BulletVPN Review – (Updated 2023)

BulletVPN has above average server speed and strong encryption. It has 150 servers available in 55 countries and easily unblocked US Netflix. For the price of $2.49/mo, you can connect to 6 devices simultaneously.


In this BulletVPN review, we will try to cover all the features of BulletVPN. When it comes to security, speed, and compatibility with popular platforms, BulletVPN is hard to beat.

BulletVPN employs 256-bit AES encryption and a kill switch, to keep users’ data safe. Other features like Bullet Shield, split tunneling, and public Wi-Fi security are included as well. BulletVPN also features a 30-day money-back guarantee, permits as many as six simultaneous connections, and charges monthly or annually.

BulletVPN does not support RAM-only servers and absolute forward secrecy. Their no-logs policy has also not been verified by an external auditor, there is no ad blocker, and obfuscation is absent as well.

BulletVPN is a decent VPN service, but other providers such as ExpressVPN and Surfshark, provide far better value. You can also check more best VPNs tested and recommended. Also, if you have time, then look for some more VPN reviews.

BulletVPN Review – Our Verdict

BulletVPN is a great option because of its inexpensive price and ease of use. It features strong safety controls, supports streaming US Netflix, and enables peer-to-peer file sharing. Nonetheless, it’s a letdown to experience the VPN’s average speeds, ambiguous privacy policy, and insufficient support.

To sum up, BulletVPN is a decent VPN for newbies to use when watching media, downloading files, and transferring data across unsecured networks like public networks.

Streaming 8.5/10
Torrenting 7.0/10
Speed & Reliability 5.0/10
Server Locations 9.0/10
Bypassing Censorship 5.0/10
Ease of Use 6.0/10
Customer Support 9.0/10
Price & Value 6.0/10
6-Months Plan 7.0/10

Quick Overview – Here Are My Key Findings for BulletVPN Review

Following is our in-depth analysis of BulletVPN’s performance and usability.

  • Robust encryption and safety features
  • High speeds
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Permits torrenting
  • Unblocks a multitude of streaming services
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Strong no-logs policy.
  • Extremely simple installation.
  • Strong encryption protocols.
  • Kill switch.
  • Decent speeds.

  • Slow streaming capability.
  • Not suited for gaming.
  • Small network of servers.
  • Customer service is slow and can be contacted by email only.

Our Rating Criteria

This is the list of factors that I have used to perform the BulletVPN review:

BulletVPN Pricing & Plans – How much is BulletVPN?

With BulletVPN , you may enjoy a cost-effective service. Even if there are three different plans or price ranges to choose from, the best one is obvious.


If you want to avail of any of the aforementioned plans you can refer to the prices given below. Clicking them you can visit the official website to get subscribed.

Plan Price
1-Month Plan $10.98/mo
1+2 Year Free Plan $2.49/mo
6-Months Plan $9.16/mo

But with every offer, you get a no-hassle 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. Not many VPN service providers offer this feature for all their pricing plans.

It also offers a free BulletVPN trial if you contact its support team. In their Android app, you can find the option ‘sign up for free trial’ on the home screen. Other than that, also check out our handpicked list of VPN deals right now to get amazing discounts on VPNs. Also, BulletVPN lifetime offers are not available right now.

Get BulletVPN Now!30-days money-back guarantee

BulletVPN Discount | Coupons

Currently, BulletVPN provides a huge discount of 78% that you can avail of by clicking below.

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Get BulletVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Payment Methods

In addition to accepting all major credit cards, they also accept payments by PayPal and Bitcoin. BulletVPN will not keep any record of your billing details. In fact, they have a 30-day, no-questions-asked refund policy.

Security – Protocols, Privacy, encryption & other features

When it comes to safety, BulletVPN really impresses. To ensure the safety of its consumers’ financial and personal information in online transactions, it provides excellent security solutions.

Strong encryption (BulletShield)

It provides you an extra layer of security via The BulletShield function, which complements the Kill Switch, and will prevent any other traffic from entering or leaving your VPN connection. When enabled, BulletShield prevents all connections to the internet save those made through a BulletVPN server.

Kill Switch

A kill switch is a feature included in BulletVPN’s applications that, when enabled, completely shuts off your Internet connection in the event that your VPN connection malfunctions.


They have a rigorous no-logging policy, which means they only keep track of the time you connect and how much data you transfer, but no other information about you or your actions. They state that no information is recorded, not even your IP address or DNS lookups.


Multiple connection protocols (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2) are supported by BulletVPN. Wireguard is supported by all of its servers, guaranteeing private connections and allowing users to bypass censorship using Deep Packet Inspection for internet access (DPI).

Get BulletVPN Now!30-days money-back guarantee

Speed – How fast is BulletVPN?

To assess BulletVPN’s typical speeds, I tested connections from all of its servers in the sixty-plus countries it supports. Overall, my average speed loss was around 48%, which is above average given that I had lightning-fast connections on nearby servers and respectable speeds on far-flung ones.

Prior to connecting to a VPN server, I did a speed test to determine my typical internet throughput.

