Norton Secure VPN Review In USA [Updated 2024]

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Norton Secure VPN is developed and marketed by NortonLifeLock Inc., a well-known security product provider. Even if the corporation is well known in USA for its antivirus programs, it’s important to check whether its VPN services in USA adhere to the same standards.

Nowadays, it seems like all the major security providers in USA have VPN services, but the question is Norton Secure VPN better than others in USA? In this Norton Secure VPN Review in USA, we have tested and shared the results with you.

Just to give you a quick overview, Norton Secure VPN is a decent option in USA to unblock your favorite streaming platforms. It offers quick connection speeds and robust security features with super-intuitive apps. For industry-standard security, it offers AES 256-bit encryption, secure protocols, and a kill switch.

Let’s dig into more details!

Our Verdict

Overall Rating :

5.9 / 10

Ranked #28 out of 56 VPNs

As it turned out, the provider is based in the US and covers only 30 server locations. We also found that despite a no-logs policy, Norton retains IP addresses in logs and leaks your DNS. For this reason, we would not call it a trustworthy tool for security and privacy. For the best VPN service, we recommend you get ExpressVPN.
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Why Should You Trust Us?

We have spent thousands of hours and days testing 160+ VPN services using our carefully curated testing process to recommend you the best VPN. Here are a few statistics:

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Key Findings – Norton Secure VPN Review In USA (2024 Updated)

We have used these 9 factors to evaluate this VPN for our Norton Secure VPN review in USA . So, is Norton VPN good? Let’s have a look:

  1. Pricing – You can get Norton VPN price for as low as $4.99/mo using the Norton 360 plan in USA.
  2. Servers & Locations – This VPN offers a small network of servers in 73 locations in 31 countries, which is pretty less as compared to other premium VPNs in USA.
  3. Security – Norton Secure VPN offers a kill switch, AES 256-bit encryption, and multiple security protocols in USA that are efficient to use.
  4. Speed & Performance – We found the speeds to be reliable on most servers as per our speed tests in USA.
  5. Streaming  – It unblocks most streaming services worldwide, including Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu outside USA.
  6. Torrenting – Norton Secure doesn’t support torrenting on its P2p servers in USA.
  7. Compatibility – Norton Secure VPN is compatible with most operating systems in USA, including iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.
  8. Bypassing Censorship – We do not recommend Norton Secure VPN for bypassing censorship in USA as it can leak your information at any time.
  9. Customer Support – This VPN offers live chat, email support, and an FAQ section to users in USA.

Norton Secure VPN Pros & Cons

  • Fast speeds
  • Unblocks streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.
  • Supports torrent on a few locations
  • User-friendly apps
  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • Value VPN bundled with the Norton 360 security suite
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Blocks ad trackers
  • Included in an antivirus suite

  • Small network of servers
  • The kill switch on the Windows app doesn’t work
  • Some features are unavailable on macOS and iOS
  • Doesn’t unblock multiple Netflix regions
  • Doesn’t support torrenting
  • Pricing is above average after the first-year discount

Plans & Pricing – How Much Does Norton VPN Cost In USA?

Norton Secure VPN’s subscription plans in USA are quite pricey. When you review Norton VPN thoroughly in USA, you would find that it has a unique pricing package and is unlike any other VPN service pricing plan that we normally encounter.

Norton VPN offers three different tiers based on the number of devices that we’d like to protect: 1, 5, or 10. We could get lower prices and great discounts in USA by paying for its annual subscription within one go.

Let’s compare its plans to one another:

No. of covered devices Duration Pricing 
1 device 1 month $4.99
1 device 1 year $29.99
5 devices 1 month $7.99
5 devices 1 year $39.99
10 devices 1 month $9.99
10 devices 1 year $59.99

Please note that the prices of annual subscriptions rise significantly after the first year. So, if you’re signing up for its annual subscription in USA, you should keep this in mind. As for its plans, we loved the fact that it lets you choose the number of devices you want to protect and choose a plan accordingly.

Payment Method & Refund Option

All plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee in USA, which is really good. Just contact their customer support representative and request your refund if you don’t like its service.

You can pay for Norton VPN’s subscription using a debit/credit card as well as PayPal. And if you own an Android or iOS device, then you can use its 7-day free trial.

Servers & Locations- How many servers does Norton VPN have?

Norton VPN has server locations in 73 cities across 31 countries. This footprint is small, but it’s not by any means insignificant. However, the IP addresses of these servers are present in popular countries, such as the US, UK, Brazil, and Singapore, so you get the best digital experience.

