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IVPN Reddit [Updated Redditors comments]

IVPN might not be all that popular, but it is definitely worth checking out. It even scored a pretty good rating in our IVPN review. That being said, is it good enough to be added to our list of best VPNs for Reddit? To help you decide if IVPN is right for you, we’ve compiled all the latest IVPN Reddit comments in one place for your convenience.

  • Obfuscated Servers

    Is there a chance that obfuscated servers will be available on the iOS app at some point? submitted by /u/bluethunderx76 to r/IVPN ~ Source: Reddit / 5 days ago

  • IVPN infrastructure security audit concluded

    We’re pleased to announce that a fifth annual independent security audit, this time focusing on the new IVPN gateway infrastructure has concluded. We recently decided it was necessary to upgrade our VPN gateway servers to a major new OS version which included many configuration changes. This provided a good opportunity to audit the new servers in our testing environment before deploying them to production for customer use. Audit results Two senior members of the Cure53 team conducted the... ~ Source: Reddit / 5 days ago

  • IVPN Port Forward or Not?

    Currently running IVPN. I tried AirVPN, Mullvad and OVPN- I'm sticking to IVPN for now. My fastest connections are USA servers but those do not offer port forwarding per IVPN. While connecting to servers in Canada or Brazil my connection speed is like halved... but I get port forwarding now. Should I stick to torrenting on USA servers (with no port forwarding) or switch to slower connection which will allow me to have port forwarding? Someone please help and explain why. submitted by... ~ Source: Reddit / 6 days ago

  • Why can't the android IVPN app allow for custom DoH and DoT servers like on iOS

    The android app only allows for legacy non ecrypted DNS as opposed to the iOS app. submitted by /u/pejanene to r/IVPN ~ Source: Reddit / 6 days ago

  • qbittorent docker with IVPN

    Hi All, I cannot seem to figure out how to get qbittorrent to run through IVPN I have tried: using the proxy method though I don´t really know what I am doing and, a vm with IVPN running on it but i cannot figure out how to connect to it any help you could provide would be great! ​ thanks! submitted by /u/littlejiver to r/qBittorrent ~ Source: Reddit / 2 weeks ago

  • While Using Custom DNS on IVPN Mobile IOS iMessages and IOS Notifications In General Don’t Send Or Pop Up

    Whenever I use any custom DNS within IVPN my iMessages never go through and I never receive any notifications on my iPhone while connected to the VPN. Right when I disconnect from the VPN everything works fine. Any way to fix this? I’m using Single-Hop with Wiregaurd and port 2049. Yes, I have Anti-Tracker off. submitted by /u/x27381 to r/IVPN ~ Source: Reddit / 2 weeks ago

  • why a firewall and why is it unpredictable

    Most VPNs I have used to not impose a firewall on client machines. IVPN does. And that firewall is such that it cuts off access to even other machines on my local LAN. I usually turn it off in the GUI to avoid such things. But I notice on one of my machines that it periodically turns itself back on! This is not good when the machine in question is doing ongoing work in conjunction with other machines on my LAN. So some questions: 1) Why even have this extra firewall when I already have my own?... ~ Source: Reddit / 2 weeks ago

  • Need a little help…

    I started using IVPN a few days ago and have been quite happy with it. The last couple of days , however, the app keeps telling me that I have no internet connection, despite data being on. I’m using iPhone 13 Pro Max with iOS 16.4 and am not sure how to fix it . Any help would be greatly appreciated! submitted by /u/bluethunderx76 to r/IVPN ~ Source: Reddit / 2 weeks ago

  • iVPN vs Mullvad

    My subscription on IVPN was coming to a close, so I decided to purchase a single month on Mullvad to give it a go. Both support fairly seamless Monero payments, which is pretty neat, both with email-less account IDs. The first thing I was taken aback by was how stark and "kneecapped" the Mullvad mobile apps were. I love being able to see a connection map, set OpenVPN vs Wireguard, and firewall settings directly in the interface. I don't like being forced to manage the firewall in the phone OS... ~ Source: Reddit / 2 weeks ago

  • Is it possible to "install" IVPN on a MikroTik?

