providers. Ask yourself, would you vouch for a service that is vulnerable to spy agencies and snoopers? Would you want to use a service that passes on your information to third parties? We are sure that no one in their right minds would agree to get a VPN service that can potentially harm their online identities.

SaferVPN, on the other hand, makes sure your traffic is encrypted with 2048-bit strong algorithms. Not only the encryption is ideal for complete anonymity, but it is even considered safe for those who look for a secure way for online banking.

Apart from the excellent encryption support, SaferVPN also provides OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP protocols. And it doesn’t end here; it also offers its own protocols that are as good as the aforementioned ones. The safest of all is OpenVPN, while the fastest is PPTP.

Our advice? Well, if you are a streaming-lover, you should connect your VPN with PPTP protocol, and if you intend to use the VPN to unblock all the websites without getting caught, you should use OpenVPN.


Tips for Running SaferVPN on Windows

We downloaded, installed and tested SaferVPN before writing this review to check if it adheres to what it claims. No wonder we were surprised. Not only does it comply with what it claims, but it also does it in style! We have reviewed tons of VPN providers in the past and you have got to believe us that none of them made us feel joyous as much as SaferVPN did.

We downloaded the VPN client from SaferVPN’s website and followed the instructions to install it. It didn’t ask us for the installation of TAP-Win 32 Adapter but it might ask you, so install it if the message comes up on your screen, just in case.

Once the installation was finished, we checked on “Launch SaferVPN” option and it did. This is how it looked like at the first instance.

safervpn review

We entered the username and password assigned to us and checked the option below to make sure it turns on by itself whenever we start the computer.

safer vpn review

We clicked on “Login” and this is what the new Window looked like.

safer vpn

You must have noticed quite a few server options over there, we selected the US server and clicked on “Connect”. While it was being connected, the Window changed to this:

safervpn review

We had to wait for at least 20 seconds for the connection to get established. But once it was done, we were able to unblock the services that are restricted to the US region only.

safervpn Review

We wanted to explore the options in detail, so we clicked on the “Settings” tab on top right corner of the Window to see what it would present us with. As expected, it provided us with various general settings, including the setting to select your own protocol. This is what the Window of “Settings” tab looked like.

safervpn review

Using SaferVPN was a pleasant experience on Windows. The speed was good and the easy-to-use VPN Client for Windows was indeed a delightful experience for us.

Using SaferVPN on Android Phones

Having used the SaferVPN Windows client, we thought to give it a try on the Android platform as well. Therefore we downloaded its app from Google Play for free and installed it to check how good or bad its interface and working is on the smartphones. We were not surprised and were absolutely delighted when we opened the app. The interface is easy and very user-friendly.

We are sharing some of the screenshots to give you an idea about how SaferVPN works on Android smartphones.

1) Once you have installed SaferVPN on your device, click on the shortcut that is created on your desktop to open it. Upon opening the app, you will see the below screen. Enter your credentials and tap on “Login”.

safervpn revieww
2) Remember that tapping on “Login” does not mean that you are connected with the VPN. You will still have to choose a server and will have to configure the settings to attain maximum accessibility and online protection. You will now be presented with the below image, asking you to choose a server of your choice.

safervpn revieww

3) Click on “Change Location” and open the server list.

safervpn revieww

4) Now select a server and you will be taken back to the main screen, where you will need to tap on “Connect”.

safervpn review

5) Upon tapping on “Connect”, SaferVPN will ask for your permission to run the app on your phone. Check on “I trust this application” and tap on “OK” to proceed further.

safervpn review

6) SaferVPN will now take you to a different screen where you will be notified about the connection being established.

safervpn review

7) Upon a successful connection, your screen would look like this.
Please note that we used a different picture to give you an idea about the connectivity.

safervpn review

8) You can click on “run in the background” to let the app encrypting your traffic data. You can also check other options by clicking on “three vertically aligned dots” on the right top corner of the app. You can also open a Support ticket using the SaferVPN app for Android.

safervpn review


Mode of Payment

Imagine purchasing a service that does not offer your desired mode of payment, will you go out of the way to pay for it even if requires you to spend some time and money? Many VPN providers fail to address the issues related to the payment options.

SaferVPN, on the contrary, provides all best possible solutions to its users. You can make payments through Master Card, Visa Card, Amex, Discover, JCB, Paypal, Bitcoin and Wire Transfer. Diversity in payment methods is one of the many things we liked about SaferVPN.


24/7/365 Customer Support

What makes a VPN service good enough to use, you ask? An active and friendly Customer Support! Even though we did not have any complaints with SaferVPN but just for the sake of it, we actually tested their Customer Support as well. We chatted with them over the Live Chat and asked them a question to see how long it will take them to respond.

The response was not only quick but very precise as well. Not only did we get the information we wanted, but we also got it within no time. SaferVPN states on its website that you can always talk to one of their representatives who are present 24/7/365. You can contact the Support staff through emails, ticket system, and Live Chat.

Free Trial & Money Back Guarantee

SaferVPN provides a 24-hour free trial to everyone who asks for it. The free trial is an added advantage if you are hesitant in trying its services. In addition to the free trial, SaferVPN also provides a 15-day money back guarantee to all its users. In case SaferVPN fails to deliver the results it promises, you can always contact the Customer Support to ask for a refund.

Zero-Logging Policy

SaferVPN takes your privacy very seriously and does not record any of your online activities. It does not keep a record of your logs; however, it does keep a record of the time you logged in and time you logged out using its VPN service.

Previously, SaferVPN used to keep a record of the IP you use (assigned by its VPN server) to check if the IP is not being used for illegal activities. However, it has made some changes to its privacy policies of late and now does not hold records of user’s actual IP address.

It has stated on record that it keeps the meta-logs to further improve its services. And like any other VPN provider, we believe that it is the right thing to do so for self-improvement because it does not put your privacy at risk.


Overall we are very much satisfied with the services offered by SaferVPN. The servers are pretty decent and the privacy of the user is taken very seriously. The VPN client is easy to use and the Customer Support is always there to help in resolving the technical issues and answering your queries.

Oh snap, you didn’t like this VPN? Don’t worry, there are other VPN reviews that might satisfy all your privacy & unblocking needs.

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