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Tunnelbear is a paid and free VPN service. We’ve recommended it ourselves when we wrote our review of Tunnelbear. But what does the Reddit community has to say about the service. Can it be counted in our list of recommended VPNs suggested by Redditors?

To find out if Tunnelbear is liked or disliked by Redditors, we did our research. In this post on Tunnelbear Reddit, we’ve compiled daily updated Reddit comments regarding Tunnelbear.

  • Which VPN does /r/MacApps use?

    I'm trying to choose a new VPN as ProtonVPN has been categorically shitting the bed for anything except the Desktop app on Windows. Everything they produce has been more-or-less a joke and I'm done. I've looked into a few options and the best ones seem to be Mullvad and NordVPN (despite being closed source). Anyone else use anything else? By process of elimination: GhostVPN: Owned by ex-malware company PIA: Now owned by ex-malware company Tunnelbear: Owned by McAfee PureVPN: Lied about not... ~ Source: Reddit / 14 hours ago

  • Suggestio for a free VPN

    Need a suggestion for a free VPN, preferably one that has no limitations (eg: X Gb per month kinda shit) VPNs I have used: -Tunnelbear (best imo, only problem is the Data limit) -ProtonVPN (Massive stutters at times, on my connection) -Softether (Slow, and massive stutters) ​ PS: please dont say stuff like "oh free VPNs steal your data" Idc about that. Also dont say shit like "iDk a FrEe vPn bUt HeRe'S oNe ThAtS sUpEr ChEaP", Im here for free VPNs, not ones that cost money submitted by... ~ Source: Reddit / 5 days ago

I hope you found our Tunnelbear Reddit post useful. If you’re not interested in Tunnelbear, you can check out our list of some other free VPNs suggested by Redditors.



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