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IVPN Reddit [Updated Redditors comments]

IVPN might not be all that popular, but it is definitely worth checking out. It even scored a pretty good rating in our IVPN review. That being said, is it good enough to be added to our list of best VPNs for Reddit? To help you decide if IVPN is right for you, we’ve compiled all the latest IVPN Reddit comments in one place for your convenience.

  • Any way to whitelist apps instead of blacklist when split tunnelling?

    submitted by /u/stop_reading__this to r/IVPN ~ Source: Reddit / 2 days ago

  • They think this is a good setup for anonymity

    IPS->VPN->TOR->TORDNS->VPS->VPN ​ using linux kodachi using a vps bought with bitcoin vpns using IVPN and mullvad I would like opinions about my configuration and if I have an error and what I can improve, feel free to comment whatever you want, thanks. submitted by /u/69856 to r/TOR ~ Source: Reddit / 2 days ago

  • Port Forward stops working after some time, restarting qbittorrent helps for some time, but then again

    Hi, I am using IVPN, set up qbittorrent(protocol "only TCP", port as per IVPN, UPnP disabled; DHT, PeX, LPD enabled, encryption allowed; binded network interface to the vpn one(utun3)), once I start qbittorrent everything looks fine, incoming peers getting connected, canyouseeme.org says port is ok. But some time passes and port forwarding stops working, new incoming peer stops appearing(old ones continue working), actually downloads/uploads works, but like in passive mode(I can't receive... ~ Source: Reddit / 2 days ago

  • Questions regarding about Pro and Standard.

    Hello, I am not a techie guy so please pardon me, if I am asking the wrong question. I'd like to ask regarding about the 2 features included in Pro, does it have a huge impact if I didn't get it as a regular/normal user? I just want to stay away from my ISP selling and sharing my data, since whenever I try to search something and I will get bombard with ads with the one that I searched for. submitted by /u/Previous_Year1057 to r/IVPN ~ Source: Reddit / 2 days ago

  • Large app size

    The iOS app size is around 100MB. Mullvad is around 7.5MB and IVPN is around 20MB. Is there a reason why the protonVPN app so much larger than its competitors? submitted by /u/HPgO3kRVF6RhVH to r/ProtonVPN ~ Source: Reddit / 3 days ago

  • My VPN expired today, waiting for my voucher to arrive, what to do?

    Ordered a voucher two days ago but it has yet to even be shipped for some reason and it's Friday so it won't arrive until at least Tuesday. I kinda need VPN until then. Anything I can do? I'm planning on getting a 24 hour trial for IVPN and maybe even like their service but they are also probably operated by the CIA. Edit: Another user shared their account with me, I will not name them in case they don't want to be named. submitted by /u/hso0oow to r/mullvadvpn ~ Source: Reddit / 1 week ago

  • IVPN App on Mac

    Greetings, When connected to IVPN App on my MBA1 I guess you cant have the firewall activated,because when I'm in TB Client email I get DNS server error I have to disable the firewall in the IVPN app this is for gmail account submitted by /u/esorb65 to r/IVPN ~ Source: Reddit / 1 week ago

  • Video Streaming

    Greetings, What are the best sever location in the US to stream Netflix,Hulu,Peacock etc etc I have tried a few US server and can't stream ​ Cheers esorb submitted by /u/esorb65 to r/IVPN ~ Source: Reddit / 2 weeks ago

  • VPNs that are good for privacy and streaming?

    I'd like to look into getting a VPN, especially the ones on Privacy Guides, but I want a VPN that I can rely on for any use case, whether it be privacy and preventing man-in-the-middle attacks on public Wi-Fi, using it in areas without Wi-Fi or crappier Wi-Fi, or getting around geoblocked content, especially on streaming services. However, I know that streaming services like to crack down on VPNs. I've heard many people say that some of the privacy-friendly VPNs like IVPN aren't that great for... ~ Source: Reddit / 2 weeks ago

  • ivpn review

    Guys! Who has used IVPN or any other? I want to set up the best one! But I don’t know which to choose. submitted by /u/arqjhonrh to r/VPN_help ~ Source: Reddit / 3 weeks ago

  • Are "uncensored" servers censored? I'm sadly surprised by the results.

    I anticipate a few questions: 1- have you tried on different servers on different continents? Yes, but not all of course. 2- Have you used WS with particular browser configurations, dns, etc? No. 3 - Have you tried with Wireguard and OpenVPN and different ports with different protocols? Yes. 4 - Have you tried other VPNs? Yes, with OVPN and IVPN (note: same results as WS), which I installed to prove their efficiency, as WS has been letting me down lately (and I still have many months of... ~ Source: Reddit / 3 weeks ago

  • no upload speed on utorrent or qbittorrent - download works fine

    hi folks, i have tried both utorrent and qbittorrent clients am using windows 10 have IVPN as a vpn have tried turning IVPN off - still have the issue downloads work fine but uploads just sit at 0 kbp/s speed please help me 🙂 thanks! submitted by /u/jessrainbow7777 to r/Torrenting ~ Source: Reddit / 4 weeks ago

  • can't log in

    https://imgur.com/O9K0Fbv submitted by /u/startedwatchinganime to r/IVPN ~ Source: Reddit / 4 weeks ago

  • Not yet, IVPN!

    I don't know what it is. If IVPN is active there are websites with missing elements like here on Reddit. The entire "MY COMMUNITIES" part on the left is not being displayed. I tried any ports and servers (Wireguard) but it won't work. Firewall and IPv6 is activated, Anti-Tracker is not. Still everything's fine with Mullvad so I'll be back in a few months to see if this issue is gone at last! EDIT: IVPN still has problems with Wireguard and IPv6. The issue is obviously gone when using OpenVPN.... ~ Source: Reddit / 4 weeks ago

  • IVPN Community

    IVPN is an open-source, audited, privacy focused VPN service with WireGuard and ad+tracker blocking. Generate account without an email address. BTC, Monero, cash payments accepted. This community is supported by IVPN team members and is open to all. ~ Source: Reddit / 4 years ago

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