While its server count is decent, we’d like to point out that out of 1500 servers, 1200 are virtual servers, not physical ones. This is not a deal breaker for us, but we prefer physical servers as they’re located where the provider claims. Virtual servers, on the other hand, are frequently not situated in the location they claim to be, although they practically imitate the features of physical servers.

Moreover, to their credit, Norton asserts that all of the virtual servers they employ are located in the countries they list. But, we can’t be 100% sure of this claim. However, if you want more server options, get ExpressVPN in USA, which offers 3000+ servers in 105 countries worldwide.

Security, Privacy, and Logging – Is Norton VPN Safe In USA?

Yes, Norton Secure VPN is a pretty safe VPN provider in USA. It offers good security with features like 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch, a no-logs policy, and safe VPN protocols. All in all, Norton Secure VPN is a good option for browsing, streaming Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and gaming because it is safe, quick, easy to use, and generally effective. Norton must avoid any security flaws or data breaches in order to preserve its reputation. If all you need to do is secure your identity, this VPN is a fantastic option in USA!

Let’s talk about the kill switch feature. We think that other VPNs offer more efficient kill switches in USA, like PrivateVPN, which lets you pick which apps are made inaccessible if the VPN disconnects. Other VPNs in USA offer much superior kill switches than Norton Secure VPN. However, the kill switch on Norton Secure VPN is still functional and decent.

As for VPN protocols, Norton Secure VPN offers two security protocols – IKEv2/IPSec and WireGuard. We are pleased to note that both protocols offer robust security and lightning-fast performance in USA. IKEv2/IPSec is only supported on Windows. However, WireGuard is available on all Norton Secure VPN apps. The VPN client on the Windows platform will automatically select the ideal protocol for your region.

We especially like the availability of complete security against IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC leakage. We ran leak tests on many servers to check Norton Secure VPN’s leak prevention in USA, and we never encountered any leaks. When we connected to its UK server, the VPN did not leak our US IP address at all:


Our actual IP address and DNS were safe while using this VPN in USA.

Apart from the security features we just looked at, Norton Secure VPN also provides a few extras in USA, such as split tunneling, an ad blocker, and a Wi-Fi security tool.

On Windows and Android, the VPN offers a split tunneling feature in USA, which enables you to exclude apps from the VPN tunnel, although it isn’t very reliable. We tried blocking Chrome and Firefox on Android, but for some strange reason, they used the VPN connection most of the time.

Additionally, we disabled the Norton Secure VPN on Windows for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, but they also continued to use the VPN connection.


We tested it on our Windows device for our Norton VPN review in USA.

In general, we don’t like Norton Secure VPN’s split tunneling feature in USA because it only occasionally works on Android and never works on Windows.

Norton Secure VPN also provides a strong ad blocker in USA, and unlike many other VPNs, it works across all platforms. In our tests, the ad blocker prevented the majority of advertising from loading on media websites and social media platforms, which made websites load more quickly. Overall, it performed a great job eliminating those pesky adverts. Check out the other best antivirus with VPN in USA

One cool feature that we found during the Norton Secure VPN review in USA, is that it offers Wi-Fi Security. This feature keeps you safe on unsecured networks. It identifies dangerous networks and alerts users in USA when they connect to a compromised network. While this feature is great, it is sadly only available on iOS and Android.

As for their data-storing practices in USA, Norton Secure VPN claims to keep no logs. Although Norton Secure VPN has a no-logs policy, we don’t think it’s strict enough. For instance, it logs your IP address even if it doesn’t log the websites you browse or the things you download. And as we all know, an IP address can be used to identify and locate an individual.

However, Norton Secure VPN claims that it logs your IP address to serve content to your device and establish the proper language settings. We’ll let you be the judge of that!

Your email address and bandwidth are also logged by Norton Secure VPN, which doesn’t really fit the definition of a “no logs VPN.”


Most alarmingly, Norton Secure VPN is headquartered in the United States, which, if you don’t know, is part of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliances. In all honesty, Norton Secure VPN’s no-logs policy in USA falls short of that of the leading VPN service providers.

Speed & Performance In USA – Neither Fast nor Too Slow

Norton Secure VPN may not offer lightning-fast speeds in USA, but it provides a reliable connection to stay secure online. During our speed tests carried in USA, we recorded an average speed loss of 45%. This may not be equivalent to some of the very best VPNs in 2024 but it’s not too bad.

But, later on, we encountered some observable slowdowns on extremely distant servers in Singapore and Japan. Typically, the best VPNs in USA should not decrease your speeds by more than 30%.

