Russia Bans VPN but Some are Still Working!

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It looks like that the Russian government is following the footstep of China. Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed a bill against the use of VPN services. Duma (Russian Parliament) has approved the bill and it will be implemented on November 1, 2017. According to Leonid Levin, head of the Duma’s information policy committee, we have taken the initiative to refrain the internet users from accessing unlawful content.

The bill does not restrict the law-abiding citizens by any means, Levin further added. The government has not introduced any new restrictions and specifically no censorship. The bill supports the restriction of access to information, which the court prohibits.

Amnesty International, a human rights organization has stated the bill as a “latest blow on online freedom”. The Russian authorities have started taking severe steps towards internet censorship. Hence, technologies such as VPN that allows netizens to maintain their online freedom will become popular among internet users, said Denis Krivosheev, deputy director for Europe and Central Asia at Amnesty International.

VPN Services with Servers in Russia

Fortunately, if you wish to access restricted content in Russia, you can still use VPN services those are active in Russia. These providers have servers operating in Russia, although the ban comes into effect from November. Here is the list of VPN providers working in Russia:

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VPN Services Still Operating in Russia after the Ban

PureVPN is a Hong Kong based VPN service that has 790+ servers in 141 countries worldwide. The provider strictly follows no log policy and offers a list of impressive features. These impressive features include compatibility with all the major platforms including devices and consoles. By connecting to its Moscow server, you are able to make yourself anonymous and unblock your favorite websites.

VPN Services Still Operating in Russia after the Ban



VPN Services Still Operating in Russia after the Ban

NordVPN is another VPN services coming up to the expectations of users. The provider offers 1118 servers in 61+ countries globally. Hence, users no matter in which country they live, can connect to their preferred servers. NordVPN also provides various features like compatibility with all major platforms and multi-login facility.

VPN Services Still Operating in Russia after the Ban




VPN Services Still Operating in Russia after the Ban

PrivateVPN as the name suggests is striving hard to make sure the online privacy of every subscriber. The service offers a list of interesting features like free trial, zero logging, and AES 256-bit encryption level. PrivateVPN is compatible with operating systems and devices like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.  Above all, the service provides its server in St. Petersburg where you can connect and obtain complete online freedom.

VPN Services Still Operating in Russia after the Ban


VPN Services Still Operating in Russia after the BanExpressVPN is a US based VPN provider offering 145+ servers in 94 countries worldwide. Although the service has condemned the situation, there are no reports of ExpressVPN shutting down it operations in Russia.

The service also provides an excellent customer support features that makes ExpressVPN an interesting choice for the users. The provider is also committed to offer a range of benefits like multi-login compatibility, and 30 days money back guarantee. Those users who want to unblock and access banned websites in Russian should connect to a dedicated Russian server.

VPN Services Still Operating in Russia after the Ban

Ivacy VPN

VPN Services Still Operating in Russia after the Ban

Ivacy is a VPN provider that promises a lot to its subscriber. The provider offers amazing features like multi-login, zero logging, compatibility and 7 Days money back guarantee. Furthermore, the Russian netizens can still unblock their preferred websites by connecting to the server based in Russia.

VPN Services Still Operating in Russia after the Ban

Final Thoughts

The Russian government has changed the freedom of expression’s concept to the next level. Now, internet users are unable to access their favorite content online. Luckily, they can still circumvent the issue of geo-restrictions within Russia by using a VPN service.

A VPN has surely become a lender of the last resort for netizens living in Russia. However, how long will the ban last? Will VPN providers continue to offer services in Russia? We just have to wait and see how this pans out.

Do share your feedback in the comments section below if you anticipate issues in accessing your favorite content online. Also, follow this space for further development.

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