Is Windscribe Trustworthy? [Latest Redditors’ Opinions]

Windscribe has an awesome fan following worldwide. We’ve tested it ourselves when we wrote our review of Windscribe, however, we couldn’t recommend it. But what about the Reddit community. Is it one of the recommended VPNs suggested by Redditors?

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  • Apple TV App ??

    As new OS VPN is allowed and bunch of VPN apps started appearing in the App Store. Is there any news about Windscribe's native app for apple tv? submitted by /u/escobart1912 to r/Windscribe ~ Source: Reddit / 14 hours ago

  • How do i install windscribe on my smart tv if it does not show up in the playstore/ choices of what to download on the tv on?

    Hi, help please. I tried the secure hotspot on my PC but it didnt work, says it is not supported by my network adapter. Thanks in advance. submitted by /u/Solid_Veterinarian64 to r/Windscribe ~ Source: Reddit / 20 hours ago

  • That's it, I'm leaving Windscribe, VPN has too many SSL connection problems

    submitted by /u/Ed4 to r/Windscribe ~ Source: Reddit / 21 hours ago

  • Controld - windscribe discount

    When I took out controld, I had an active Windscribe subscription, and paid $20 for full control, rather than $40 My account shows $20.00 (USD) yearly. Next payment on 2023-11-03. I presume they revalidate the Windscribe subscription at the point of renewal? Or once opened are they just going to charge my CC with no further check? I used to use Windscribe for f1tv, and some china trips, but tbh it's not worked well there. Other, local vpns have. (not the western big names). So I have less... ~ Source: Reddit / 1 day ago

  • A question about Windscribe, and wireguard specifically

    So I'm comparing some different VPNs right now and Windscribe seems to be among the best. I have a question someone here might know about. Mullvad rotates Wireguard keys weekly, IVPN rotates them daily up to weekly and Windscribe doesn't seem to rotate them at all. Is there any advantage to rotating keys? The general idea seems to be that some apps can leak data like WEBRTC and expose your real IP that way, but is that a problem in reality? submitted by /u/Certain-Business-164 to... ~ Source: Reddit / 1 day ago

  • Tivimate and VPN on Firestick issue

    Hi, I have AirVPN and use it in Firestick 4K MAX but Tivimate don't work with that. Channels from my IPTV subscription. Is there some option I have to enable? My subscription work with mobile IPTV app with that vpn. I try the same Eddie client on both devices. I try also Windscribe VPN before and also have that issue. submitted by /u/skweresp to r/TiviMate ~ Source: Reddit / 2 days ago

  • Something dodgy with ISP

    I've been using Windscribe for years with no issues. I use a virtual machine with only IKEv2 as the allowed protocol so that theres no chance of anything downloading when the VPN is not turned on. Recently I've noticed that when I torrent over IKEv2 with Windscribe my entire home internet seems to be throttled, including devices that are not going over vpn and are on a completely different vlan. I have 500mbps fibre so it's not a bandwidth issue. After doing some troubleshooting, I tried using... ~ Source: Reddit / 2 days ago

  • location problem

    When I select a location So I look at my current location on Google Map and what comes? For some time, that is my selected location appears on Google Map. And for some time, my current location appears on the device. Can anyone tell why this problem is happening and what is the solution? submitted by /u/Flimsy-Dealer566 to r/Windscribe ~ Source: Reddit / 3 days ago

  • Very high latency

    Never seen latency this high submitted by /u/Fromwny007 to r/Windscribe ~ Source: Reddit / 3 days ago

  • Windscribe App not working on MacOS

    Recently the MacOS app hasn't been able to connect me with Windscribe anymore. The protocol I choose doesn't matter. I also tried a clean reinstall of the app, different networks and different mac user accounts, non of that helped. For the time being I could connect manually following the Mac Connection Guide which makes me assume there is something wrong with the current app version. Are there any know issues/anything I should try to remedy this? submitted by /u/Cocoamphodiacetat to... ~ Source: Reddit / 3 days ago

  • ProtonVPN Port forwarding on MacOS APP

    Hello, why is port forwarding only available on the Windows clients? Why isn't it available on Mac like other competitors? (Airvpn, PIA, Windscribe,, etc ). I do realize I can port forward using the configs, but for a premium VPN, i expected you guys to at least support port forwarding on the MacOS official clients. If there are no plans in the future to add this, i might consider contacting support for a refund on my 2 year subscription. submitted by /u/gustothegusto to... ~ Source: Reddit / 4 days ago

  • Different Windscribe servers are causing SSL problems with my web browsing, what's happening?

    submitted by /u/Ed4 to r/Windscribe ~ Source: Reddit / 4 days ago

  • Best free VPNs for torrenting in 2023

    So here's the deal: I'm on the search for a good VPN, especially for torrenting. Started off with Proton VPN, and honestly, it's a solid choice for general browsing. But the catch? Doesn’t support P2P, which is a bummer since I'm someone who regularly uses torrents. Gave Windscribe a shot next. It’s alright, but that 10GB data cap? Doesn't cut it for me. And I've always had this nagging feeling – when the product's free, sometimes you end up being the product. That’s a trust issue I... ~ Source: Reddit / 5 days ago

  • Promo code

    Does anyone know any exisiting promo code or deals? submitted by /u/smsi80 to r/Windscribe ~ Source: Reddit / 5 days ago

  • Is Pro better than Free at out-of-market streaming?

    Been testing out Windscribe free, mostly to stream out-of-market NFL games via the Paramount+ and Fox Sports apps, and it kinda works. Speed is fine, streams are reliable, but I don’t get the local stations for the server I select, and I get different local stations depending on the protocol. For example, on the Paramount+ app, the Dallas Ranch server is currently feeding me KCBS (Los Angeles) via IKEv2 but WSPA (Carolinas) via WireGuard. With VPN off I get my local station. Does anybody know... ~ Source: Reddit / 6 days ago

  • YouTube TV knows my true location even with Windscribe VPN on?

    I’m traveling internationally in Euro and want to watch my YouTube TV sports, local to the west coast. I tried my Windscribe VPN in San Francisco and Bend Oregon Trail but the app still says I am roaming and cannot access these channels. Does VPN not work for some apps? I’m on iPhone 14 pro using both YT and Windscribe mobile apps. submitted by /u/data4u to r/Windscribe ~ Source: Reddit / 6 days ago

  • VPN has been hacked, all the packets are decrypted. Blocked sites are still blocked.

    Windscribe VPN has been hacked or FAILED, all the packets are decrypted. Blocked sites are still blocked. 📷 There is a possibility that I had not accounted for. That Winscribe actually knows the encrypted VPN tunnel has failed and they are hiding it. they are just letting the packets through. For the past four days I have been trying to use the VPN. But it has been completely hacked. It is as if there is no VPN. All the blocked sites are still blocked. I am using windows11, but the android... ~ Source: Reddit / 7 days ago

  • Captcha is getting more and more with VPN on

    These days I realized I have to deal with captcha to browse websites (even google) if I turned on VPN. Does anyone have the same issue? Some sites even put 403 on Windscribe ip too. submitted by /u/kaon7hk to r/Windscribe ~ Source: Reddit / 1 week ago

  • Windscribe - Free VPN and Ad Block

    Windscribe is a VPN desktop application and VPN/proxy browser extension that work together to block ads, trackers, restore access to blocked content and help you safeguard your privacy online. ~ Source: Reddit / 6 years ago

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