Reports Reveal Russians Have Been Spying on Europe & US

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In a sensational revelation, a Finnish security firm revealed that the Russians have been surveilling the activities of the users and governments of United States and European countries. The report also indicates that the surveillance is not confined to these two regions, but there are some Asian countries as well that have been spied on by the Russians for last seven years.

In its official report, the Finnish security firm has alerted everyone that the hacking network operates on a much bigger level than anyone has ever imagined. It has also revealed that the group is well equipped with the latest technologies to demolish the privacy of a normal user and the authorities of Asian, European and US regions.

If the report is not exaggerating the facts then it must be noted that several major attacks have been made over the past few years. The report has also revealed that the hackers make use of malware tools that infiltrate your device to get hold of your personal and confidential information. The report claims that the malware send your information back to the hackers/attackers.

According to the official report of the Finnish security firm, NATO, the foreign ministries of Turkey, Ukraine, Poland and other countries have been victimized in such hack attacks. The report also reveals that the top officials of US have also been targeted in hacking attempts by “The Dukes” – the Russian hacking network.

F-Secure – the Finnish security firm also pointed towards the fact that Regin – a deadly malware was discovered last year that had affected the users all over the world, with the majority of the victims belonging to the Russian region. F-Secure has expressed its concern that “The Dukes” works on the behalf of the Russian Federation and is based in Moscow – being run by several professional software developers.

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