    I recently started using both Mikrotik and IVPN. Since IVPN provides WireGuard tunnels and Mikrotik has native support for WireGuard, I figured there could be a way to use IVPN on my MikroTik to route all traffic through it, but I just can't figure out how. Any help is appreciated, thanks! submitted by /u/bitsystem to r/mikrotik ~ Source: Reddit / 3 weeks ago

  • IVPN Android App crashing after I made payment

    Did i get scammed? I think i still have time to get a refund. I installed from the google play store on my Mate 20 Pro ​ App opens for a split second and then closes. I'm updated to the latest software for the app and OS my available for my device. submitted by /u/passportpowell2 to r/IVPN ~ Source: Reddit / 3 weeks ago

  • DNS Leaks

    Is it fine if i’m using NextDNS with IVPN as the custom dns server and it says my dns may be leaking? Or is there a way to fix that? submitted by /u/x27381 to r/nextdns ~ Source: Reddit / 3 weeks ago

  • How to Connect to School Wifi

    Hello! I've tried to connect to my VPN with my school WiFi but if I use it, I lose internet as well. Any thoughts or help? I'm pretty new to this submitted by /u/Komeri707 to r/IVPN ~ Source: Reddit / 3 weeks ago

  • Why does Hardcore mode block mozilla.org and privacyguides.org?

    Title. submitted by /u/UserNoName6 to r/IVPN ~ Source: Reddit / 3 weeks ago

  • IVPN - The Brazil Server is Constantly Down

    Also, I didn't give you an mail because I didn't want you to have it. So to force me to use an email to contact you when I'm ALREADY LOGGED IN, is really annoying. But again, why is the Brazil server constantly down? Is there any way yall can add some redundancy? This really interrupts workflow. submitted by /u/bawdyanarchist to r/IVPN ~ Source: Reddit / 3 weeks ago

  • Android: run 2 VPNs

    Download and install 'Island' from Play Store Inside your Island app go to the Play Store and install your second VPN I'm currently running IVPN on my main (profile) and using ZeroTier One on my work space Island (profile) to acces my Jellyfin at home. Edit #1: to clarify it is running 2 VPNs independently, 1 per instance (profile). submitted by /u/NAME_ME_NOT to r/androidapps ~ Source: Reddit / 3 weeks ago

  • Do you experience any poblems with small number of IVPN IPs

    If VPN server IPs are in small numbers, accessing web sites may be restricted. IVPN indicates that they "maintain a very small pool of IP addresses per server, usually 3-5". The company does this to improve privacy/anonymity by “crowding”. But there must be a tradeoff between privacy and ease of use. As IVPN users, how do you compare IVPN to other VPN services in terms of access to regular websites (e.g. total inaccessibility, CAPTCHA)? submitted by /u/armstrong7310 to r/IVPN... ~ Source: Reddit / 4 weeks ago

  • IVPN and Mac / iCloud working?

    Hello! I’m looking for a good VPN and I’m trying to decide between Mulvad, Proton and IVPN. I started with Mulvad but I’m having problems. iCloud Drive isn’t working, Private Relay has to be turned off or will crash everything and I hate electron apps because most of them run like a browser. I tried the official Wireguard app of the AppStore but it is broken on Ventura. How is IVPN doing? Is iCloud sync and Private relay working or is this an Apple problem? Is the MacOS app also an... ~ Source: Reddit / 1 mth ago

  • IVPN Community

    IVPN is an open-source, audited, privacy focused VPN service with WireGuard and ad+tracker blocking. Generate account without an email address. BTC, Monero, cash payments accepted. This community is supported by IVPN team members and is open to all. ~ Source: Reddit / 5 years ago

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