Round of 16: The Ground is Set – No More Second Chances

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Game On!

Round of 16 – a great competition awaits. Those who are knocked out of the tournament have already packed their bags. Only the fierce challengers remain. The game isn’t over yet. The dreams of many shall bite the dust, only a few will emerge victorious. Round of 16 is a do or die battle. To be in the next level of tournament, contenders must take their game to the new level.

Here is the complete structure of Round of 16 battles:

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Brazil vs. Chile

Brazil, the World Cup 2014 favorite will meet Chile in the Round of 16. The winner shall proceed to the quarter finals whereas the loser’s journey will finally come to an end.


Colombia vs. Uruguay

Colombia is up against Uruguay. Colombia has performed outstandingly so far but nothing beats Uruguay’s attack. Unfortunately, Luis Suárez won’t get to taste Uruguayan meat.

France vs. Nigeria

It is going to be an epic battle between France and Nigeria. After Nigeria’s performance against Argentina especially Musa’s agility to level the scoreboard, it is really hard to forecast which team will triumph.


Germany vs. Algeria

The chances are that Germany shall steal victory from Algeria. Germany has performed outstandingly throughout the tournament. However, this has been a strange World Cup so far. With the defending champions sent home in the initial rounds, no one knows what to expect next.


Netherlands vs. Mexico

The lethal attack versus agile defense; Mexico’s defense was unbelievable in its previous match. Thus, everyone has eyes set on The Flying Dutchman. Maybe he can do some wonders and seize victory for the team.


Costa Rica vs. Greece

Costa Rica vs. Greece is more like the match between the underdogs. Both teams will go to any extreme to attain glory and proceed to the quarter finals.


Argentina vs. Switzerland

After showing brilliant performance in the previous match against Nigeria, Messi has turned on crowd’s high hopes for the team. With all eyes set on Messi, will he be able to perform under pressure; that’s a tough question to answer. Nonetheless, Argentina definitely has an advantage over Switzerland.


Belgium vs. United States

United States has qualified the first knock out round but would it be able to keep up. Round of 16 takes the game to a whole new level. There won’t be any second chances here. The winner takes all and the loser packs bags for home. Belgium and United States, each would strive to seize the victory but only one shall emerge as a winner.


You can watch FIFA on your LED or go mobile and enjoy World Cup via live streaming on your Smartphone, Tablet or iPad. FIFA Round of Sixteen live match coverage is brought to you by licensed broadcasters around the globe. Nevertheless, you may face some geographic restrictions in this regard.

FIFA licensed broadcasters confine live match coverage to a particular country or geographic region. The coverage has commentary in native language because the broadcast is for the native eyes only.

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