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How to Set Up Surfshark for Apple TV in 2021

Apple TV does not support VPN installation on its OS. However, it is possible to configure a Surfshark's Smart DNS and VPN services on Apple TV through alternative means. This guide explains how you can use Surfshark on Apple TV to access geo-restricted streaming services.

Surfshark for Apple TV

Apple TV is one of the most successful streaming micro consoles in the market. It consists of a small device that can be connected to a TV via HDMI cable and remote control for interacting with the device’s software.

Users can install streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others on their Apple TV. However, most of these streaming services have geo-restrictions that prevent users outside the US from accessing these.

The most effective way of accessing geo-blocked apps and content on Apple TV is through a VPN with strong unblocking power. Surfshark is one of the most powerful VPNs available that can be used with Apple TV to unblock streaming services.

Unfortunately, Apple TV lacks native support for VPN apps, so you’ll need to take a few detours in order to configure Surfshark for Apple TV.

In this guide, I will walk you through the exact steps needed to set up Surfshark on Apple TV.

Why you need Surfshark for Apple TV

Apple TV is available everywhere in the world so that users can avail all Apple services through the device. However, Apple has no control over third-party apps, a great majority of which are geo-restricted outside the US.

This means that if you’re using Apple TV outside the US, a lot of the content will be inaccessible for you. A VPN like Surfshark can help you unblock streaming apps on Apple TV. But there’s no direct way of installing Surfshark on Apple TV.

As a result, you’re left with a few alternative methods of configuring Surfshark on Apple TV. In the following section, we’re going to explain the necessary steps you need to take to set up Surfshark on Apple TV.

How to use Surfshark with Apple TV – Different Methods

There are a number of different ways you can configure Surfshark on Apple TV:

  1. Through Surfshark Smart DNS service.
  2. via VPN-configured router.
  3. via virtual hotspot.

Set up Surfshark Smart DNS on Apple TV

Surfshark offers a Smart DNS service in addition to its VPN service. Although Apple TV does not support VPNs, it is possible to change DNS settings to that given by Surfshark and gain access to blocked streaming services this way.

Here’s how you can set up Surfshark Smart DNS on Apple TV:

Note: You need to be a Surfshark subscriber in order to complete these steps.

Step 1: Visit this page and log in to your Surfshark account.

Step 2: You’ll find your Smart DNS address here. If not, you’ll need to activate Smart DNS first by clicking “Get Started”.

Step 3: Note down the Smart DNS address once you’ve found it.

Step 4: Now start your Apple TV and go to settings.

Step 5: Select Network.

Step 6: Click on Wi-Fi if your Apple TV is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Step 7: Select the name of your network.

Step 8: Now choose Configure DNS.

Step 9: On the next page, select Manual.

Step 10: Here, enter any one of the two Smart DNS addresses and select Done.

Step 11: Now restart your Apple TV by going to Settings > System > then press Restart.

That’s it! You have now successfully configured Surfshark Smart DNS on your Apple TV. You can now spoof your location to access a huge variety of streaming apps anywhere in the world.

Set Up Surfshark for Apple TV Via Wi-Fi Router

If you want to use Surfshark’s VPN service on Apple TV rather than Smart DNS, you can set up Surfshark on your router and connect your Apple TV through that VPN-enabled router.

Manually configuring a VPN on a router is a pretty technically demanding task and is not recommended for users unfamiliar with router interfaces. You can set up instructions in this Surfshark router setup guide. You can opt for Surfshark and NordVPN for your Apple TV. 

A more reliable approach is to simply get a pre-configured VPN router available on FlashRouters.com. This option is more costly but it offers the convenience of having a fully ready router with a VPN already installed in it. Moreover, you’ll avoid the risk of bricking your router if you make a mistake during manual configuration.

Note: When you configure Surfshark on a router, any device connected to the Wi-Fi will automatically connect to Surfshark as well. So, you’ll get the same privacy and security benefits across all devices courtesy of Surfshark.

Set Up Surfshark for Apple TV Via Virtual Hotspot

If you have a laptop running Windows 10, you can easily create a virtual hotspot with it that other devices can connect to. Turn on your VPN while sharing the connection through a virtual hotspot, and all devices connected to it will automatically pair with Surfshark as well.

Step 1: Click on Settings on your Windows 10 laptop, then navigate to Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot.

Step 2: Click Wi-Fi and toggle on Mobile hotspot as shown in the image below:


Step 3: Now, navigate to Settings > Network and Internet > Change adapter options:


Step 4: Find the Surfshark TAP adapter then right-click on it and select Properties:

Go to the properties of Surfshark adapter

Step 5: Now click on the Sharing tab and click on the box that says “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection.”

Step 6: Open the dropdown menu and select the network connection that you just created as shown in the image below:


That’s it! You have now successfully created a virtual hotspot. If you share this connection with your Apple TV while Surfshark is running on your laptop, then it will be as if you’re directly connected to the VPN on your Apple TV. You can now unblock any streaming app of your choice on Apple TV with Surfshark.


Does Surfshark work with Apple TV?

Yes, Surfshark works with Apple TV but there’s no dedicated Surfshark app that you can directly install on Apple TV. Rather, you can change the DNS settings of your Apple TV and configure Surfshark Smart DNS or share a connection from a VPN-enabled router.

Can I use my Apple TV in another country?

Yes, you can use Apple TV in any country, but some apps will always be geo-restricted and inaccessible overseas. A VPN like Surfshark can help you access any app on Apple TV, irrespective of regional differences.

Can I use Apple TV without Internet?

Yes, you can use Apple TV without Internet but most functionalities and apps need an active Internet connection to work.

Final Thoughts

Apple TV has a huge variety of content for users, but your options get severely limited if you’re based outside the US. This is where a VPN comes in, which you can configure on Apple TV through the methods explained above.

Surfshark’s Smart DNS and VPN services are some of the most effective tools for Apple TV users to unblock streaming apps no matter where you’re located in the world.

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