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NetflixVPN Review 2021

Overview & Jurisdiction

With the name NetflixVPN, it’s quite obvious what the service is about. However, its functionality is not only limited to access different Netflix libraries only.

It works just like any other VPN service and offers nifty features for users. Its main objective is Netflix, but the provider states that users can unblock over 200 streaming sites with its service on its website.

On the other hand, one of the main positives are its cheap pricing plan. It’s light on the wallet, but that does mean it lacks in few areas.

For instance, the VPN does not have a client software of its own, so I used OPENVPN GUI to test NetflixVPN.

As for the jurisdiction of the service, unfortunately, the official website does not offer any information. From a privacy standpoint, that is a big concern as VPN location plays a big role in the kind of data service that can disclose when called upon by authorities.

So how does it perform in accessing US Netflix? Is it worth investing in?

Servers3000 in 94 Countries 22 Servers Worldwide
CompatibilityAll DevicesWindows, Mac, Linux, Android,
Routers & iOS
JurisdictionThe British Virgin IslandsUnknown
Logging PolicyZero LogsUnknown
Customer SupportLive Chat & Email SupportContact us & Tutorial
Trustpilot Score4.7N/A


Let’s dive into NetflixVPN review to see the astonishing results.

Pricing plans



The pricing of this VPN is one factor that enticed me. If you’re unsure about the service, you can always try the one-month package that costs only $4.00.

In case you need the service for a short time, perhaps you’re traveling, or you want to be sure, the one-month option is the best to make sure that you have the most suitable service.

But if you want to commit to a long-term package, you can go for the yearly package. It drops your monthly price to a mere $2.50 a month and a total of $30 for the whole year, which is what – Peanuts!

Another factor that I loved about the pricing of NetflixVPN is that no matter what plan you choose, you get all the features, and there is no such thing as a basic or premium account.

Netflix Connectivity – Can you access US Netflix?

To test its main feature, I tried to connect to a US server. Sadly, I had to try it multiple times, at least 5, before I got connected. There was a constant error regarding certification errors during connection.


Once a successful connection was established, I launched Netflix and checked if I could access the US library.

I looked up content such as Avengers: Infinity War, a movie only available in the US Netflix. The movie was available, adding to my excitement.

However, then came the dreaded part! As I played the movie, Netflix detected that I was using a VPN and denied me access.

To access US Netflix, you can go for the best Netflix VPN service.

That said, you will have to use a free VPN Kodi service if you want to stream any movie or TV show to your liking securely. With a VPN, you can also get Netflix in Spanish from abroad.

Client software

The company does not have a client software of its own, but you can use platforms such as OPENVPN.GUI and Cisco Anyconnect.

I used OPENVPN.GUI to test the service, almost every server that I tested connected swiftly.

Speed Test

To test the speed with and without NetflixVPN, I conducted speed tests using speedtest.xfinity.com.

Without NetflixVPN


With NetflixVPN

I experienced a download speed drop of almost 50%, which is quite shocking and not a favorable result for anyone trying to stream online on Netflix or any other geo-restricted website.

Luckily, the upload speed drop was not as alarming; it went down from 1.4Mbps to 1.2Mbps, a mere 14% drop.

Terms and Disallowed Use of NetflixVPN

As per the Terms and Conditions of the company, there is no discussion about the logging policy, which is a concern if you want privacy and the ability to stream content online.

NetflixVPN highlights a list of things you shouldn’t do with the VPN. It would be best if you did not indulge in any illegal activity, share your credentials with others, use P2P other than the designated servers, and more.

Furthermore, the company disallows any behavioral misconduct such as harassment, abuse, impersonation of someone else, and so on.

But the most worrying fact is that the company has mentioned limited information on its website, unlike other VPN services in the industry.

This makes it a little shady; furthermore, it does not even tell which jurisdiction it falls under.

Number of Servers

NetflixVPN offers 17 servers for its users. Some popular locations include:

  1. Canada
  2. Brazil
  3. Mexico
  4. Argentina
  5. Korea
  6. Australia Server

There are specific servers for downloading P2P files. These include Luxembourg, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, Russia, and Hong Kong.

To check if I had successfully connected to the American server, I used IPlocation.net.

As can be seen from the image below, the server connected successfully without any leaks.

IP Leak test

To confirm our tests, I conducted a further test using IPleak.net. Below is the image proving that there were no IP leaks in the service.



Once again NetflixVPN, proved to be successful, and no leaks were found during the test, which is quite impressive.

Especially because I conducted these tests more than once at different times and with different server locations.

Chat support

Given that NetflixVPN is relatively a new VPN, it offers limited options for customer support. You will not find live chat support, which is available 24/7.

The chat support is one thing that disappointed me very much. The only method to contact the provider is by filling out a form listed under Contact Us.


Security and Privacy Policy

The company offers several protocols for you, so you can select the one that serves your needs:

  • PPTP
  • L2tp
  • PPTP
  • L2tp
  • SSTP
  • IKEV2

Platforms available


NetflixVPN is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Android, and much more.

However, because the service does not have a client software of its own, you will have to set up the VPN manually.

Alternatives to NetflixVPN

In case you do not want to use NetflixVPN, you have options galore when it comes to securing your privacy online. Here is the list of other VPN services you may select that includes:

Our Experience and Verdict

While NetflixVPN does not ace in the VPN industry, our experience during the NetflixVPN review was rather undivided.

Some negatives included its inability to play media on US Netflix, weak customer support, and download speed drops of around 50%. Perhaps, NetflixVPN can use these shortcomings as areas for improvement.

On a positive note, I did not face any IP leaks. All the servers offered by the company actually worked. Another benefit for a small-time user is its meager price. In fact, even if you opt for a longer plan, the price keeps falling to a mere $2.50, which is really nothing.

As a cybersecurity advocate, I would rate the service 2/5.

Let us know your experiences with NetflixVPN in the comment section below!

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