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Hide My IP VPN Review 2022

Hide My IP VPN has servers in 21 countries that are very fast and unblock US Netflix. But does it matter when it keeps your data logs? For the price of $2.91/mo, Hide My IP VPN earns 3 stars ratings.

Based inUnited States [UNSAFE]
Servers138 (21 Countries)
LogsKeep Logs
Multi Login5 Devices
Refund30 Days Money Back

Hide My IP is not a conventional VPN service. It uses Smart DNS to provide users with fake IP addresses in order to change their apparent location on the web.

This is a key difference from other VPNs, most of which use protocols like OpenVPN. Without a doubt, its server speed is very fast, but its logging policy is the reason why I do not recommend Hide My IP VPN.

It logs your data and will handover it over to the authorities if they ask for it. But if you happen to unblock US Netflix, it is a perfect VPN to buy.

Some other VPNs in the list like Surfshark or ExpressVPN manage to offer top-notch speed, unblock Netflix, and don’t log data.

Read more about it in our Hide My IP VPN review.

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My Rating Criteria

Here is a look at some factors on the basis of which I have reviewed Hide My IP VPN:

  1. Pricing – How much does Hide My IP VPN cost?
  2. Security – Encryption & features
  3. Jurisdiction – Is it located in a 5-eyes country?
  4. Speed – How fast is Hide My IP VPN?
  5. Streaming – Does it work with Netflix?
  6. Leaks – Does it leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?
  7. Trustworthiness – Logs and customer support
  8. Compatibility – Apps and supported devices

Pricing – How much does Hide My IP VPN cost?

Hide My IP VPN yearly plan is very affordable. Basically, it offers 3 different plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Find the plans below:


There is no significant difference between the yearly and quarterly pricing plans, so choose any one of them.

The price is cheap no doubt about that, but you can save even more with ExpressVPN or Surfshark.

Payment Methods

Hide My IP accepts several different payment methods i.e.

  • Visa
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin and more.


You will find the list in the image below:

Free Trial

Although Hide My IP does not advertise it, they do have a 3-day free trial.

Personally, I think the free trial period should last at least a week to allow consumers sufficient time to make up their minds about a service, but 3 days is still better than a no-free trial.

Overall, in terms of price, it’s quite cheap. However, if you’re looking for a premium VPN like ExpressVPN or Surfshark, check out our awesome best VPN deals to get amazing discounts!

Security – Encryption & features

I can’t really say which type of encryption it uses because it doesn’t mention it on its website. The only thing it mentions is, ‘anonymous and encrypted surfing’.

But when I dug deeper, I found out that it is not a conventional VPN service. Well, the fact is, Hide My IP shouldn’t strictly be considered a VPN.

This is because Hide My IP does not use any tunneling protocols which define all VPNs. Rather, it uses a Smart DNS proxy that lacks the encryption capabilities of VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, etc.

Smart DNS Proxy

Hide My IP provides Smart DNS server addresses for free that you can configure in your PC or device’s network settings. This feature can be availed for free, and you do not require any software client for this to work.


If you scroll down below, you will find links to instructions for different platforms and operating systems. All you have to do is:

  1. Choose a server location from the drop-down menu and click the blue “Get My DNS Proxy” button
  2. It will reveal a DNS address. Note it down
  3. Now scroll down and click on an operating system or device to get instructions for setting up Smart DNS

That’s it!

Jurisdiction–Is it located in a 5-eyes country?

Hide My IP is based in the United States. It is a staunch member of 5 eyes countries and can summon any users’ data if it demands.

This basically means that any personal information about you that Hide My IP is privy to will be immediately handed over to the government authorities should they come asking for it.

If privacy is something you are concerned about, then a service that logs your information AND is located in the US is not exactly the solution you need.

Therefore, the US jurisdiction is a significant drawback of Hide My IP.


Hide My IP VPN has 138 servers in 21 countries. The number of servers isn’t a lot but it manages to have a presence in many different countries including a country with the toughest internet restrictions i.e. China.


Speed – How fast is Hide My IP VPN?

It was a bit of a shocker to see that Hide My IP server speed was fast.

Before I connected to Hide My IP, my internet speed was just about 33 Mpbs. Once I connected, my server speed declined to only 24.23 Mbps which is impressive.

I connected to Hide My IPs US server. Here is the test result.


My internet speed was only declined by 27%.

Streaming –Does it work with Netflix?

While performing Hide My IP VPN review, I found that it does work with Netflix. I learned that it works on 2 different US servers in the Chrome extension.

I was not able to unblock with the Windows client but with a Hide My IP chrome extension. I found that astonishing is because Netflix has such strong VPN restrictions.

