PureVPN Servers List, Locations and Countries

PureVPN Servers List

Online privacy and security are more vital than ever in today’s hyper-connected society. That’s where PureVPN servers come in.

PureVPN’s extensive network of servers in various countries allows you to browse the web anonymously and access geo-restricted material from practically anywhere globally. Although those figures have decreased, PureVPN’s server list is still impressive.

In this post, we’ll look at PureVPN’s reviews, including its server list, and take a deeper look at the many locations and countries they serve, assisting you in selecting the best VPN server for your requirements. So, let’s get started!

PureVPN Server List by Continents

The PureVPN server listing has servers located all around the world. According to the most recent data, the listing of PureVPN servers is separated by the location to which the company is planning to expand its server coverage.

Following is an up-to-date breakdown of PureVPN’s hardware by global area. Each region’s table includes the nation, the city of the server, and the number of servers in that location.

Region Number of PureVPN servers
North American-based servers 2232
Europe-based servers 3052
Asia-based servers 560
Oceanic-based servers 483
Central America 12
Caribbean 122
South America-based servers 115
Africa-based servers 89

With the above review, you can easily choose the optimum server location, whether they wish to access geo-restricted material, safeguard their online activity, or evade censorship. And for detailed information about PureVPN server speeds, check out our latest PureVPN speed testing.

Complete PureVPN Server List

PureVPN has over 6,500 servers in more than 78 countries, giving it an extensive server network. Isn’t this impressive? Of course, it is since it indicates that most users can access a server nearby.

The section below is a detailed summary of the PureVPN list of servers, locations, server types, and the number of servers:

PureVPN Server in North America

PureVPN has over 2232 servers all throughout the continent of North America. Below are a few of them, together with details on their location, server types, and numbers:

Country City/Location Server Type Number of servers
Canada 214
Canada Montreal 24
Canada Toronto 112
Canada Vancouver 78
Mexico Mexico City 20
United States 1880
United States Ashburn, VA 118
United States Atlanta, GA 78
United States Chicago, IL 131
United States Houston, TX 90
United States Los Angeles, CA 211
United States Miami, FL 114
United States New Jersey, NJ 86
United States New York, NY 242
United States Phoenix, AZ 535
United States Salt Lake City, UT 88
United States San Francisco, Ca 77
United States Seattle, WA 20
United States Washington DC 60

PureVPN Server in South America

PureVPN operates 115 servers throughout South American countries, below is a summary of the server’s distribution, types, and number of servers:

Country City/Location Server Types No of servers
Argentina Buenos Aires Virtual 1
Bolivia Sucre Virtual 1
Brazil Sao Paulo 71
Chile Santiago 10

PureVPN Server in Central America

Central America is home to 12 PureVPN servers You may find them in these locations:

Country City/Location Server Types No of servers
Costa Rica San Jos 4
Panama Panama City Virtual 8

PureVPN servers in Europe

You’ll have access to 3052 different servers when you use PureVPN in Europe.

Country City/ Location Server Type Number of servers
Albania Tirana 40
Austria Vienna 62
Belgium Brussels 146
Bulgaria Sofia 59
Cyprus Nicosia 1
Czech Republic Prague 6
Denmark Copenhagen 136
Estonia Tallin 42
Finland Espoo 50
France Paris 24
Germany Frankfurt 63
Greece Athens 2
Hungary Budapest 29
Iceland Reykjavik 5
Ireland Dublin 91
Italy Milan 122
Latvia Riga 5
Lithuania Vilnius 5
Luxembourg Luxembourg 63
Monaco Monaco city Virtual 2
Netherlands Amsterdam 316
Norway Oslo 79
Poland Warsaw 78
Portugal Lisbon 59
Romania Bucharest 88
Serbia Nisavski 49
Slovakia Bratislava 2
Spain Madrid 90
Sweden Stockholm 156
Switzerland Zurich 116
Turkey Istanbul 19
United Kingdom 1047
United Kingdom London 399
United Kingdom Maidenhead 501
United Kingdom Manchester 147

PureVPN servers in Asia

Even though there are firewalls all around Asia, more than 560 PureVPN servers are still located in the continent.

