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Incognito VPN Review 2021

INCOGNiTO VPN has been shut down and is no longer active.

Update: This VPN is no longer active. It does not offer services to new customers. 

Below you will find a comparison between ExpressVPN and INCOGNiTO VPN

Servers3000+ in 94 CountriesServers in 12 Countries
CompatibilityAll DevicesWindows, MacOS,
iOS, Android, & Chromebook
JurisdictionBritish Virgin IslandsUnited Kingdom
Logging PolicyZero LogZero Log
Customer SupportLive Chat & Email SupportTickets & Live Chat
Trust Pilot Score4.7N/A
Website ExpressVPN INCOGNiTO VPN


Incognito VPN or IncognitoVPN is a product of Endurance International Group. The company is known for delivering digital products and services to cater the privacy needs of netizens. It is based in UK with its services hosted on servers in U.S.

Offering robust data protection features to users with wallet friendly pricing plans; it is a provider worth considering.

This Incognito VPN review consists of detailed tests to evaluate the performance, service standards, support quality, and other aspects of this VPN. Moreover, the VPN will be assessed as per the standards set by the best VPN service.


My Rating Criteria

Here is a list of factors that I will be using INCOGNiTO VPN review:


Pricing – How much does INCOGNiTO VPN cost?

Incognito VPN is currently offering three plans and they are very expensive.


The three package of Incognito VPN are aptly named Disguise, Anonymous and Cloak.

Clock being the least expensive package comes with lesser servers than the other two. Meanwhile, the anonymous package provides the added benefit of Smart DNS along with 5 simultaneous connections.

Evidently, the Disguise package balances speed and price with 3 connections and 30+ server locations.

By selecting anyone of these packages, you can keep your online privacy safe from hackers, spammers, phishes, malware, and various other malicious software.

Similarly, each of the pricing plans offer the same level of encryption and protocols, which means you can remain anonymous over the internet and prevent state sponsored surveillance from eavesdropping on your internet activities.

Payment Methods

Incognito VPN offers two modes of payment and these are:

  • VISA, MasterCard, AMEX
  • PayPal


Also, if you’re interested in a more premium VPN, check out our list of VPN deals and avail amazing discounts on top-tier VPN services!

Security – Encryption & features

Incognito VPN offers leading industry standard protocols to deliver on its 100% anonymity claim. An amazing mix of tunneling protocols gives the user a fantastic streaming experience along with a reliable online protection at all times.

The military grade data encryption ensures that a user stays anonymous to eyes of State surveillance, hackers, ISPs and cyber goons. Currently, following tunneling protocols are being offered by the VPN service:

  • PPTP (128-bit encryption keys)
  • Ikev2 (256-bit encryption keys)
  • L2TP/IPSec (256-bit encryption keys)
  • OpenVPN (128-bit encryption keys)

Jurisdiction –Is it located in a 5-eyes country?

It is based in the United Kingdom, which falls under the 5 eyes country. This means, that the VPN service is liable to share your data if asked upon.


As this Incognito VPN review tell you, the provider does not offer a vast range of servers. Instead, you can access 35+ servers of 30+ location. Even though, the numbers of servers are low, the coverage is pretty decent.

The servers are places in high-speed locations in the U.S, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sweden, France, Netherlands and more. This allows users to access geo-blocked websites and services including Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Fox NOW, Sky GO, Channel 7 and 9 Network from any corner of the world.

Incognito VPN-Servers
With over 30 servers placed in the main locations of the world, Incognito VPN offers 99.99% network uptime guarantee. This helps you to browse the internet anonymously and safely. Moreover, the IP masking ability allows users to download and share torrents without the fear of getting caught.

While more servers are being added continuously to the network. The service offers ‘server statistics panel’ that allows you to stay updated with recent network load on the desired servers. This is beneficial when you are looking for servers with maximum performance.


Speed – How fast is INCOGNiTO VPN?

To evaluate the performance I conducted speed tests of the service using a 10 MBPS intentionally throttled connection with PPTP tunneling protocol. Following results were concluded for my incognito VPN review:

Speed Test without VPN:


Speed Test using UK Server:


Speed Test using New York Server:


When I tested the speed without any VPN connection, my download speeds were around 7 Mbps. However, the speeds dropped slightly when I connected to a VPN server based in UK. Surprisingly, the ping reduced for some odd reason.