I have discussed the steps below on how I have unblocked US Netflix

1. Get Hide My IP for Chrome here or Firefox from here


  1. Click on the Hide My IP icon next to the browser’s address bar (on the top right corner)
  2. Hover your mouse cursor on “More Locations” to find the “Enter the code” button:


  1. Enter the license key provided to you after purchasing the subscription:


  1. Notice that the “Floating IP Network” (Premium) is now a selectable option (keep WebRTC checked):


  1. Connect to a US server (I chose Los Angeles):
  2. Now visit Netflix and voila!


It also unblocks Live TV content on the Kodi media player. For more options, you better use a top-rated VPN for Kodi.

This way, you can watch all your desired media stuff free without compromising your privacy.


You can unblock torrenting websites and download torrents using Hide My IP. Their servers are P2P optimized, so whatever you download remains anonymous to others.

It helps in unblocking torrenting sites without worrying about your online security.

Leaks – Does it leak IP, DNS & WebRTC?

I found no IP leaks when I tested Hide My IP. I connected to Hide My IP VPNs US server and then ran the three tests. Here are the results:

IP Test:


DNS Test:


WebRTC Test:


Virus Test

I performed a virus test for Hide My IP VPN review. I found 1 virus on its Windows client by the name eGambit. Here are the test results that I want to share:


Trustworthiness– Logs and customer support

Hide My IP VPN does keep your connection logs and as well as usage logs. In fact, they will hand over your data to authorities if they ask for it.

In the FAQ section, the provider categorically states that they don’t keep traffic or activity logs:


That’s really nice.

But clicking on their privacy page, my eyebrows couldn’t help but twitch a little. Here is what it says:


That’s a lot of information!

Particularly, I call your attention to the fourth point. Hide My IP keeps logs on how you use their products, services, websites, or network.

In simple terms, this is clearly user activity logging, which is something the company just mentioned they do not log on the FAQ page.

And that isn’t the end of it. This is only the list of logged information that Hide My IP has been kind of enough to mention.

The first sentence under the “Collected Personal Information” states that the information they log includes, but is not limited to the listed information.

Now let’s see how they are going to use our collected information.


That seems fair enough, but considering the company doesn’t entirely reveal its true logging policy, I can’t help but suspect they use our information for purposes that could be a clear violation of our privacy.

But wait, this VPN doesn’t stop being shady here. Head over to the terms of service page and you’ll find this:


Okay, so let’s get this straight:

Hide My IP doesn’t keep logs of your personal information, but they will hand over any such information if the authorities come asking for it.

Either these guys have magical powers or they are plain lying to us about being “no-logs” service providers.

That’s not a privacy policy that encourages trust. In this Hide My IP review, I found the privacy policy the most disappointing aspect of the service.

Customer Support

The customer support service for Hide My IP is available through Call, Postal Mail, Email, Tickets, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can contact support by phone on weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM.

You can call them on this number: 1-866-343-6722 (Toll-Free)

Compatibility– Apps and supported devices

Hide My IP is available on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux devices.

Here is the compatibility of Hide My IP by the operating system.


The service also supports a lot of routers:


Even Television aren’t left out:


Gaming consoles aren’t left out of the party either:

Hide-My-IP-Gaming Consoles

Recently it has listed Firefox in the extension list as well as I found out in this Hide My IP VPN review.

VPN Comparison between Hide My IP VPN and ExpressVPN

Below is the table you will find a clear comparison of the two VPN service providers. You decide which offers the best features:

FeaturesExpressVPNHide My IP
Price $6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan)$2.91/mo
Servers3000+ in 94 Countries120 in 21 Countries
CompatibilityAll DevicesWindows, macOS, Android,
iOS, & Linux
JurisdictionThe British Virgin IslandsUnited States
Logging PolicyZero LogsKeep Logs
Customer SupportLive Chat & Email SupportCall, Postal Mail,
Email & Tickets
Trust Pilot Score4.62.6
Website ExpressVPN Hide My IP

ExpressVPN is known all over the world for offering excellent VPN services with state-of-the-art security, features, accessibility, and performance to its users. Check out all the features of this VPN in our comprehensive review of ExpressVPN.

Alternatives to Hide My IP

Here are some other VPN reviews worth checking out if you are an internet privacy seeker.

Do I Recommend Hide My IP VPN?

No, I do not recommend Hide My IP VPN.

Hide My IP is very fast, but it keeps track of your IP address. Their logging policy is something that could turn away any user.

It works entirely on Smart DNS and doesn’t have strong encryption. It still uses DNS encryption when the entire VPN industry has shifted to the OpenVPN protocol.

There was a virus detected in its Windows client which is unsafe to use. Certainly, Hide My IP VPN is not a good choice to buy.

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