On close-distance servers, Norton Secure VPN managed to offer decent speeds in USA. To create a benchmark for our speeds, we first did a speed test without using the VPN and got a download speed of 96.75 Mbps.


We got these speeds before connecting to a VPN server for our Norton VPN review in USA.

Overall, Norton Secure VPN is quick on nearby servers but slow on far-off ones. We did observe observable lags when streaming and browsing in USA on distant servers. However, VoIP calls worked without a hitch in every location.

Streaming – Does Norton VPN Work With Netflix In USA?

Norton VPN works with US Netflix outside USA but does not unblock other Netflix regions.  The VPN provider’s server network is extremely limited, and unblocking Netflix is not their primary purpose. In short, Norton VPN is not the best VPN for Netflix outside USA.

Norton Secure VPN is not viable if you want to watch foreign films and television shows in USA because it only unblocks a few streaming services. We could unblock Netflix US outside USA, but not other Netflix regions and VoD platforms.

Our team streamed “The Borgias,” which is only accessible on Netflix US, to test Norton Secure VPN. However, when we streamed, our speeds significantly dropped. If it wasn’t for our fast internet connection, we would experience lags and buffering issues.


We could enjoy streaming ‘The Borgias’ outside USA in High Definition with this VPN.

But despite slow speeds, it is pretty impressive that it managed to unblock Netflix, as most VPNs struggle to do so. However, we’d still recommend you opt for the best VPN for Netflix like ExpressVPN instead of Norton Secure.

Other VoD Streaming Services

Moreover, we could also unblock streaming services like Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and ESPN+ outside USA using Norton Secure VPN. Here is a complete table of the streaming services this VPN can unblock:

Streaming Platforms Unblocking
US Netflix
BBC iPlayer
Amazon Prime Video

However, HBO Max blocked our access for being outside the licensed region. It appeared as if Norton Secure VPN was unable to hide our location. Here is a screenshot below of this:


We failed to unblock the platform outside USA even after switching to another US server.

HBO Max blocked us because they detected that we were using a VPN, which was obviously the case. Despite several tries, only the login screen was displayed each time, as we were caught in an infinite loop.

In conclusion, Norton Secure VPN is not the best option for unblocking streaming services. You can check out the other best VPN for streaming available in USA which support all platforms.

Is Norton VPN Good for Torrenting In USA?

No, Norton VPN is not a good option for torrenting in USA, you need to use the best VPN for torrenting in USA to securely download files. P2P downloads are only permitted by Norton Secure VPN on a single server, and the company’s privacy practices are utterly inadequate for private torrenting.

Also, Norton made it abundantly clear that it opposes all forms of torrenting. Further, if the VPN detects torrent activity in USA, it will completely stop functioning.

Norton VPN server address gave us an error and severed the connection as soon as we launched uTorrent. In short, it is not the VPN to use if you want to torrent. But other VPNs like ExpressVPN permit torrenting in USA, some of which even have dedicated servers for it.

Device Compatibility – Apps and Supported Devices

As per our review of Norton Secure VPN in USA, this VPN is available only on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It is not compatible with routers, Fire TV, and Linux. Moreover in USA, the macOS and iOS apps lack a few features, such as split tunneling.

Let’s not forget that Norton Secure VPN lets you protect your devices in USA depending on the pricing plan you choose. Here’s what is offered on different Norton VPN apps:

Devices Kill Switch Norton 360 App Tracker Blocker Split Tunneling
iOS No No Yes No
Android Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes
macOS No Yes Yes No

App installation and ease of use

Norton Secure VPN is pretty easy to use on most platforms in USA. The apps are pretty intuitive and simple to use, making users a great experience with them. However, we’d prefer if there’s an option to customize advanced features.

Norton VPN Windows app

Norton Secure VPN is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.5, and 7 in USA, with the exception of the S mode in Windows 10 and 11.

Norton VPN’s Windows app is feature-rich in USA, as it includes a tracker blocker, kill switch, and split tunneling. You can toggle every feature on and off with a single switch. The servers can be selected based on location only, and you can’t select individual servers within a given location.


Norton VPN widows app in USA had the most advanced features in its settings.

The VPN section of the Windows client is slightly different from its macOS version in USA. The former has a pop-up window that appears when you want to connect to a server or alter its settings.

Norton VPN macOS app

Even though its macOS app is simpler to use when compared to Windows in USA, it doesn’t offer any advanced features. Significantly, it doesn’t offer a kill switch. This means that if you’re using Norton VPN app on your macOS device, it will leak your original IP address. It further doesn’t have split tunneling on macOS.