However, the drop in download speeds was considerable when I connected to Incognito’s VPN server in USA. But when I access geo-blocked service such as Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer and ITV, I was able to stream shows and movies in HD quality without any interruptions.

Does it Work on Kodi?

Yes, it works on Kodi and helps you stream Movies, TV Shows, and most importantly Live TV channels.

There are not many VPNs that could change your location while streaming on Kodi, but Incognito is one of them.

Let’s have a look at some Kodi best VPN.


Trustworthiness – Logs and customer support

For this Incognito VPN review, I studied privacy policy of the company and concluded with its pleasing zero activity logging policy. This means that it does not record users’ internet activities. However, the privacy policy is driven by laws and regulations which comply with provisions of DMCA and UK’s Investigatory Powers Bill.

An interesting tidbit I found in the VPN’s privacy policy is that the VPN will share user information with government agencies, if the user takes part in criminal activity.


Customer Support

Incognito VPN offers customer support through two mediums including email ticketing system and knowledge base section.

The email ticketing system tends to resolve technical issues of users while the knowledge base section is well stocked with informative guides.

A Live Chat option is also available for the user around the clock.

Knowledge Base Section

The Knowledge Base Section aims to help customers by providing resources for billing and payment help. The installation guides help a subscriber with setup up of VPN service on different devices. Moreover, step-by-step guides, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and Tips and Tricks provide users with ultimate satisfaction towards incognito VPN.

Email Ticketing System

The email ticketing system helps to solve complex and technical issues faced with the VPN. The Ticketing system covers technical, billing and sales queries. For this incognito VPN review, I dropped a query on ticketing support system enquiring about tunneling protocols. The response to the email came within 24 hours. Additionally, I was able to solve the issue from the informative knowledge base section.

Live Chat Option

Surprisingly, the service offers 24/7 Live Chat to assist the users. This is feather in the cap of the providers as even some giants of the VPN industry shy away 24/7 support.

To annoyance of Incognito VPN’s agents, I tested this service at different time of days and found to be working on every attempt.


Compatibility – Apps and supported devices

Multi-platform availability is a leading edge feature of Incognito VPN. We rank the VPN provider as a leading and supreme provider to offer state of the art applications for:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS x
  • iOS (iPad, iPod & iPhone)
  • Android
  • Chromebook (To be launched soon)



VPN Comparison between Incognito VPN and ExpressVPN

Here is a quick comparison of the two VPN service providers based on their features and price. Let us know which one is best in the comment section:

Incognito Alternatives

Since online privacy is an extremely personal matter, one VPN cannot appeal to all the Netizens. Hence, those of you who are not interested in this service can check out the reviews below.

Do I Recommend INCOGNiTO VPN?

To wrap things up, I rank it among best VPN providers in the market with wallet-friendly plans, supercharged server locations, a state of the art in-house app and an informative knowledge base section.

In addition to this, a broad range of encryption tunneling protocols ensures a robust and reliable data protection to netizens while delivering high speed browsing and streaming experience. With Incognito VPN on one’s side, a user is safe from hackers, spying agencies and threatening cyber goons.

The 30-day money back guarantee delivers satisfaction to the customers and gives them a chance to test the service before subscribing. Moreover, the multiplatform availability adds even more appeal to the VPN service. However, the ticketing support system of Incognito VPN needs slight improvement.

To conclude this Incognito VPN review, I believe this VPN is on the right path to become a top VPN provider.

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5 Responses to Incognito VPN Review 2021

  1. incogscamo says:

    I had a very bad experience with incognito. i wanted to cancel my subscription and after numerous phone calls and emails they said they could not find my information, even though they kept debiting my credit card. i had to cancel card to stop the transactions.

    • Ghulman says:

      Hey incogscamo,
      I am sorry you had a bad experience with Incognito. The providers should definitely provide you with refunds.

  2. Logan Zen says:

    Find the price and speeds pretty good however if like I’m sure a lot of people you want torrent sites then using bit torrent with my isp was 1.5mb\s average when connecting to their one p2p server in albania I only got 50 kb\s very poor.
    When i asked for money back they are looking in to my information and are not wantingbto gand me back my money so not that simple….in short for streaming and web browsing only fab I would use them. If you want to hide torrent downloading from isp look elsewhere.

  3. B Baxter says:

    Beware, poor customer support. I had billing issues on check out which after two days later I still have not had a reply from them addressing the issue. There is no help without an additional subscription fee. So far based on my experience, despite the nice software I’d look elsewhere.

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