Then, I connected to a server in the United States using BulletVPN’s Quick Connect option, which automatically connects users to the service’s quickest available server, regardless of where you really are. Here are my velocities:


Here is my bandwidth utilization to a remote server in the United Kingdom.


My speeds dropped by 7% when I connected to a local server in the United States. I was able to download a 30 GB file in around twenty minutes, and websites loaded promptly, HD films on YouTube started immediately, and there was no delay.

On average, my connection speed dropped by 80% while I was talking to servers in Australia, Asia, and Europe. However, I was still able to get acceptable speeds; it took between three and five seconds for a webpage to open or an HD movie to begin playing, and I encountered very little delay or buffering while using BitTorrent or streaming video online.

As a whole, BulletVPN keeps its local servers blazing fast and its remote ones respectable.

Get BulletVPN Now!30-days money-back guarantee

Jurisdiction – Where is BulletVPN located?

BulletVPN is a VPN service that operates out of Estonia, a country not part of the 14 Eyes alliance. The latter refers to the sharing of information between a group of 14 different countries that include the United States, Britain, Germany, France, and Australia.


BulletVPN servers network is rather extensive, with over 150 nodes in 55+ different countries. In comparison to BulletVPN, ExpressVPN is a leading VPN service and has much more servers available in more locations.


BulletVPN, however, has servers all over the world, including the Middle East and Africa, so that customers can always connect to one that is geographically close by for the best possible connection speeds.

BulletVPN has UltraHD servers, which are fast enough to watch 4K videos, for those who are interested. These servers, which were located in Germany, France, the Netherlands, the UK, the US, and Canada, were 10% quicker than the standard servers in my testing, allowing me to watch 4K material without interruption.

All BulletVPN’s servers support torrenting. In general, BulletVPN’s server network is rather good, since it lets users connect to a server in their region, provides users with the option of connecting to UltraHD servers to increase their connection speeds, and permits torrenting on all servers.

Get BulletVPN Now!30-days money-back guarantee

Streaming – Does BulletVPN unblock streaming platforms?

It was BulletVPN’s ability to unblock my favorite streaming services that really won me over. While I did have to test a few different servers on one site before getting one that functioned, the service was able to bypass geo-restrictions on every streaming service I attempted.

Unblocked Netflix

We immediately went to Netflix after connecting to the VPN in order to see Bo Burnham’s special, and I had no problems watching the entire hour and a half of it.


Unblocked Amazon Prime

Unlike with some other VPNs, Amazon Prime didn’t even notice that I was using BulletVPN but I was able to watch the full movie without interruption. As if I hadn’t used a VPN at all, there was zero latency, zero lost connectivity, and zero troubles.


Unblocked Hulu

After trying a few other servers, Hulu became unblocked, and I watched a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother without the need for a hitch. Ultra-high-definition servers were the only ones that were operational, but that was OK.


Unblocked BBC iPlayer

I had no trouble logging onto BBC iPlayer, and the stream was smooth.

Unblocked Youtube

It’s not often that VPNs cause problems with Youtube, however, I did a test stream and had no problems.

YT-unblocked by-bullet-vpn

Unblocked Vimeo

Vimeo, like YouTube, doesn’t often block access due to a VPN, so I was able to watch a few brief films without any trouble; however, I did suffer some latency while watching them, the first time that had happened all day.

Unblocked SBS Australia

Even SBS Australia was accessible after connecting to a server in another country with BulletVPN, and I had no noticeable slowdown as a result.

Unblocked ESPN+

The webcast of a current sporting event I watched was flawless and interrupted neither once nor twice. BulletVPN can quickly and simply bypass ESPN+’s geo-restrictions, ensuring that you never miss a second of your team’s action.


Unblocked Disney+

Disney+ was my first experience with a streaming service hiccup. Even though BulletVPN was unable to bypass the block on my first try, I saw nothing but a blank screen instead of an error message. However, the site unblocked when I attempted the Ultra HD servers, resulting in me being capable of watching a movie without any problems.

Considering, all these results, we won’t mind adding this VPN to our best VPN for streaming list.

Other Streaming Platforms unblock Yes or No
Kayo Sports Yes
Showmax Yes
IP & DNS Leak Tests Performed Yes


I was seeing extremely sluggish download speeds using BulletVPN. Not only that, but it doesn’t support port forwarding, a feature offered by certain VPNs that may greatly improve download rates.

After connecting to BulletVPN’s New York server, I was only able to get a maximum download speed of 45 kB/s. With the same number of peers, 108 KB/s is the constant upload speed. The file I usually download in 20 minutes would have taken hours.


Overall, I was not satisfied with BulletVPN’s torrenting capabilities. Please review our recommended VPNs for P2P file sharing to get the best torrenting speeds.

But please be very careful not to access any documents that are protected by copyright laws. We vehemently oppose any form of piracy, including but not limited to torrenting and the downloading/sharing of illegal content.