What we do like about its macOS client is that it offers a map-based interface, which you don’t find in the Windows client.

Norton Secure VPN for Android Review

Norton VPN is compatible with Android devices in USA operating 6.0 or later. It has a straightforward layout with straightforward sections to make navigating the application simple. It is available from the Google Play Store, and installing it only takes a few minutes.


Using the app, you can quickly activate your VPN, choose your preferred location, and enable the ad blocking and wifi security features. Also, it’s easy to use and doesn’t demand extra steps to use its functions.

Norton Secure VPN for iOS app Review

At the bottom of the app, there are distinct tabs to enable the VPN connection and choose the VPN region. Additionally, you have the choice to use the VPN’s auto-connect icon to have it choose the nation with the fastest speeds for you.

One drawback is that the iOS version of Norton VPN in USA lacks the kill switch and split tunneling features as found in the macOS version.


Bypassing Censorship

We contacted Norton Secure VPN’s customer support to ask if it works in China, and the response was negative. However, when tested, we did find it working in the Chinese region. We could connect to a VPN server within 20 seconds each time, which wasn’t bad at all.

Moreover, the VPN also offers servers in Hong Kong, using which you can unblock local content of the country, such as iQiyi with reliable speeds. However, since the VPN doesn’t offer obfuscation technology USA, you’re likely to get banned instantly.

Norton Secure VPN – Customer Support

Norton VPN offers the worst customer service to exist. Even though there’s 24/7 live chat support available, the representatives are unable to answer most of our questions. However, Norton VPN is one of the few VPNs in USA that have social media support.

Customer Support Availability
Live chat support Yes
Email support No
Online resources Yes
Email support through online forms No
Tutorials No

Moreover, for using its live chat, you are required to provide a phone number and email ID, which is a lot of personally identifiable information, in our opinion. You’ll also find an online help section, but they only provide incorrect and misleading information.

Finally, while there isn’t any email support, it does offer support through Twitter and Facebook. However, we got no response by messaging as well. We further asked ‘Is Norton VPN good in USA‘ on Reddit, and found several complaints about their customer service.

FAQs – Norton Secure VPN Review In USA

No, Norton Secure VPN does not come for free in USA, but they do provide a 60-day money-back guarantee. So, if users don’t like Norton Secure VPN, they can just reach out to the VPN’s customer support (855) 815-2726) and claim a refund within 60 days of purchase.

Yes, Norton Secure VPN hides your IP address in USA if you connect to its server before browsing. Once you’ve connected, your traffic will pass through a VPN tunnel using AES 256-bit encryption. This tunnel will hide your actual IP address and traffic from your Internet Service Provider.

According to the provider itself, Norton VPN is a no-logs provider that encrypts user data and doesn’t track or log your activity in USA. But, since it’s a VPN located in the 5 Eyes Alliance country, we can’t say for sure. Therefore, we recommend using ExpressVPN instead.

NordVPN has more VPN servers than almost any other VPN service. In practically every feature comparison, starting with the overall number of VPN servers, Norton Secure VPN falls short of NordVPN in USA. Indeed, it’s not even close.

Yes, keep your Norton VPN connected at all times in USA. VPNs provide the best online security. So, in order to protect yourself from data leaks and cyberattacks while using public Wi-Fi and from invasive snoopers like ISPs or marketers, you should always keep your VPN on.

Yes, Norton VPN does slow down the internet speed in USA. No matter if you connect to nearby or faraway servers, it will slow down your connection because it is a small server network.

Alternatives to Norton Secure VPN In USA

If you want to use other VPN services in USA, you can check out our list which includes:

Do We Recommend Norton Secure VPN In USA?

No, we do not recommend Norton VPN in USA. And we can say that after checking Norton VPN reviews Reddit before saying this. First, it retains user information such as IP addresses, which can be used to compromise your privacy. The provider lacks enough security features that are offered by some of the better providers in USA such as ExpressVPN.

Moreover, it has a small server network and does not support torrenting in USA on any of it. Moreover, while it’s not expensive, other providers offer better features at this or a slightly more price. Therefore, based on all the facts covered in this Norton Secure VPN review, the provider gets a rating of 5.9/10 which is quite low when compared to other VPNs in the market.

Hence, we recommend opting for a premium VPN. When navigating through the top VPN services, you need in-depth knowledge about them. To address this, we have evaluated numerous VPNs and compiled comprehensive and unbiased VPN reviews, which will assist you in selecting the best one suited to your needs.

Hope you liked our detailed Norton Secure VPN Review.