Country City/Location   Server Type No of Servers
Afghanistan       Kabul     Virtual 39
Bahrain Manama Virtual 1
Vietnam Hanoi 8
Bangladesh Dhaka Virtual 4
Brunei Brunei Virtual 79
Georgia Tbilisi 3
Hong Kong Hong Kong 0
India Mumbai Virtual 40
Indonesia Jakarta 3
Japan Tokyo 110
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 18
Oman Salalah Virtual 4
Philippines Manila Virtual 13
Singapore Singapore 142
South Korea Seoul 14
Taiwan Taipei 38
Thailand Bangkok 11
United Arab Emirates Dubai 33

PureVPN servers in Oceania

We have Oceania, which consists of more than 482 servers distributed over two islands.

Country City/Location Server Type No of Servers
Australia 393
Australia Brisbane 77
Australia Melbourne 79
Australia Perth 76
Australia Perth 76
New Zealand Auckland 90

PureVPN servers in Africa

There are 89 PureVPN servers in Africa, allowing you to conceal your true IP address and access media that is blocked in African nations: They are as follows:

Country City/Location Server Types No of servers
Algeria Algiers Virtual 19
Angola Luanda Virtual 19
Egypt Cairo Virtual 7
Kenya Mombasa 10
Nigeria Suleja 4
South Africa Johannesburg 30

PureVPN servers in Caribbean

The Caribbean has a total of  122 of Pure VPN servers which are as follows:

Country City/Location Server Type No of servers
Aruba Oranjestad Virtual 4
Bahamas Freeport Virtual 24
Barbados Bridgetown Virtual 21
Bermuda Hamilton Virtual 24
British Virgin Islands Road Town Virtual 7
Cayman Islands George Town Virtual 21
Puerto Rico San Juan Virtual 21

Specialty Server Categories on PureVPN?

When it comes to VPNs, PureVPN is a cut above the rest. It provides a selection of specialized server types to meet the unique requirements of the users. These Specialty Server Categories intend to make VPN usage more convenient and efficient for individual users.

You only need to launch the PureVPN app to find the three PureVPN Specialized Server Groups, which are as follows:

  • Peer-to-peer
  • Quantum-resistant
  • Dedicated IP servers.

P2P Servers

P2P Servers are available from PureVPN and are geared for use with peer-to-peer file sharing. As users share data, these servers’ download and upload speeds are significantly increased.

With the P2P servers offered by PureVPN, you may access streaming services and torrent files with PureVPN more quickly while still protected by a VPN tunnel. According to the website of the VPN service provider, there are presently 37 PureVPN best server for p2p servers spread out throughout the following regions:

United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Algeria, Turkey, Angola, Sweden, Serbia, The Bahamas, Russia, Romania, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Portugal, Bermuda, Belgium, Panama, Bolivia, Oman, British Virgin Islands, Nigeria, Norway, Netherlands, Brunei Darussalam, Monaco, Buldova, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Cayman Islands, Denmark, Chile, Kenya, Lithuania, Germany, Estonia, and Latvia.

Quantum-Resistant Servers

PureVPN just launched Quantum-Resistant Servers, which are intended to give users more security and privacy, especially in the face of the danger posed by quantum computers.

Users may benefit from a safe and private surfing experience provided by these servers equipped with various additional security features, including kill switches, split tunneling, AES-256 encryption, and more.

As a result of their quantum-resistant data encryption, quantum servers provide a level of discretion and safety far higher than traditional servers. They are perfect for those who wish to stay completely under the radar. Unlike obfuscated servers, quantum-resistant servers won’t slow down your HD streaming speeds, gaming, or torrenting.

Quantum-Resistant Servers may be different for each app and are presently offered in a limited number of locations which include:

Country Region
Australia Melbourn
Australia Brisbane
Australia Perth
US New Jersey
US California
Canada Toronto
Australia Sydney
UK London

Dedicated IP Servers

PureVPN provides one dedicated IP address for each account. With PureVPN, you get a unique IP address for your connection. This is particularly handy for users who need to access specialist services that demand a dedicated IP address, such as online banking or remote access to work networks.

There is a catch: you can only get it by paying an extra $0.49 monthly. After you’ve purchased, you’ll see the new section under the Locations menu, where you may access it alongside the other server types.

The VPN provides its users with dedicated IPs in several countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Malta, Germany, and Singapore.

PureVPN’s Quick Connect Tool?

PureVPN’s Quick Connect Tool enables users to connect to the best VPN server depending on their location and other parameters. Once you click or tap the quick link button on the application’s home screen, you can begin using this tool.

