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How to Install CactusVPN on Firestick in 2021?

CactusVPN offers dedicated app for Amazon Fire stick/Fire TV which can be installed in less than 1 minute. See setup instructions below for details.

CactusVPN for firestick

CactusVPN is one of the smaller providers that may not appear as good but is actually quite impressive. With a variety of interesting features and the ability to bypass geo-restrictions on streaming websites, CactusVPN is a capable service.

The VPN offers dedicated apps for all major platforms including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android as well as Amazon’s Fire TV devices now.

This guide will walk you through the necessary steps for installing CactusVPN on Firestick to unblock your favorite streaming apps anywhere in the world.

Installation Steps for CactusVPN on Fire Stick

CactusVPN offers a dedicated app for Firestick devices. You can download and install it directly from the Amazon App Store as shown below:

Step 1: Purchase CactusVPN or get the free trial.

Step 2: In your Fire Stick home screen menu, tap the Search icon and enter “CactusVPN” in the search field.

FireStick home screen

Step 3: Tap “Download” to begin downloading CactusVPN on your Fire TV device.


Step 4: Once installed, launch the CactusVPN app for FireStick by pressing “Open”.

To use CactusVPN, you will need to log in with your username and password.

How to Use CactusVPN on FireStick

CactusVPN has made it very easy to use Fire Stick with a TV remote. When you launch the app for the first time, you will have to enter login details.


Understandably, you might find it cumbersome to enter your password with all kinds of characters and alphabets in different cases. In a display of rare thoughtfulness, CactusVPN has offers a simpler Fire TV-friendly way of entering of logging: signing in using PIN code.

To sign in using the PIN code, go to cactusvpn.com/pin/ and click on “Generate PIN”.

The PIN will expire in 2 minutes so you will have to act quickly now. In the CactusVPN sign-in screen, tap on “Sign in using a PIN code” and enter the PIN that you just generated.


You will now successfully login if you entered the details correctly. Once signed in, you will need to select the service you want to use if you have more than one CactusVPN subscription. Choose your preferred service and press “Continue“.

Note: This screen will only appear once when you’re signing in for the first time. If you want to change the service afterward, you will need to do so from app settings.


After selecting VPN + Smart DNS service, you should see these two services appear on the tabs at the top. Selecting the “VPN” service will take you to the server selection screen. Once you’ve chosen your server and are ready to connect, Fire TV will ask if you trust the app. Click on OK to finally connect to CactusVPN.


If you want to bypass geo-restrictions on streaming services like Netflix, then you will need to use the SmartDNS service of CactusVPN. To access US Netflix, you must first go to CactusVPN settings and select the US in “Website Region” as shown below.



Once you’re done with the settings, go back to the main Smart DNS screen and press “Enable Smart DNS”. You will now be able to access the US content library of Netflix from anywhere in the world.

CactusVPN Features for Amazon FireStick

CactusVPN is a multi-purpose service that works remarkably well for most VPN use cases. It has an excellent privacy-oriented logging policy that guarantees the protection of user privacy by refraining from collecting any sensitive information from their users.

Although CactusVPN hosts a small network of 35 servers in 22 countries, it still efficient at unblocking restricted websites and services in different regions. Firestick users that want to access US-exclusive shows and movies on Netflix can take advantage of CactusVPN’s Smart DNS feature, which works brilliantly for unblocking content libraries as explained in our guide on using CactusVPN with Netflix.

On selected servers, you can use CactusVPN to safely download torrents as well, though this is a feature more relevant to desktop users where torrents are generally used. Our speed test results show CactusVPN to be a moderately fast VPN, so you might see a drop in speeds but not one that is too drastic.

If you’re unsatisfied with the service even after all this, then you can cancel your CactusVPN subscription and obtain a refund within 30-days of purchase. In fact, there is a 3-day free CactusVPN trial that you can use to decide whether you like the service enough to get the full subscription.

You can also try fixing CactusVPN if you’re experiencing troubles or simply contact their ever-so-helpful customer support team through live chat.

CactusVPN User Feedback on Amazon

CactusVPN has an average rating of 3.1/5 on Amazon. This isn’t fabulous but it isn’t bad by any means either. It seems Amazon users are either absolutely loving the VPN or hating it entirely since 35% of the reviews rated it 5/5 and 32% rated it 1/5.

CactusVPN Amazon rating

The user comments on Amazon are also either full of praise for the service or express discontentment with CactusVPN as you see below:

CactusVPN amazon user comments

The best thing about CactusVPN is that even if you’re not fully satisfied with the service, the customer support service is generally very resourceful in finding ways to help resolve your issues. So, do give them a chance to help you out and they will try their best to delight you with their service.

CactusVPN Firestick Alternatives

Overall, I also have plenty of good things to say about CactusVPN. But if you still want to try something else, you can check out other best VPN for Fire Stick that we’ve covered in our detailed guide.


Setting up CactusVPN on Firestick is a walk in the park. If you’ve ever installed anything whatsoever on your Fire TV device, you’re not going to face any hurdles when installing CactusVPN either.

Since Firestick is primarily a streaming device, CactusVPN can broaden your access to streaming apps by bypassing geo-restrictions on apps like Netflix. So if you’ve been searching for a way to watch your favorite movies and shows without any restrictions, CactusVPN is a very useful app to have on Firestick.

In fact, you can also use this VPN on other devices. For instance, CactusVPN can be configured with Roku as well.

For more information about this VPN, see our CactusVPN review.

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