Get BulletVPN Now!30-days money-back guarantee

BulletVPN Leaks- IP, DNS, WebRTC & Virus Tests

The leak tests I ran revealed the information that websites may view about me when I review BulletVPN. My real-world location was concealed entirely, and there were no IP leaks discovered. The IP address linked with my VPN connection appeared in the search results instead.


To conduct the WEbRTC leaks test we used the New York server and found no leaks.


Here is our VPN leak test guide that shows which VPN leaks your IP.

Virus Test

I scanned the Windows installation for BulletVPN for malware. My method of choice was to scan it with VirusTotal. Any installation file you provide to the site will be scanned for known malware, viruses, and tracking software.


Trustworthiness – Logging Policy & Customer Support

No user activity records are kept, and BulletVPN cannot associate any other data it gathers with a single user. We do not keep any records of our users’ Internet activity, including their IP addresses, visited websites, downloaded files, DNS lookups, or other network activity, including VPN connections.

Customer Support

Although BulletVPN’s customer service is nice, it takes too long to receive responses to questions. This is because no phone nor chat help is available. You may only contact them via email. It’s a pity that BulletVPN doesn’t provide live chat assistance as the other leading VPNs do.

When it came to cancellations, this was very annoying. Though it looks that cancellation may be done directly from the account menu, approval from the support team is still required. A delay of a day or more in hearing back might mean the difference between getting your money back in full and having to pay for another month.

The Frequently Asked Questions and troubleshooting tutorials in BulletVPN’s support section were quite useful. It was BulletVPN’s excellent customer service that struck me. BulletVPN does not offer live chat assistance but makes up for it with helpful resources like email and knowledge bases.

Compatibility – Which devices can I use BulletVPN with?

Unfortunately, BulletVPN only works with a few platforms, which is a major drawback for me. Native apps are only available for select operating systems and hardware, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and the Amazon Fire HD 2 (the original Amazon Fire tablet will not be compatible).


Although Smart DNS allows you to alter your virtual location on any WiFi-enabled device, it is not entirely secure. You can use the IP address provided by this function to configure your electronic gadgets. This allows you to relocate on devices including the original Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Roku, Smart TV, Kodi, Fire Stick, and more.

By installing BulletVPN on a router that supports VPN connections, you can secure even devices that don’t have dedicated software. The absence of native Linux compatibility is another drawback. You may, however, manually install it on a Raspberry Pi desktop by adhering to the steps provided on BulletVPN’s site.

Get BulletVPN Now!30-days money-back guarantee

Does BulletVPN Work in China?

BulletVPN’s compatibility with China’s firewall is questionable. It was my intention to utilize BulletVPN’s Hong Kong servers while in the territory, so I called the support team to find out if they would work. The customer service representatives have doubts about the product’s viability in China. They did propose connecting to Chinese servers via the Wireguard protocol.

VPNs that aren’t authorized by the Chinese government are outlawed in the country. It’s true that Chinese authorities target VPNs, not VPN users specifically. If you want a working VPN in China, refer to our best VPN for China list.

Alternatives to BulletVPN

As an alternative to BulletVPN, we would recommend always using the below-mentioned VPNs.

  • ExpressVPN Best VPN to unblock any streaming platform. It provides good speed, has multiple server locations, and can connect 5 devices simultaneously. ExpressVPN has a network of around 3000+ servers located in 105 countries and 24 locations in the US.
  • Surfshark The most budget-friendly VPN with a low cost of $1.99/mo (Get 86% + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan). It has around 600 servers in the US. It also offers unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • NordVPN – The VPN with the largest server network with more than 5500 servers in 60 countries around the globe. NordVPN has spread its 1970 servers in the US alone. NordVPN has a special “Double VPN” feature that adds extra security layers to your existing connection.


Yes, BulletVPN is secure, user-friendly, fast, and pretty good for streaming and torrenting. It secures your connection using 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch, and a zero-logging policy, all typical for VPNs.

No. BulletVPN is a paid VPN Service. but limited new users, however, can take advantage of a free trial period.

Yes indeed, BulletVPN does indeed permit P2P traffic on all of its 150+ servers, is compatible with all of the most popular torrent applications, and provides lightning-fast download speeds.

Yes, BulletVPN is safe. It offers all the security features you’d expect from a VPN, like 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch, a no-logging policy, protection against leaking private data over public Wi-Fi, and more.

Yes, BulletVPN can unblock Netflix. When using BulletVPN, you may stream Movies on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and BBC iPlayer.

Final Verdict: Do I Recommend BulletVPN?

Yes. I recommend BulletVPN via our BulletVPN review.

I found its interface really smooth. It had fast servers and amazing customer support. The thing I was disappointed most about was its speed. Despite being connected to its high-speed servers, the speed was just above average.

If I am paying more than these top VPNs such as ExpressVPN or Surfshark, I expect to get more features otherwise it is too expensive for me. In this BulletVPN review, I liked that it supported all the major platforms and, more crucially, did not save any kind of records.

So, if you’re going to get this service, make sure after the BulletVPN download, it offers Android, iOS, or Windows apps. It has great features and it’s definitely worth your money.