The feature is intended to simplify customers’ use of the VPN service by streamlining the process of choosing a server.

It is helpful in the sense that you don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for an optimum server on your own. It also comes in handy for people who have never used a VPN before or aren’t sure which service to choose.

Thanks to this tool, you may also change the settings of your VPN connection from a single screen without switching between other windows.

What to Do When PureVPN Servers Are Down?

Even though PureVPN’s list of servers strives to keep its servers up and running, there may be times when they are down for technical issues, maintenance, or other reasons. If you encounter a server outage while using PureVPN, follow these steps.

Check your internet connectivity- The operation of all PureVPN servers requires access to a stable internet connection. It is, therefore, crucial to talk to your internet service provider (ISP) about upgrading your plan if your connectivity is unreliable or sluggish.

Consider switching to a different serverIf one of the servers is down, you may try connecting to one of the other available server locations. You can choose a different server location from the list of available servers from the PureVPN app.

Switch protocols-Certain protocols are more compatible with specific devices. IKEv2/IPSec, for example, works well with mobile devices. A simple transition may result in greater server performance.

  • Update the VPN application – PureVPN often releases new versions of its software which might assist in resolving server difficulties. Ensure your device’s PureVPN application is updated to the most recent version before using the service.
  • Consider restarting your VPN application or device – It’s possible that the issue is not with PureVPN’s servers but rather with your app or device. Refreshing or restarting any of them will delete the cache and provide a clean slate for both of them.
  • Contact Customer service – If you are still having trouble connecting to PureVPN servers after implementing the above hacks, it is best to get in touch with the PureVPN support staff so that they can help you. They can offer you information on the server’s status and assist you in troubleshooting any problems you may be having.

Does PureVPN Have Obfuscated Servers?

Yes. PureVPN has obfuscated servers intended to assist users in bypassing internet restrictions and accessing restricted content in countries with strict online monitoring.

Obfuscated servers use sophisticated encryption protocols and technology to conceal VPN traffic and make it seem like ordinary internet traffic. This makes it difficult for internet service providers (ISPs) or governments to discover and restrict the VPN connection.

These servers are helpful in countries like Iran, Russia, and China, where the government takes strict measures to prevent VPN access.

Obfuscated servers are not included in the server sections. All servers get obscured when you are connected to the OpenVPN protocol.

To achieve server obfuscation, follow the steps below:

  • Subscribe to PureVPN.
  • Download and then install the PureVPN application.
  • Open the PureVPN application.
  • Select “Settings.” Click on “Protocol.”
  • Turn off “Automatic Protocol Selection.”
  • Choose “UDP.” from the “Select Protocol” drop-down menu.

Does PureVPN offer a free trial?

Yes, it does. New subscribers are entitled to a PureVPN trial free of charge. To get a realistic idea of the VPN, you can use either the free trial that lasts for seven days or the money-back guarantee that lasts for 30 days.

FAQs – PureVPN Servers List

Below are the steps you need to follow to change your PureVPN server successfully:

With the PureVPN application, you may switch VPN servers quickly and effortlessly. Click the World button to access the list of servers, then choose the one you want, and you’ll be linked to a different server in no time.

Private IP addresses have been further categorized into ranges based on the network type (referred to as a class) that the IP addresses serve, such as a business or residential network. The IP ranges are as follows:

  • Class A Range10.0.0.0 to, it is the kind of IP address that is frequently used by businesses for their vast networks.
  • Class B Range172.16.0.0 to This range of Ip is often used by networks of a medium scale, such as those found at colleges and other institutions of comparable size.
  • Class C Range- IP addresses starting with and continuing all the way up to are part of the Class C range. This range is where the majority of home networks are located by default, except if the administrator has set it to be somewhere else.
  • Class D Range– Class D & Class E private IP addresses are also available, but they are not allocated to hosts and are used for specialized reasons, like multicasting and research, correspondingly.

PureVPN has an Excellent server network with over 6,500 servers spread out over 78 countries worldwide.

Yes. In China, PureVPN service is headquartered in Hong Kong and has 12 servers located in China.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the PureVPN server list gives you access to various servers in different countries, allowing you to have a hassle-free time online

Whether you’re a gamer, a streamer, or want to protect your actions when you’re online, you’ll benefit from PureVPN’s lightning-fast connections and rock-solid uptime. PureVPN download takes a second so to take your online activities to the next level, check out the server list PureVPN offers now and get one now!