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Traceless VPN Review 2021

Traceless VPN is not operational anymore. Regardless, you can still secure your privacy with ExpressVPN.

VPN Providers ExpressVPN
Price $6.67/mo
Servers 3000+ in 94 countries
Compatibility All Devices
Logging Policy Zero log
Customer Support 24/7 Live Chat Support
Trust Pilot Score 4.7

Traceless VPN Review Quick Summary

Traceless.me VPN is a German based VPN service striving hard to make an impact in the VPN industry. The provider offers 256-bit military grade encryption, 24/7 customer support, strong data protection, has no logging policy, 30 days money back guarantee and other features to its users.

In our Traceless VPN review, we evaluated different features and pricing plans of the provider in detail. We can say that traceless.me VPN should be used by those customers who want to secure their online activities and become anonymous, without paying a hefty amount.

Pros and Cons of Traceless.me VPN


  • Servers in 12 major regions
  • Free Trial
  • Zero Logging Policy
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Compatibility with all the major platforms
  • 6 Simultaneous Logins



  • Slightly expensive pricing plans
  • No apps for OS X, iOS or Android

 Traceless VPN Review


Pricing and Plans

Traceless.me VPN has catered its subscribers through two types of subscription plans. One subscription plan is free while other is known as premium plan. The free package provides 5GB data transfer limit while this plan does not offer IPv6 support.

However, you can avail all four protocols (PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, IKEv1, IKEv2 and Socks5) with the premium plans. The prices of premium plan start from $9.98 for one-month package. In addition, you can choose from 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year plans as well.

The yearly plan is available for $6.48 /month and offers the maximum saving. It boasts attractive features and you can take advantage of unlimited data transfer through this package. In addition, IPv6 protocol is offered all the premium plans.


Pricing and Plans


However, the price of premium plan is a bit high as compared to other VPN services operating in the industry. For a provider that is relatively new, we were looking for prices that are more economical. That said, the performance matches prices it offers, so we have no complaints regarding the value for money.

Payment Methods

We analyzed traceless.me VPN in detail and found the service provides its users popular payment methods. This ensures that anyone can subscribe for the service with ease. These various payment method includes:

  • Bitcoin,
  • VISA,
  • MasterCard
  • Mint
  • PayPal
  • GiroPay

 Payment Methods



According to our Traceless VPN review, the free package provides two server locations. These two server locations are Germany and Netherland. Whereas, the premium package offers its services in 12 countries like Germany, France, Luxembourg, Netherland, Moldova, Israel, Switzerland, Sweden, Romania, USA, United Kingdom and Russia.




The server count is not as illustrious as other established VPN services in the industry. However, considering that the provider is relatively new, it is a pleasing to see that it offers servers in major locations. You can access blocked websites and streaming services such as Hulu and Pandora using Traceless.me VPN.

Customer Support

Traceless VPN has an exclusive customer support section on its official website. After performing Traceless VPN review, it was revealed that support section caters issues associated with customer service and billing as well.

The frequently asked question (FAQ) is another amazing feature that allows you to resolve different questions related to your queries. This section is valuable in terms of providing relevant answers to issues like troubleshooting manuals, setup guides, and tutorials.

However, the provider needs to add the feature of live chat in its armory because customers want immediate response to their queries. We also tried to contact the customer support, but we did not get any response from the provider in time. We uncovered this disappointing feature in our Traceless VPN review. The customer support should be quick and have small response time, so that all customer queries are resolved.


Traceless.me VPN is compatible with all the major platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Hence, if can use the provider on your preferred device, while at home or on the go. Traceless offers exclusive software for Windows. The software is well designed and boast easy-to-use interface.

Sadly, there are not apps or software available for Mac, iOS or Android. But, Traceless VPN states on its website that it will be adding these apps in near future.



Does it unblock Netflix?

Frankly speaking, you cannot use Traceless VPN to unblock US Netflix media library. The same goes for Kodi as well.

You will have to use VPN Kodi addon service to access and watch your favorite region blocked content on Kodi anonymously.


The provider offers a dedicated section mentioned with the name of VPN Setup. Here you can find the instructions to manually download and setup Traceless.me VPN on your preferred operating system or device. We uncovered this positive aspect in our Traceless VPN review. Any new user can quickly get up to speed with the VPN and configure the service with ease.



Protocols and Encryption

Traceless.me VPN offers a comprehensive list that includes various protocols like L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN, SoftEther, IKEv2, and PPTP as well. Likewise, the layer 2 tunneling protocol is usually applied along with the IPSec encryption in order to transfer the data in a secured way. When other protocols like OpenVPN or IKEv2 and you want to secure your data and device then you should L2TP/IPSec protocol.

The SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) uses 256-bit encryption. Whereas, OpenVPN protocol is regarded as one of the best tunneling protocol that offers seamless connectivity along with highest performance. Similarly, SoftEther protocol is highly compatible with different operating systems and devices that include Windows, Mac, Linux and so on.

SoftEther protocol combines the features of both L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN Protocol.  IKEv2 protocol is another tunneling protocol offered by Traceless.me VPN that follows the assumption of IPSec tunneling protocol. SoftEther protocol uses 256-bit encryption.

The PPTP is one of the easiest and most basic protocols, as it is readily available in numerous platforms. However, PPTP protocol is not for security conscious users. It has various vulnerabilities and uses weak encryption algorithms. Therefore, we would suggest that you use OpenVPN along with 256-bit encryption algorithm for maximum security.

Log and Privacy Policy

Traceless.me VPN strictly follows no logging policy; hence, the service does not store the users’ activities whatsoever. According to the data protection guidelines, the provider follows confidentiality in a true letter and spirit. The service does not use or extract the users’ data in any form. It is safe to say in our Traceless VPN review that the service takes utmost care of its user’s privacy.

Furthermore, Traceless.me VPN takes all the preventive measures to successfully secure the data of their subscribers. The general terms and conditions section also emphasizes on scope of services, payments and technical requirements.

Free Trial – Money Back Guarantee

Traceless.me VPN offers its customers 30 days money back guarantee. This feature makes the provider an interesting choice for customers who want to examine every aspect of the service. It also offers a free plan. However, the features in free plan offer limited functionality to its users. But, by using the free plan, you can test the basic features like servers’ connectivity and compatibility quite easily.

What Makes tracelss.me VPN Different from other VPN Providers

During this Traceless VPN review, we explored that the service offers two types of packages to its customers. One is premium package and other is free package that makes traceless.me VPN different from other VPN services.

The provider also offers partner program and referral program features. The partner program feature helps you to promote the services of Traceless.me VPN on various platforms. The referral program of is beneficial for those customers who refer the service to their friends.

If free users recommend another free user, they will be rewarded with 5GB additional data usage. If premium users recommend another premium user, they will be given benefits of extra premium weeks for free.


You can also use other VPNs after reading the below-described reviews of different VPNs:


In a nutshell, Traceless.me VPN is a new comer in the VPN industry that has lot of potential. The good thing that we explored during the Traceless VPN review is that the provider offers two types of subscription plans to its users. The free plan is limited in features but offers full functionality. However, the plan does not store users’ information or has a logging policy, making it highly secure.

Furthermore, the service provides a list of tunneling protocols that makes it a good choice for the subscribers. The 30 days money back guarantee feature is another enticing benefit for new users. The official website of traceless.me VPN is informative for the potential and existing users.

Based on our Traceless VPN review, the provider has all the right reasons to become a major VPN service in future.


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