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PureVPN Reddit [Updated Redditors comments]

PureVPN is undoubtedly one of the most popular VPN services on the planet, but does it really deserve all the praise it gets? We actually like it and have given it a pretty decent rating in our PureVPN review, however, is it really one of the best VPNs accordingly to Reddit?

Well, to find an answer to that question, we did a lot of digging around in Reddit. We spent multiple hours going through hundreds of PureVPN Reddit comments and grouped them in one place just for you.

We make sure to update these comments routinely so you stay updated with the Reddit community’s opinion about PureVPN. So sit back and read Reddit comments about PureVPN all in one place.

  • bad download speeds

    just signed up with surfshark. speedtest is good. torrent download speed is bad. i hear port forwarding is part of the reason. i also hear double nat might be a contributing factor. how do i determine if double nat? can i fix that? debating canceling and using a vpn that allows port forwarding. is it worth it? i've only been able to find 3 that have good prices. PureVPN, wevpn, and airvpn. i don't know anything about these guys. they any good? submitted by /u/smoothnobody to […] ~ Source: Reddit / 1 day ago

  • Split tunnel vs Port forwarding which is preferred ?

    I currently have split tunneling setup with PureVPN to only route my torrent traffic through the VPN, however it has been always giving me general issues, the split tunneling does not even work well and sometimes all my traffic is routed through the VPN. I am debating switching to a port forwarding setup as my understanding and readings is that it works much more reliably, however it seems to be less secure as unlike VPN your traffic is not encrypted. I am also debating switching to something... ~ Source: Reddit / 2 days ago

  • 3 new built-to-last features for ultimate digital resilience with PureVPN

    submitted by /u/PureVPNcom to r/PureVPNcom ~ Source: Reddit / 5 days ago

  • PureVPN stole 2 years worth of money and refuses to give a refund

    I decided to give PureVPN a try, so I used the 7 day trial on 03/06/2021, I received an e-mail stating that it's the last day of the trial, so I opened a ticket and cancelled it (it got confirmed). Apparently, I still got charged 1 years worth of subscription even after cancelling, but I didn't notice and I never used the account again. One year later, on 10/06/2022 I get charged once again for a full year subscription, I've contacted the support, after bot-like responses I managed to get a... ~ Source: Reddit / 1 week ago

  • New Windows Version Triggers Anti-Virus

    Why does the newest version of PureVPN.exe trigger my antivirus software? It's never done that before. I updated via the app and my antivirus instantly blocked it as suspect. So I went to the PureVPN website and downloaded the newest Windows Version and my antivirus instantly blocks it after a scan. submitted by /u/cbpapplicaant to r/PureVPNcom ~ Source: Reddit / 2 weeks ago

  • Wrong MD5 hash advertised for current Win App

    My support tickets haven't been touched in over two weeks, so maybe this issue should see a wider audience. The PureVPN Win app downloaded today generates this MD5 hash: 7F9875671A479074A06ABEDE5CA89EFA But the website says this: MD5 hash: b87e7ea8209f60421b2ebb7f3c25a6d2 The app version I downloaded May 26 has this MD5 hash: 40A64482910B8D8057CC1DC48E867FD9 Now hopefully someone just forgot to update the website. But if the supplied file has been compromised, please let us all know. […] ~ Source: Reddit / 2 weeks ago

  • Fix your VPN clients.

    As a software developer I've seen a lot of crappy programs (and even wrote some), but your VPN clients are on a whole other level. When I first installed PureVPN client on my mac, my computer started crashing and lagging. Finally pin-pointed the issue. When PureVPN client wasn't randomly crashing, it was consuming MORE THAN 50GB OF SWAP SPACE and allocating more and more. That's a memory leak. It's not that hard to fix with modern technology. Use a memory profiler. Use an address sanitizer. Use... ~ Source: Reddit / 2 weeks ago

  • PureVPN's Amazon Fire Stick and Android TV apps are finally here!🥳😎

    submitted by /u/PureVPNcom to r/PureVPNcom ~ Source: Reddit / 3 weeks ago

  • We’re launching our Discord community! 😎🥳🫂

    We’re launching our Discord community server today! 😎🎮🕹️ A place where you can collaborate, learn, share ideas, take part in exciting giveaways, and much more! Become part of the PureVPN community and make the most of your digital lifestyle Join the community via this link submitted by /u/PureVPNcom to r/PureVPNcom ~ Source: Reddit / 3 weeks ago

  • PureVPN-中国翻墙怎么样 2022最新评测—海归回国加速器

    PureVPN-中国翻墙怎么样 2022最新评测—海归回国加速器 PureVPN 在2018年以前也是一个很火红的VPN,然而近年来由于防火牆更新的缘故,导致连线不稳定,很多网友也提到以下问题: PureVPN连不上,PureVPN 优惠, PureVPN windows, PureVPN iOS 之类的问题。在这篇文章中,我将带您一览PureVPN的全貌。您将透过本文了解: ·中國翻墻現狀(美國之音關於翻牆重罰的報導) ·PureVPN 怎么样 ·PureVPN 优缺点... ~ Source: Reddit / 3 weeks ago

  • PureVPN Dedicated IP on iOS?

    Is it possible? Can’t seem to find the dedicated IP server in the list on iOS. submitted by /u/DarkEmbr to r/PureVPNcom ~ Source: Reddit / 4 weeks ago

  • Hypixel vpn

    Hi guys if i get banned on a other account using PureVPN will i banned on my main without vpn (PureVPN is paid) submitted by /u/ItsSqm to r/minecraftclients ~ Source: Reddit / 4 weeks ago

  • PureVPN

    PureVPN is a VPN application that secures all your devices & keeps you protected, and anonymous whenever you connect. This is a safe space for discussions related to PureVPN & Cyber-Security. Make sure to follow the subreddit rules! ~ Source: Reddit / 1 year ago

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